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Must Read: Crimes Hush...... (Written By Drabeey) - Season 1 - Episode 5

Episode 6 years ago

Who says life is sweet..... maybe only to those who have money, even with all the money they have, God still allow them face problems, even if it is just for a few moment.

Maybe you dont know.... 'siaman' was charged to court on 10 count charge including felony and financial crimes, but he got acquainted of all charges. The judge said his judgement was based on no enough evidence to back the prosecutor's claim. What a pity!

I heard he has vowed to hunt me down even if i was in a hole. Since then, i've been planning on how to get back at him too. We changed our base to a more secured place and each team member got a handful sum to lay low till 'siaman' got nabbed, and this time he is going to feel the hot bullet of my gun in his head, i swear. I had since then been in an hideout around ibadan axis, with one of my ....... Abeg forget that.
Don't be sorry for me, i'll survive.

****Few weeks later***

" so you want to deliver this people from us, please what is your own and how did you get our location? "

" i wont hurt you if you let them go, everyone will leave here without any scratch" i said.

" and then what.... Talk on, and you'll get an award of been a gallant man and we? We will just go away and get back to out empty stomach ba? you must be stupid. Go now before i change my mind."
I saw something i can call ' seriousness ' in his eyes, he was so determined to die.

Well, he wasn't in any position to make demands though. I have my pistol pointed at his wife and son head.

Two days earlier......

I was driving along olopomerin onward Alakia, ibadab when i suddenly heard my rear tyre made a lous noise. I haf stepped on a sharp object and my tyre had just bursted. I alighted and begin the process of changing my tyre i was still at it when i heard my phone rand inside the car. I dropped the wheel spanner and head into the vehicle, it was a message and it read ' help us sir, please we are in danger' end of message. What nonsense, how could someone send me a message and cant even send a proper descriptions of where he or she is, nonsense! I dropped my phone and head out to finish what i was doing. I was about opening the door when someone slammed it back at me and another person opened the passenger's side at the back and two people entered. Immediately, one had pointed his gun on me while the one by my door turned and entered the seat beside me... I've been in the busines of handling bad guys for a while now.... So i know they are either kidnappers or sheer car snatchers.

" drive now, drive, drive... " they all echoed.

"im sorry i cant" i replied.

" drive now or ' ma pa e danu ' ( i'll just waste you ). " one beside me said.

" then who drives it, you just wasted me for nothing" i replied.

" hey, jumbo... Kill him, i'll drive " one at my back said. I looked home closely from the rear mirror and saw i had no chance collecting the gun. If i do, the one beside me shoots and if im smart enough to killhim, im sure i cant escape thr last one, this is not a jackiechan movie.

" see guys, im already having a rough day and this car is bad... Im sure i'll get a sack letter today from my boss, just take what u can and go, please " i pleaded.

" so you mean this isn't your car "

I looked straight into his eyes and said " can you buy this car, im only a driver dude "

He laughed so hard and said... " you are too confident "

" shuga, search him and take all on him.... Give me that chain on you. " he said while the 'shuga' guy had already begun searching me.

" please, leave that chain, please its my life, i mean it " u said.

" its either you leave it or i ill you and.... " i had already given the chain to him. Abeg i no fit die.

He laughed and said ' correct , guy' ..... Wetin you collect from him? He said.

" his phone, laptop and one ATM also 15,000 naira. " he answered.

Theywent down and moved towards the bush.

' whao, really, so i was robbed at gun pount. Chai!.... Emi ti mo n gun eshin lo do iya oniya mole ( i outsmart others and others are....)

i get off the car and went straight to my tyre, changed it and head straight to the hotel i had been staying for more than a week.

I got there and went straight into my room, i started packing my things....

" thought you said you are going next week "

" plans changed, will call you.... You can stick here for a while, i actually paid for two weeks" i dashed out off into my vehicle. I didnt even off its engine. I dont have to worry about padita's fee, i paid her in full for two weeks service, im sure to come back for my balance, but now i need to get back at those fools.

What happened to those who texted a message to me? I have lost my phone and i cant retrieve it any soon. How do i help those who needed my help... I dont even have cash on me again, how do i get back to base ( lagos ).

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Must Read: Crimes Hush...... (Written By Drabeey) - Season 1 - Episode 4

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