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Must Read: The Devil Who Loved Me

Episode 6 years ago

A Uk number was calling me, it was Toun…
Me: Hello babe..
Toun: I will be coming back this weekend
o..heard we will be resuming classes on
Me: Yes..
Toun: I got you a couple of things, anyhow
sha…when we see…
Me: Thanks dear…see you soon!

We were in Ago before 2pm, we went straight
to the house, where I closed the door and spoke
to Jafar. I didn’t need words, I spoke through
my heart…whenever I spoke to him like that I
felt peace.

Around 6pm, I called Timi..
Me: are you home?
Timi: yes dear..
Me: can I come now?
Timi: yes you can..
Me: are you sure…I don’t want to disturb you
Timi: come jor, after all that has happened, you
need somebody to take care of you..
Me: thank you dear.

Timi was waiting by the door when I knocked,
he opened the door immediately…I fel into his
arms as we hugged..
Timi: Tana, my Tana…you don’t have to worry
Me: thank you..
He led me to his bed where we sat close to each
other. The same bed that he had deflowered
me. The same bed were many of our fondest
memories had taken place..
Timi: so how are you faring?
Me: It has not been easy, but God has been
Timi: I am glad you are so strong..
Me: Timi, you still love me?
Timi: yes, never stopped…why ask?
Me: I just wanted to know…
Timi : you are not alone. When would you leave
that place you are staying..
Me: you want me to move in with you?
Timi: yes…so I can take care of you…
Me: okay!
Timi: are you serious?
Me: yes!.. Tomorrow..
He hugged me, I could still see the love in his
Timi: Jafar was a wonderful guy…
Me: yes, he was..
Timi: will you sleep here tonight…
Me: if you want me too, Jafar’s house holds too
much memories…
Timi: ofcuz…I will go get you Suya Burger..
Me: Thanks darling…
Timi: you are welcome my love…
Me: why did you kill Jafar, though?
Timi looked at me like I was mad..
Timi: what do you mean?
Me: is it because you really miss my pvssy?
Timi: you are not making sense dear…why will I
kill Jafar?…he is a cultist…he must have had
plenty people that wanted him dead…he killed
Eli for christ’s sake.
Me: sorry, I just wanted to be sure…
He looked at me deeply…
Timi: you got me worried there..i suspect Eli’s
people though…
Me: me too…
Timi: hmmmm, terrible..chai..
Me: I need you to explain something to me
Timi: what?
Me: How come you told me the DVC was
missing but he was in an hotel in Irolu..
Timi: are you serious? I didn’t know that…
though the guy was kidnapped..
Me: the thing is I have his phone, and you guys
have been doing a lot of talking…
Timi: me? You are going crazy again..
Me: Timi, till I die I will never forget your
number…I loved you so much it got stuck in
my head…
Timi: ok, the truth is I knew where he was but I
couldn’t tell anyone, Jafar and co where after
his head..
Me: I read the messages you guys exchanged
too, you were his liaison to Eli and the Cops that
killed Jafar.
Timi: Tana, shut up!
Me: what I can’t understand is why did you
choose to work for us, when National was you
people’s candidate.
Timi: I don’t know what you are saying!
Me: Timileyin…I have all the evidence…tell me
why you killed Jafar
Timi: because I loved you..
Me: what?
Timi: if Jafar hadn’t been killed, you would have
been killed…I had to choose Jafar…
Me: and Abayomi too?
Timi: He should have dropped out of the race
with all the kidnappings..but it was clear he was
strong headed..
Me: I thought he was your good friend..
Timi: He was, but he wasn’t in the big picture.

Look Tana, I really liked Abayomi, but when I
was approached by the DVC, I had no choice
than to play their game…

Me: How much were you given?
Timi: what?
Me: answer me Timi…
Timi: 5 million..
Me: hmmm..
Timi: baby, believe me, I did it for us..Jafar was
a cultist. There was a high possibility that he
would still have been killed. I wouldn’t have
interfered further if Eli had killed him, but he
Me: do you know Eli would have raped me?
Timi: that bastard, I told him not to touch you…
Me: so what happens now?
Timi: let’s just keep it between us..please…not a
soul…delete the messages, destroy the
phone..we would share the money equally…

start that Fast food restaurant that we have
always wanted “Tati café”..i will love you for the
rest of my life…as soon as we graduate, we
serve and get married!
Me: how romantic…
Timi: we belong together..
Me: Uche!..

They broke open the door…
Timi: what the fvcck!..what is happening here?
Get the fvcck out of my house!
Uche and “Last-Born” stood on other sides of
G ij Me: bye Timi..

Timi wanted to say something…but the punch
by Uche’s good hand sent him crashing on the
bed’s head-rest.
I stood up and went to seat on a chair that
faced the bed, I remembered thos times in the
past when I sat there and watched him sleep..

Uche and “Last-Born” continued raining
punches on him, until he could hardly move…
Timi: Tana..pleaaaaaaaaase, I beg u…please
help me beg them
Another punch broke his lips..blood splattered

I looked at the Timi I had once loved..i felt no
Timi: heeeeelp mmmmme…
I walked out of the room.

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Must Read: The Devil Who Loved Me

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Must Read: The Devil Who Loved Me

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