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Must Read: Crimes Hush...... (Written By Drabeey) - Season 1 - Episode 3

Episode 6 years ago

" i've been played" i thought to myself.

" how stupid you people are, so you are not even up to anything. You cant even watch your back idiots. " The lady said.
"but where is my colleague, Bush. "
'' oh, that idiot, he escaped... But sure he will soon be caught..... What good does that even do to you? You are going to die soon " she declared

" Madam, i have no problem with you. You came and asked me to help me get your son out of this dungeon. You told me he worked for this man and now in his net. You paid me to get him out, how come you have to paid me to be caught?" i asked.

She laughed for almost 30seconds, i was already losing my breathe, i hadn't eaten since three days. I have only been getting the beats of my life as meals. She finished laughing and started talking.

" you fool! Do you think we are fools as you people are. I will tell you some secrets before you die, i will even help you by telling you how you will die.
Firstly, 'siaman' is my sweetheart, and we recieved an Intel that you were contacted by a CTU to catch chairman alive. Maybe you dont know... He collected money from the the deputy governor to bring in some SMG from south Africa. That useless man paid $29000, but the opposition party had paid him $56000, now tell him who do you think he should work for? " she said.

Im doomed, clearly i've been played. How could i have been so stupid to have myself played into two fighting dragon. Oh my days! Guys, do you know that that same Deputy governor called my number personally and told me to expose 'siaman' . He gave us some Intel about catching him. He also offered to pay $10,000. Kejcarlsen who was our main think tank declined the offer, he thought the money was just too small for the deal we are getting ourselves into. We all obliged and told him to leave us out of the fight. He invited me to his office and said he's gonna wire $20k into our account if only we can nail that guy. I was on an intercom and my teammates were all listening without me giving them feedbacks. I heard Lepasharon said " collect it boss, someone just brought in same issue with that guy "
" yeah, its a win win game boss " chipappii declared.

So that was it, he wired the money, i collected the major intels and left, i never knew i was entering a shithole.
My father will always say ' beware of any easy deal '
i was so stupid.

I ordered Bush to survey the 'siaman' house based on thr intel i got, i told kejcarlsen to meet me at ICM, Ikeja together with the woman who brought in siaman's case. We met and we had discussed about what she wanted.
" siaman held my son because he had problems with him. My son works for him but he wanted to back out, that was why he got held. Hr had promised he would kill him if he..... " The woman started crying. I got moved and cant even reason much again. Kejcarlsen told the woman to pay 200,000 naira and her job would be done.
She wired the money immediately and i told Kejcarlsen to meet up with chipappii and Lepasharon while Hitman ( kelvinhiltin ) Gets all ammunitions serviced.

I stayed back a lil at the resturant while they had gone. I later went to the office and started smoking my pall mall before calling Bush for status update.

" now you see, we followed your cohort down to that place we busted you "

"oh, seems they've killed Bush " i thought to myself. I've got no means of escaping but im sure im not gonna die. She bent down remove her pants and wee into a bowl. I kept watching, amazed at what nonsense she was doing. I never knew the wee was for me until she stood up and poured it on me. I couldn't resists as my hands had been tied. She didnt left empty handed, she punched my face and left me on the chair in pains.

It was probably some hours past that time when i started hearing some noise faintly, it was becoming louder as they got nearer.
"whao, that was gunshots'' i said.

Immediately, someone grabbed me from behind and wrapped hands around my neck, i was choking.

"come nearer and i kill him" i think i remember that voice, that was 'siaman' talking.

" drop the gun, you have been surrounded " im not sure who that was, the voice was distorted.

" i will kill him, i mean it " siaman replied.

" your wish " three voices declared ( all distorted )

Immediately, i started seeing red flames and blue, this could only be one thing. Help is near!!!

"gbam" I think i heard the sound, i felt a hot substance pierce through the side of my stomach and i started feeling dizzy till everything went dark.

I woke up on a hospital bed, the very first thing i saw was the drip wired to my body. I shifted my head side ways and i saw Lepasharon smiling at me.
" i heard someone saying he's awake and slammed the room's door. I didnt see the person. I saw was my teammates except from Bush, where could he be, oh he's dead... I thought to myself. O tried saying something, but my voice wasnt audible enough and then, i broke into tears. I hate missing my friends.

I couldn't talk, i would have ask what transpired, but maybe chipappii could read minds, he started talking.

" boss, that guy sold us out. He was the one who gave 'siaman' the info, before that one con send one of his girlfriends make she come book us. Sharon and I stayed back after you all left and brainstormed on what was going on and we saw the red lines. It was too late, they had took both of you away before we could arrive from ammunition room. So we tracked you through the nano transp

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