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Must Read: Inseparable - Season 1 - Episode 5

Episode 6 years ago

It was 4.15 pm when Ama joined Ini in her car parked at the garage. She looked cheerful as she opened the front door and sat.

“How are you dear?”
“I’m fine” Ini replied, “how was work today? Hope it was stressful”
“It wasn’t , I just had to go through some documents today”
“How did you spend your break?”
“I didn’t go out at all”
“Why didn’t you? The cafeteria is a nice place girl, you should not lock yourself in the office all day. Tomorrow, I’ll call you and we’ll spend the break together”
“Thanks, that would be nice”
“Alright hun, I would like you to meet a Friend of mine today, do you mind if we go to her house now? We won’t stay long, I promise”
“It’s cool let’s go babe. I even feel like chilling out today”
“That’s my girl”
In twenty minutes, they got to Bola’s house.

Bola and Ini met during their youth corps service and had remain friends since then. Bola was a plumpy girl of average height, she had a fairly dark skin and a quite pretty oval face.

Bola wasted no time answering the knock on her door, she was expecting Ini already. She hugged Ini as she opened the door.
“Wow, Ini I thought you’ve totally forgotten me, Nawa o” She paused and continued on sighting Ama, who was smiling and saying Hi to her
“Oh, so it’s you that has been stopping Ini from coming to see me abi? She asked jokingly on a sighting Ama
“Come on Bola, won’t you even tell us to come in? ” Ini asked making her way through the door and making signals to Ama to follow her.

After sitting on the cushion with Amarachi, Ini began cheerfully
“Bola , meet my childhood friend, Amarachi”
“Welcome Amarachi” Bola greeted, smiling faintly
“Thanks, it’s a pleasure to meet you” Amarachi replied
“I’m coming girls, let me get you drinks from the fridge”
Bola said and walked away into the kitchen.

Amarachi took a careful look at the well furnished living room, she considered it too big and expensive for a single lady. It was well tiled and neatly painted, a Plasma tv hung on the wall by the left side with speakers by it sides. The Asbestos design was one she had only seen on TV. She concluded that Bola must be from a very rich home.

Bola came back with a pack of Chivita fruit juice and two glass cups on a tray. She dropped the tray on a small glass table and was about to start serving the drinks when Ama spoke.

“Please can I use your rest room? I need to ease myself”
” Come with me” Bola said and led her to the toilet.

Bola came back and whispered to Ini,
“Where does she stay?
“She stays in my house”
“In your house, can’t she rent an apartment?”
“She will, when she has enough to do that”
” Where did you meet her? She looks irritating to me, I don’t think I like her”
” What’s the matter with you Bola? You always act snobbish, you barely know someone and you are hating her already” Ini flared up.
“Shhhhh” Bola urged her to reduce her voice ” I was just joking na, even if I don’t like her, I must like her because of you”
“Just don’t do anything funny, I told you she is my childhood friend and she’s a very nice girl”
Both of them kept quiet as they heard Ama approaching.
” Thank you” She said as she sat on the sofa she was previously seated, not noticing the mood which had been covered by a fake smile by the two girls.
“So , where do you work? ” Bola asked
“Videx, I just resumed today”
“Oh Videx? That company is just too overated”
“No, I don’t think it is. It’s products are the best in the city”
“Alright, it’s getting late, we should go home now” Ini interrupted the conversation.

” Come on, don’t tell me you meant that” Bola replied in a surprise tone.
“We have to go home now to rest, we can discuss more when it’s weekend. I just wanted both of you to meet each other today”
They said their goodbyes and left Bola’s residence
Frank whistled has he cut a customer’s hair. He was almost done when he looked through the door and saw three ladies walk out of a building across the road directly opposite his shop. He paused to be sure of what he saw, totally forgetting he was attending to a customer. Yes, his eyes didn’t deceive him, those were the girls they met on Saturday. Out of excitement, he unconsciously dropped the clipper on the client’s head and walked out of the shop and headed for the building. He ran to catch up with the girls who were entering the car and the third one returning into the house. He narrowly escaped being hit by a motorcycle as he rushed.
Unluckily for him, the car sped off before he crossed the road successful, he made returned to his salon sadly. As he crossed to the salon, he came back to his senses, he suddenly remembered he was attending to someone and he hurried back hoping to apologize to the client.
Things had gone out of hand when he got back, the client was already fuming with anger, threatening to burn down the salon. Frank noticed blood dripping down the man’s head, it was then he realised that he must have injured the man when he dropped the clipper.

The man charged towards him angrily carrying a chair to attack. No one told Frank before he fled for his life, he didn’t return to the salon again that day. The man would have destroyed some of the equipments in the salon save for the intervention of his employees and some neighbours.

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