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Must Read: Inseparable - Season 1 - Episode 14

Episode 6 years ago

Amarachi walked into Dennis office at nine o’clock on Monday morning, she greeted him and gently placed a file on his table.
“Here is the document you requested for sir”
” Document? I’ve not requested for any document this morning” he replied without paying much attention to her but focused on his laptop.

“You told me on Friday to submit it today”
“Yes, but I told you to bring it by two o’clock in the afternoon”
“Yes, I just thought I should bring it earlier”
“Okay, you may tale your leave” he replied, picked up the file and shoved it underneath some other files, he looked up and she was still there “I said you may take you leave”
“Sorry sir, I wanted to apoligise for not showing up on Saturday”
“You don’t need to apologise Miss, I made an error. Since you don’t want to go out with me, let’s just forget about it. ” he replied sternly.
“It’s not that” she replied with a pleading voice, “I got an emergency call, I had to rush to check my father who fell ill and settle his hospital bill”
“Your father fell ill?” He replied unconvinced she was saying the truth, he looked at her face and asked ” was that why you also switched off your phone?”
“I didn’t switch it off, it fell into water while I was in a rush to get the money and go to the hospital. I’ll repair the phone later today”
“It’s okay” he replied and argued within himself if she was really saying the truth, he dismissed the thought of her being dishonest because he concluded she had nothing to gain that way.
” I’m sorry about your Dad, hope he is better now?” He finally believed her
“Yes he is”
“Thank God” he replied with a brief smile and turned to have a proper view of her, “please sit for a moment”. He turned back to his laptop and quickly saved a document he was reading.
“So why don’t you buy a new phone instead of repairing that one?”
“It only fell into water, it can still be repaired”
“I think you should buy another.”
“That would be after sometime sir, I can’t get one now”
“Why can’t you? Just tell me the kind of phone you want and we’ll have it delivered here in less than two hours”
“I don’t have money for that”
“I’ll pay for it”
“No, you don’t have to bother yourself. I’ll get a phone myself”
“I insist, you’ll take the phone from me as a punishment for missing the date” he said and both of them laughed.

Frank carefully skimmed through the account books for his three salons. He was amazed at how much progress he had made within few years, he thanked his God for giving him the wisdom to have started the hair styling business instead of loitering around Etyle city searching for a white collar job. His headquarter salon had grown so big and was the place most celebrities and prominent people in the country who lived in the city had their hair do.
He also made a sum of his savings in his personal bank accounts and had about a total of nine hundred thousand in them. He started to think of what to do with the money, he thought of adding more money to it and getting a new car or renting a separate apartment. He finally decided to go for a house first and open another branch of salon somewhere else in the city.
He was still thinking of his next move when his phone rang.
“Hello, Frank Stephen, Manager of Royal Salon on the line”
“Hello Frank, it’s me”
“Who?” The voice sounded like Bola’s but he asked to be sure.
“It’s me Bola, don’t you have my phone number again?”
“Bola, what do you want from me? We don’t have any business together”
“We have Frank. Please I’m sorry for shouting at you in your office the other day. The truth is that I love you and I don’t think I can live without you. Please, let us meet and talk about us”
“Are you done?” He asked unconcerned “get this straight! There is no us, please don’t call me again, we have no business together”
“We’ll continue to have a business together, I’m carrying your baby”
“You heard me right, I’m pregnant for you”

“Wow! That guy must really like you, tecno phantom z is a really good phone”
“Yeah, but i never wanted to accept it, he forced me to”
“Taa! You want to say you don’t like it?” Ini teased
“No, I’m not saying that, but I really didn’t want to accept it”
“Thank God you did, I was thinking of giving you my other small phone before and now Manager has presented a better option, I hope you’ll give him a better option too” Ini continued teasing her
“Naughty girl, what better option?” Amarachi laughed.
Just then Ini’s phone rang.
“Yeah… hehe… naah… naughty you… ok, you call me when you’re on your way… Yeah…sweet dreams”, she dropped the call with her face full of smiles.
“Ehn, what is it?” Ini asked after noticing the questioning look on Amarachi’s face.

