Must Read: A SECOND CHANCE - Season 3 - Episode 8

3 years ago

Alice felt on top of the world. It was saturday!
The day she was to be joined in holy matrimony with the love of her life.

Words couldnt express how she felt.

As the make up artist did whatever on her face, she couldnt help but shed tears.

The day has finally come. This day was supposed to take place two months ago but because of some evil people, it couldnt take place.

But it was finally taken place. She had suffered alot because of love. Her first love had died while protecting her and in this one, she suffered alot.

And she fought alot of battles. From Stella to Maria to Gilbert to Ximena to Angela to many people and she had won.
‘stop crying please’ the soft voice of the makeup artist said interrupting her thoughts.

Alice forced a smile as the makeup artist wiped her tears with a handkerchief.
‘i’ve seen many brides who cry on their wedding day and i wonder why’ the make up artist replied.
‘its because they are happy. Because they’ve never expected this day to come. Whats your name?’ Alice asked.
‘Biola, a day will come when you will experience this, you are not married right?’
‘not yet’
Alice smiled as the make up artist continued her work.
Felix rushed in dressed up in his black suit as the little groom for the occasion.
‘mummy! See my fine suit!’ he said jumping up excitedly.
Alice smiled ‘its very fine. Infact you look like the groom for this occasion’
‘mummy, you are looking so beautiful. I’m sure daddy Tony would be lost looking at you’
Biola and Alice laughed.
‘this your boy is so bright’ Biola said.
‘yes and i’m so very happy to have him’ Alice replied with a wide and bright smile.


‘hurry Tony, we are getting late!’ Kenneth said as he stepped into the room.
Tony hurriedly wore his suit jacked ‘i’m almost done’
Kenneth rested his head on the wardrobe with a wry smile on his face.
‘i’m so happy for you man. I’d never thought for once that you had get married again after Naomi passed away’ he said.
Tony smiled ‘well you thought wrong. In a few hours, i’ll be a married man’
Kenneth laughed exposing a set of a brown and yellow teeth.
‘mr married man. I’m very very happy for you man’
‘hahahaha, thanks man’
‘hurry up. We dont want to go late do we?’ Kenneth said tapping Tony’s back.


Maria stepped into her blue and a touch of red flowing gown and quickly zipped it up. The makeup artist was done with her and she couldnt believe she was this beautiful. She wished Henry would see her like this. He would realise that Abby was an ugly……

She pinched herself to stop thinking about them.

She put on her diamond s--d and necklace.
‘Maria, the bride is ready’ Susan announced stepping into the room.

Maria giggled in excitement. She had spent the night in Kofo’s house the previous day because she wanted to be with Alice all night. They had slept on the same room and on the same bed and they had talked deep into the night. They slept at past 4am in the morning.
‘i’m ready’ Maria said.
Susan folded her arms across her bre.asts and smiled.
‘if someone ever told me that Maria would be so happy at te remarriage of her father, i would have pulled a gun and shot the person that moment i swear!’
Maria eyed her jokingly ‘animal yeye’
Susan laughed. She too was dressed in a long blue gown with a touch of red, same pattern with that of Maria. They were the bridal trains, the two of them and eight other girls.

‘i’m so happy for all of you oo’ Susan said ‘and i cant wait to eat that delicious cake that……’
‘sharrap jare! Mumu, lets go, i’m done’
They laughed and stepped out of the room.


Alice nearly screamed when she saw Ansa and Stella who had come specifically for the wedding.
‘i’m so happy for you’ Stella had said with a potruding stomach almost as if she was going to give birth in a second.
‘thanks. So you are back in Nigeria for good?’ Alice asked.
Stella laughed ‘no, i came only for the wedding. I saw it online’

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