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Alice was discharged from te hospital two days later. Their wedding was just a week away and she had a lot of things to do and she was grateful to Maria for running around for her. Had it not been for Maria who was always taking care of her and all that, she wouldnt have known what she’d do.
‘here’ Tony said handing over a cup of water to her.

She smiled in gratitude and drank the water.
‘so baby, you havent told me how it went with that dude who has been blackmailing you and that stupid doctor of yours’ Alice said as she rested her head on the pillow.
Tony smiled ‘i took care of them’
Alice waited for him to explain but he didnt so she asked ‘how?’
‘just money?’
‘and connections’
‘Dingo was arrested’
‘and we also found out who killed Gilbert. Alvadros corporation, something like that. Aside from being an architect, Gilbert worked for a drug baron and he kind of betrayed them so they arranged for him to be killed. And i also found out that Dingo worked for them’
‘na wa oo’
‘and Dr Tim, i’ve arranged for him to be transferred immediately, infact, he’s leaving today’
‘you cant be serious’
Tony smiled ‘i am. It was another doctor who treated you today right?’
Tony shrugged ‘well Tim is leaving. They’ve transferred him to Maiduguri’
Alice shook her head ‘do i know you?’
Tony laughed ‘i’m not sure’
‘so we dont have anyone blackmailing you again? What of Ximena, you told me she left’
‘yes she did. She sent me an email today’
‘what did it say?’
‘she was apologising and said she was going to start dating one dude like that’
‘eyaa, i pity her sha. I understand what it feels to love someone who doesnt love you in return’
‘a one-sided love? Have you been involved in it before?’
‘yeah, in secondary school. There was a guy i really liked then but he liked and was dating someone else. I was mad and jealous but i didnt go extra length to destroy their relationship. I just hated his girlfriend then, one annoying rich and pompous girl like that’
Alice tapped him playfully ‘take me home now’
‘home? I thought you would be spending the night here’
‘you are not serious. I have to see my mother and my son’
‘i thougt they came to see you in the hospital yesterday’
‘they did. So?’
‘stay with me na’
‘nonsekability. Abeg carry me go house jor!’
‘haba now, its not fair’
‘dont worry, by the time we get married, we would ave the whole room to ourselves’
‘alright. So whats up with you and Maria. I’ve noticed that you guys are getting closer each day’
‘yeah’ Alice said with excitement in her voice ‘Maria is such a nice girl and very helpful too. She’s an angel, a wonderful person. A shining star so bright in the sky. We are close now Tony and i’ve come to realise that Maria is the most lovliest person ever!’
‘yes. I’m so lucky to have her as my daughter now’
‘its okay, you are making me jealous’


‘you dont understand me Susan, she’s the best woman in the whole world, apart from my mother of course’ Maria said giggling in excitement.
‘hmm, tell me more’
‘i cant believe that i hated such a wonderful woman in the past. These days, i feel brighter. Her love gives me warmth. I’m so attached to her now Susan, just talking about her makes me happy. She’s so supportive, caring, understanding, loving, helpful. She even helped me with my accounting. She teaches well and what i couldnt understand in class, i understood it very well. Little wonder my dad loves her to pieces’
‘my God. I cant believe you are the one describing her that way. I thought you never liked her Maria’
‘well, havent you been listening? The love i have for her right now is at bursting point. Seriously, i cant wait for Saturday to come oo. So that we would start living together. Se promised to teach me how to cook all manner of assorted meals.

And she’s such a nice cook. Never seen anyone like her Susan. Oh! She’s the best’
Susan shook her head with a little smile ‘you are lucky’
‘yeah, i’m so lucky to have a woman like Alice as my stepmother. Infact, i’ve already started calling her mummy and you cant believe that my dad is jealous’ Maria laughed. Then stopped when she noticed Susan’s countenance

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