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3 years ago

Kofo eased into her car in anger. No one had ever crossed her path and gone scot free.

Gboyega was crossing her path and he was doing it without giving a hoot. She had travelled out of the country for about three months and by the time she came back, so many things had changed.
She tried ringing him but his number was unreachable. She began to wonder what the problem could be. Since he had graduated from school, going to campus to check on him had not been an option. She had never bothered to know where he lived.

Their rendezvous had always been at places she chose. She got her informant to get her all the details she needed and she had been shocked to hear that Gboyega had dropped her for a school girl.What was he thinking?She made more inquiries and found out who the girl really was.

A church girl. She had been surprised when she found out.

She smirked as she tapped the steering wheel.Gbosgaga, a Christian?She laughed derisively and shook her head as she thought about him.

So far, he had been the only source of happiness in her life and she could not let him go.No, not now. Not ever.He was hers and hers alone.

No one else could have him. She hoped Bola would heed to her threat to stay away. She had been nice to her when she visited her room. Her next encounter with her may not be pleasurable if she refused to keep her hands off Gbosgaga.

Her happiness started and ended with him and she was ready to go into the deep recesses of her heart to wake up her past life in a bid to hold on to him. Kofo grew up in one of the slums of Calabar with her prostitute mother. She never knew who her father was. Every night, her mother locked her up in her room while she went out for her business. Unknown to her mother, one of the neighbours in their face-to-face abode had made a spare key to their room. While her mother went out to service her clients, the man came in with the spare key and serviced himself with Kofo.

He was a young man of about twenty-two who lived with his parents who were drunks. He had no source of living and he hung around the house every day making a nuisance of himself.

She was just eight when he initially forced himself on her. She had cried all through till morning.

He had warned her never to mention it to anyone; as that would result in her death and that of her mother. She had been too scared to tell her mother and she lived with that fear until she ran away from home at the age of thirteen.

At thirteen, she had become fully matured and well-rounded and could pass for a twenty-one year old.Even though, her mother did not lock her in any longer whenever she went for her business, her abuser still visited their room every night to fulfill his pleasure.

The night she ran away, the man had come into her mother’s room as usual but this time, he came with three of his friends. He had smiled wickedly as he caressed her body and told her she was going to enjoy this session specially.

She nodded as her soul died that night.

The men had been excited as they groped her. Her abuser had proudly told his friends that he was only giving them this opportunity as she solely belonged to him. He told them to take their turns as he was having her the whole night. He beat his chest as he told them that he had made Kofo capable of going many rounds. His friends had been a little envious and each of them had tried to woo her with sweet words.The three friends got down on her; each unable to hold his urge.

Every opening in her body became a tool of abuse.

Her abuser stood by her watching his friends as he excited himself, caressing her bust and awaiting his turn. Kofo continued to endure the abuse waiting for the right time to strike.

When she noticed that their pleasure was hitting a crescendo, in the heat of their passion, she pulled out the chopping knife she had kept under the single mattress in the room and sliced each one of them wherever she deemed fit. Shock registered on their faces and before they could get a hold of themselves, she hit the knife on the head of her main abuser, opened the door and bolted out.

She never went back home. She picked a top and a trouser spread on the line outside the house and ran as fast as her legs could carry her. The night was eerie and she was covered in its darkness.

She had stolen a few cash from her mother’s underwear bag and as she got dressed in an uncompleted building, she hid the cash inside her brassiere. She took a bus to Lagos that night.

She did not care where she was going.

She just wanted to be far away from home.

The bus was carrying goods but she had begged the driver to allow her ride with him to wherever he was going. She could barely stretch her limbs in the crammed bus but she hadn’t been bothered.

As long as she left the city, she was ready to bear anything.

She had arrived in Lagos as a newbie to street life.

She slept in parks with a jackknife in her pocket and used it freely on anyone who tried to take advantage of her. She was quickly noticed by the men of the underworld and they saw her as an asset. She was used as a bait to lure men before they were robbed and she got her share of every operation the men handled.

During one of their operations, she had pretended to be in distress and knocked continuously on the door of an apartment. A man asked who was at the door and she had answered that she needed help. The man had opened the door and her two-man gang had pushed the man inside holding a gun to his head. They asked the man to bring out every cash he had and also asked his wife to handover all her jewelry.

After robbing them, one of her gang members looked at the man’s daughter as he licked his lips. The girl was about Kofo’s age. He asked the girl to lead him to her room and her father knowing what was about to happen began to plead with him. The man pointed his gun at the girl’s father and told him to shut his mouth.

The girl started crying as she was rough-handled by the gang member.As he was about leaving for the girl’s room, Kofo called him and asked him not to touch her. He got angry and told Kofo that if she had allowed them to have their way with her, he wouldn’t have to look for pleasure somewhere else. If she would not allow them to touch her, then he could touch anyone he wished without her consent. The second gang-member laughed and told Kofo he was going to have his turn after his friend. Kofo warned them a second time to leave the girl alone as their mission was to rob and not to rape but the men only laughed her to scorn.

As one of the men carried the girl like a sack, she screamed and memories of Kofo’s past came rushing back to her. Kofo put her palms over her ears trying to block out the screams but they only grew louder. She opened her eyes and saw the girl’s parents sobbing. She became enraged and walked into the girl’s room. Her hands had been tied and they were raised above her head. Her legs were also tied to the sides of her bed post.

Her night gown had been torn and it lay on the floor by the bed. She lay on the bed naked and helpless. Tears streamed down the girl’s cheeks and Kofo saw fear in her eyes. The men smiled when she walked in and urged her to watch and enjoy their romp. They were both half-naked.

As the first man moved towards the girl, she screamed again and he slapped her hard in the face. Kofo felt the sting of the slap on her own face. The man grabbed the girl by the neck and was about to force himself on her when Kofo pulled out her gun and shot both of them point blank in a fit of fury. She walked out of the house alone with their booty and decided she was through with men of the underworld.

She moved on to become a pimp for politicians and this became the source of her wealth.

Gboyega had to come back to her. She did not care about his new love for Christianity. He belonged to her and she was going to have him back by all means.

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