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Must Read: Inseparable - Season 1 - Episode 13

Episode 6 years ago

The week rolled out fast and it was Saturday already, Dennis started dressing up for his date by 1pm. Although they agreed to meet by 3pm, he decided to dress up early because he wanted no excuse for going late. He already called her in the morning and she confirmed that she was also looking forward to their meeting. By 1:45pm, he dialled her phone number again, but couldn’t reach her due to network failure.
At exactly 2pm, he drove out of the house in his SUV jeep to Circular Restaurant and bar, one of the most expensive restaurants in the city. He got there by twenty minutes past two and settled in the table he already pre-booked. He picked up the phone to call her again but her phone was switched off.

He ordered for a drink to calm himself before her arrival, he assumed that her phone’s battery was down. As he took the drink slowly he started thinking of how the date would go, he thought of his mother’s reaction when he finally takes Amarachi home, he prayed silently to his creator to make her accept to be his girlfriend .
At three fifteen o’clock, Amarachi was not there yet and calls to her phone number refused to go through. He was almost getting frustrated but comforted himself when he remembered that a friend once told him that girls take so much time before they dress up and some of them always love to keep their guys waiting to see his reaction. Time rolled fast and it was four thirty pm already with no signs of Amarachi, Dennis was already frustrated and sweating profusely though the air conditioners were on.
After he waited till six o’clock, he walked out of the restaurant and drove home sorrowfully.

“Ken, what are you doing here? I thought I made it clear that it is over between us” Bola said as she opened her door and stood at the entrance.
“Come on baby, how can you say it is over between us? After all we’ve been through together”
“Ken, don’t start. I’m not ready for any useless discussion this morning”
“Bola” he called calmly, “would you at least allow me in so we can settle this once and for all”
” There’s nothing to settle Ken, I’m done with you”, she said leaving the entrance for him to come in.
“Bola, we can work this out”, he said getting on his kneels. “I’ll make sure things work between us this time”
“You can’t, not with your other girlfriends”
“I don’t have any other girlfriend, I swear. That girl is just a Lovepeddler, she drugged me and I didn’t know what was happening when you came to my house that day”
“But what was she doing in your house at first?” She asked giving him a detective look.
“Baby, you you … you don’t understand” He stammered ” It was a mistake and I promise you it will never happen again”
“Nonsense! But you don’t even know how to treat a Lady” she lamented “you keep beating me up as if I’m your kid Sister or housemaid”
“I’m sorry baby, I will learn how to control my anger. I promise to never lay my hands on you again”
“Hahaha, when will you learn how to control your anger? When you finish killing me?” Don’t worry I won’t allow that happen” she said and proceeded into her room “please close the door when you leave”
With that she walked into her room and shut the door ignoring his pleading voice at the entrance.

She commended herself for her bravery. Prior to this time, she couldn’t talk with her ex-boyfriend Ken like that. He always ended up beating her anytime they have a slight argument. The last time he beat her for not knocking his room’s door before entering and for shouting at him because she caught him sleeping with another girl , she was placed on drip and hospitalised for three days. Now, he was claiming to have changed and become a saint overnight.

After she was sure he already left her house, she walked out of her room and informed Okon, her new gateman never to allow Ken into the compound anymore.

± ±

Amarachi held her weak father’s hand beside the hospital bed, she wished to speak with him but he was fast asleep and not to be disturbed according to the doctors.
“Mummy, why didn’t you tell me he was sick all these while? Why did you have to wait till it got worst like this?”
“My daughter, I didn’t know it will get worse, I didn’t want to trouble you, you just left here for the city and I don’t want you to start rushing home again” her mum replied her.

“You would have at least informed me ”
“No, you just started your job and I want you to focus and make a success of it” She replied smiling “Don’t worry, the doctors say your father would be okay very soon”
“Okay, I pray so”
“Ehen, you’ve not told me how you got the money, you’ve not worked up to a month so it couldn’t have been your salary”
“Mama, I borrowed from my friend, Ini whom I stay with” Amarachi .

“Eh, she is kind o. May God bless her for me.

Hope you are not giving her too much stress ”
“Haba! Why will I stress her na?” She asked laughing.

