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Must Read: The Devil Who Loved Me

Episode 6 years ago

The house was its normal self when I got back
in, guys hung around in different corners,
shooting pool, Drinking and all. But I didn’t see
Jafar. I even went to the kitchen but he wasn’t
there, so I went to check on Uche. Lying on the
floor beside Uche’s bed was Jafar…he was on a
blanket sleeping.
I walked up to Uche, he was sleeping too, so I
tiptoed out of the room and went to Jafar’s..i
took my bath, changed to one of his clothes
and went back to Uche’s room. I la!d down
beside him on the floor, just before I slept..i
sniffed him..i loved the way he smelled..
Jafar : you are back..
Me: thought you were asleep..
Jafar: I can smell you…
Me: I am sorry, jafar..I have been so cold
towards you…

Jafar: it’s alright, you had a lot of things to
process in so little time…
Me: I miss sleeping beside you…
Jafar: do you mean I can return back to my
Me: anytime you want..
Jafar: Now?
Me: sounds great…
We huddled beside each other in bed, the
darkness and cold was wonderful..
Jafar: I need to ask you a favor..
Me: what?
Jafar: it’s against popular creed but it feels like
the right thing to do…
Me: talk jor…you are scaring me…
Jafar: be my girlfriend…be my woman…
I was surprised…very surprised, because he
understood that if we officially started dating I
would need to know everything that was going
on with him. No more secrets and all. Guys like
Jafar could have fling with girls but they never
really had ‘girlfriends’ or if they had, they were
hidden and out of the spot-light.

Jafar: don’t be scared, we are good now..we are
I kissed him..
Jafar: so how was your date?
Me: it wasn’t a date jor…but I had to leave
early…I couldn’t just leave you here and be
with an ex..
He kissed me…we started smooching..I sat
astride him..
Me: I miss this…
Jafar: we both do..
I pulled his boxer shorts, revealing his
dicck..after giving him a hand-job..i tasted the
tip then licked it..i liked the jerking reactions I
was getting, then I sU-Cked it…anytime I
thought he was getting too excited, I stopped
and gave him a hand-job. After a while I
dragged my skirt up, shifted my p@anties to the
side and sat on his hardened dicck.
Twenty five minutes later, between panting and
Me: Yes, I will be your girlfriend…
The next two days were the best days of my
life, Jafar and I cruised around car in his Benz, it
was the most popular gist in town, the former
VP candidate was dating a cultist. I didn’t care
about it, with Jafar I found the satisfaction that
I had been craving for. We straffed everywhere
we could, in his car, in his kitchen (with door
locked)…in our private bush path…

The cult killings had stopped, students were
trooping back to school in the thousands. Even
Toun had informed me that she was coming
back soon. Hearing the gist about Eli’s death
had accelerated her getting better.
My bags were packed, I was ready for Lagos,
but wanted to go through Sagamu, so I can say
hello to my Cousins before I zoom. Jafar planned
to drop me off at Ilisan. The guys in the house
told me they would miss me…I knew they were
talking about my food. I looked at the house as
we stepped out, even with all the horrors; I was
going to miss the house.
I was going to go to Lagos and when I come
back, I would plan how my life was going to be
with Jafar. I couldn’t be with him all the time,
but I hoped to share the best times with him.
There were also unverified reports on how the
school was going to organize snap elections in
which I was the favorite to lead to win. I was
looking forward to the rest of my life with

I was wearing my favorite short white gown,
while Jafar was wearing a white shirt combined
with a blue trouser. I thought we looked
debonair together. With my bags packed in his
booth, we started the trip.
Me: don’t play all those your sorrowful songs o…
don’t you have anyone that is dance-hall?
Jafar: they are not sorrowful jor, they make
more sense..
I was reacting to the Evanescence “my
immortal” that was playing out of his speakers..
Me: you don’t have Timaya or Terry G?
Jafar: Nope…let’s play Asa?
Me: you are now talking!
We had passed by the Main-campus, with Asa’s
amazing voice filling the air..
Me: will this your Confra thing ever be over?
Jafar looked at me, once again I didn’t know
what he was thinking until he blurted the words
Jafar : Yes..
Me: when…
He smiled, he usually did that when he
expected us to stop that particular
Jafar: what will you bring for me on your way
Me: apart from food stuffs and colorful
boxers….what else do you want?
Jafar: you won’t tell anybody?
Me: No…
Jafar : Golden morn…plenty..
Me: Awww…my baby…

Jafar: oya, ya isa!
Me: what is ‘ya isa’?
Jafar: its enough..
Me: should I add Cerelac to it?
We both laughed…
Jafar: just come back on time…don’t let me
miss you.
We were flagged down by some road side cops
before Ago-iwoye’s first bridge. Two police with
their worn out rifles stood at each side of the
Jafar wound down his glass, I did same to
Jafar: Oga goodmorning…
Police officer: goodmorning, where una dey go?
The other Police officer leaned over my glass, he
was staring at his phone and his partner at
intervals as the other interviewed Jafar.
Jafar: Ilishan
Police officer: lemme see your papers..
I was getting infuriated, policemen were among
the most corrupt people I had ever common
across, I suspected they wanted money and
were just stalking.
While Jafar got the papers, I turned my head to
take chewing gums from the bag I had at the
back seat when I heard Jafar say “Bleep!”
I turned to see what had startled him, only to
see that the Police man at Jafar’s side had
stepped back and corked his gun, ready to fire
at him. Jafar swerved to the right, knocking the
police man to my right before stepping hard on
the accelerator..

Jafar: They are death squads!
Me: oh my God..
The policemen started firing, shattering the car
glass…we kept moving with top speed. I turned
back to see if we were being followed but we
weren’t. Just when I had thought things were
Me: who sent them?….
He didn’t answer me, that was when I noticed
the car was moving awkwardly…
Me: Jafar what is wrong?
He tried to smile but couldn’t…beads of sweat
collected on top of his brows. Immediately I
knew something was wrong. He tried to keep
driving but he couldn’t, the car slowed down…
his turned to the right, squinting his eyes..
I reached over to him, his head slowly slumped
against the steering.
That was when I saw it.
His back was soaked in blood, about five darker
spots showed where the bullets had pierced
him. His leather seat was filled with blood…
Me: baby! baby! what do I do…tell me…what do
I do!
He tried to talk but blood gushed out of his
mouth…so he just smiled…a sad smile….
I came down from the car, went to his side, and
pushed him with all my might to the other seat.
My gown was smeared with blood..
Me: don’t die…you dare not die on me…
I kept repeating those words as I turned back
and drove towards ago…

Few minutes later he fell across his seat to my
laps..i carried his head up with my right hand
but there was no use, he came crashing down
the same way…Then I knew without being
Jafar was dead.

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