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Must Read: Crimes Hush...... (Written By Drabeey) - Season 1 - Episode 2

Episode 6 years ago

" Its end for you, everybody na hin get him own size, how dare you expose chairman and think you'll go free without been punished. You are doomed." The man talking to me was tall and was about 6:0mm tall. He wore a dark shades and i couldn't determine if his eyes were mean. I have gotten the beating that could turn blue into white in the last 3days. I was chained to a chair and that was me collecting my lunch. I get my beats as you'll get your food daily. Breakfast, lunch and dinner was never missing. Those guys will bring me out of my cell each day for my meals ( beatings ) and today was no different. I will soon get my lunch. That was my third day in captivity.

****** Three days earlier ****

I sat very close in my office waiting for Bush ( biafrabushboy ) to bring in updates of the man that sells gun to armed robbers at Ajegunle. Bush was our decoy, i dont go for those jobs, i was well known to these criminals. All i do is to mastermind plans and tell those guys what to do, and mostly i stay back for plan B and 'evacuation processes'. How could anyone even locate us, we are so anonymous ( except for me though )

I let the smoke run freely from my mouth. I really enjoyed smoking 'skunk' if not, my pall mall cigarette. I was enjoying the smooth ride on my pall mall as i await Bush's updates about the arms dealer at Ajegunle.

I didnt wait for long before he came. He entered the compound using the front door.
" are you able to get his hideout" i asked him without allowing him to enter.
"yes bro, but that plan we had before is suicidal" he declared.

"how do you mean"
" bros, that guy is armed to the teeth, he uses latest cctv cameras all around him. All the guys i met on the way are all carrying M57 D calibre, and each one with calibrated Auto 47's......"
" so are you saying we should abort the mission" i asked without making him end his speech.
" im not sure we can, we've collected money from that woman already" he said.

"hey man, stop been negative...we can do it, look at me Bush, let's plan on our escape and B plan ......"

I had barely finished my speech before some guys came in without us even noticing. They shoot so much at the ceiling that i thought it was an earthquake.

I dived immediately to my chair and reached for a 7 shooter i kept under the table... I had barely reached there before i heard a shot very close to my ear. Gbam! The bullet pierced through my louveres and i saw it scampered.
" hin hian, na na na, dont try it" one of the guys told me as he points a double barrel at me.
"this will tear me into pieces if i try any nonsense" i thought to myself

" you will both follow us, the chairman you were spying on wants to have a word with you, and pleas dont try any nonsense, he said clearly that we should bring you all either dead or alive" The guys said. Im no New to threats and i know they wont kill us, they just want to know how much we knew about them, but who are they?"

" You sccumbbag! Who da fucck is your 'siaman' " i asked. The guy came nearer and gave me a punch at face and it was as if plumo rock had just fallen on me. I raised my head up amd realised my nose had broken and blood was running freely. I saw Bush lay down flat on his belly and was already disarmed.
" but this guy is my size, i can k-switch him and disarm him then blow off his head" i thought to myself. In case you dont know what kswitch is, it is when someone is holding or pointing a gun at you. You then try and hit the knuckle of the gun through the choke, the gun will fall without triggering.,., and it will be who got to it first. I stared at him and waited for his next blink which i had been calculating. Luck shone on me as he blinked and i kswitched him. The gun fell away from him and i quickly punched him at the jugular. He fell and as i was about to reach the gun, i felt a loud thud on my head and everywhere went black.

Third dat and no food but regular beatings. Bush was nowhere to be found here, oh maybe he was the one who sold me out..... But i trust him to the core. I was still lost in my thoughts after 'siaman' had finish dealing with me as for my lunch meal that day, just then i saw the woman who gave us money to expose 'siaman', oh i've been played!

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