“Okay, please thank her for me when you get to the city”
“She will hear”.

Earlier in the day, Amarachi was choosing clothes to wear for her date when she got a call from the village that her Father was seriously ill and had been transferred to the general hospital. She was told that seventy thousand naira was needed by the hospital to commence the treatment. She was able to get help from Ini who gave Amarachi her ATM card to withdraw the amount of money she needed which was all she had in that bank account. While rushing to have her bath and journey to the village, she mistakenly dropped her phone into a bucket of water and it refused to come on again. She was lucky to meet a friend of hers who was a nurse in the hospital who helped her locate the ward her father was placed easily.
There was silence for some minutes before Amarachi spoke up again “Mummy, how is Sophia and Femi doing?
“Sophia is doing well, she is at home helping me sew some clothes. She will bring her father’s dinner in the evening and wait to stay all night with him so that both of us can go and rest at home. Femi should also be at his Father’s shop”, she said smiling . You know we have to keep working so money for our upkeep comes in”
“It’s okay, very soon Daddy will be alright” Amarachi replied and paused for some seconds. ” I think its time for Femi to further with his HND program or with a BSc program if that’s what he wants and Sophia should enrol for JAMB lessons so that she can write the exam next year”
“I know my daughter, that’s what they are supposed to do, but we were still gathering money when your Father got ill and all the money has gone into it”
“Don’t worry Mama, I should be able to send enough money by next month so that Sophia can enrol for lessons and Femi can take the form”
“Eh my daughter o, God bless you o ” she said rejoicing and making a dance move.

“It’s my duty Ma, it’s time you people stop struggling so much.” She said rubbing her mother on gently on her cheeks.

Ini heard a loud rumble from her stomach. The sound reminded her that she was hungry, she had been on her phone since Amarachi left the house chatting with Kelvin via BBM. Their date on wednesday was a wonderful experience for her, she had never met a guy like him who shared the same ideologies and was passionate for the same things she was.

“So you mean, you don’t like football? Almost every guy I know loves football” she sent a ping.
“That’s not me dear, I don’t just find it so interesting”
“k” she replied like every normal Nigerian girl would reply to notify the guy to keep on talking.

“What do you mean by L?”
“I was helping you recite the alphabets since you wrote k, I helped you with L”
“Lol, you’re not serious”
“Hehehe… How about your friend?”
“The one I saw you with that saturday”
“Okay, she’s fine ”
“Alright, there is this friend of mine who is really obsessed with her”
“Who’s that?”
“Oh! Frank? Please tell him to give his girlfriend rest of mind”
“He doesn’t have a girlfriend”
“What about Bola?”
“She’s not his girlfriend”
“Are you sure?”
“Yes. He really does love your friend”
“I think he has to settle that by himself”

“Evening mum” he greeted and walked into his
room immediately.
“Mummy” janet called as she trotted downstairs,
“I thought I heard my brother’s voice now”
“Yes, he’s gone into his room already”
With that, Janet made her way to Dennis’
room. She opened the door without waiting for
him to respond to her knock. He faced the wall as
he took off his shirt.
“Welcome brother, I’ve been waiting for you to
give me feedback on… ” She paused when he
turned to her and she saw the expression on his
face. “What happened? Did anything go wrong”
“She didn’t show up Janet” Dennis replied
“She didn’t? Why?” She asked in a surprised tone.

“I don’t know, she switched off her phone”
“Maybe something went wrong with her”
“No, nothing went wrong with her, I’m sure. She
probably takes me for a fool or thinks I’m a flirt
and didn’t think it worth it to go out with me”
“No, she won’t do that. Even if she will do it to
other guys not you, you are her boss. Of course,
except she doesn’t value her job”
“She did. She’s intelligent, it won’t be hard for
her to get another job, so she must have played
“Come on, don’t conclude so easily. I’m still sure
something went wrong”
“It’s okay Janet, please leave now. I want to be
“Okay brother, please take it easy” she turned to
walked out and turned back again “I’ll be leaving
fo school tomorrow afternoon, will you drop me?”
“I will, just leave me alone for now”

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