“Who is that?”
“When did you start monitoring my calls?” Ini replied with another question.
“Come on, tell me. Is that Kelvin?”
“Yes, he wants us to go out after work tomorrow”
“Yeah, that .means you’ll be driving home alo e tomorrow”
“That’s okay”
“Hehe, you’ll be alone at home, don’t miss me too much” Ini continued in a sarcastic manner.
“Naah, I won’t miss you at all”

“She’s pregnant? Wow! That’s some real mess here” Bode commented.
“I don’t know just know what to do, I was just trying to forget about everything and this is coming up again”
“So what are you planning to do?”
“I don’t know, I’m confused”
“Are you sure she isn’t just making this up to tie you down”
“Hmmm, you have a point there. Thats what it must be. How didn’t I think of that before ”
“I don’t just trust that girl, she’s kind of desperate”
“Yeah, thank you Bode. I’ll demand that she hows me her pregnancy tests result and how am I even sure I’m the father of her baby if she’s really pregnant? ”
“Cool, that’s what you should do”
“Thanks bro, I’m less worried now” Frank smiled ” by the way, where’s Kelvin, I’ve not seen him since I got home”
“The dude is in his room probably chatting with his new girl”
“Hehe, lucky boy he is”
“Yeah, things are going smooth between them”

Chief Olatunbosun sat calmly on the sofa and placed his legs gently on a stool, he came into the city after deciding to surprise his daughter with a visit since she had not been seen in his house for months.
“Bola, hurry up with the cooking. I’m very hungry. I have to eat before I leave here tonight” he called to Bola who was busy in the kitchen.
His eyes met a sheet of a paper on the centre table. “Henry, get that paper for me” he motioned his body guard who stood not too far from him.
“Sinarline hospital laboratory , pregnancy test result” He read, he folded the paper and kept it in his pocket.
Wow! Bola is pregnant, he thought to himself, Ken has finally done it. Its now time to finalise the wedding plans. He earlier made up his mind to give the couple a token of twenty million naira after their marriage ceremony.
“Food is ready Dad, should I serve it on the dinning table?” Bola asked carrying a tray of Pounded Yam and vegetable soup.

“Bring it here Bola, an old man like me doesn’t need to stress himself to eat” he replied with humour
She dropped the tray on a smaller table and moved it close to where her Dad was seated.
“Here is it, Daddy enjoy”
“Is this pounded or poundo” the man asked.
“Ahn ahn, Daddy. You know I injured myself the last time I tried to pound yam na”
“Its okay my daughter, I will manage it” He said and started eating the meal.
“So, when will you and Ken choose a date for your wedding?” He asked as he swallowed lumps of the poundo yam.
“Dad, I broke up with Ken”
“Ehn?” The man coughed as the information surprised him
“Hey, sorry Daddy. Why don’t you finish your food before we talk?”
“No” the man refused and washed his hand
“come on, Idiot get me my handkerchief and stop looking like a dunce” he said to his body guard. “Why did you break up with him? That boy is a good boy and his father is very rich”. He continued with Bola
“Dad , it’s not all about money. He abuses me all the time and even keep numerous girlfriends”
“But why didn’t you tell me all these? I would have asked his father to speak with him?”
“Dad, he promises to change always but he never does”
“Okay. So, what about the baby you are having for him?”
“Baby for him?”
“Yes, are you not pregnant for him?”
“No o, Daddy. I’m not pregnant ” she said twisting her face.
“What about this?” He replied bringing out the test results from his pocket.
Bola came back to her senses as she saw the test results with her father, it was then she remembered that she had dropped it carelessly on the table because she wasn’t expecting anybody to visit her.
“Daddy, it’s not for Ken”
“Its not for Ken? Then who?”
“Yes sir”
“How can you break up with Ken without telling me?” He asked and without waiting for her reply he continued, “now you are pregnant for somebody else. Are you sure this Frank is a good boy?”
“Yes, he is”
“Are his Parents rich?”
“Didn’t you hear me? Are his Parents rich?” He shouted at her
“I’ve not met them?”
“And you got pregnant for him without knowing his parents? Okay, what does he do for a living?”
“He has a barbing salon”
With this, Chief Olatunbosun burst into rage and stood up. “Are you crazy? You got pregnant for a barber?”
“No, he is not an ordinary barber, he has a salon with other employees”
“Tell the gold digger to see me before this week runs out”, he said and walked angrily out of the house pushing his body guard who held his handkerchief for him violently

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