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Must Read: The Devil Who Loved Me

Episode 6 years ago

We made love two more times that night.

We both remained Unclad beneath the blanket,
exhausted from the s*x we had. I didn’t feel
guilty, with someone like Jafar, I didn’t know
how much time I would have with him, Toun
and Abayomi’s ish taught me that you should
go for whatever you want, no one knows

I was awake but I was sure he was asleep. Even
as he slept, he was so desirable. In another
place, another time and in another world, I
would have been happy lying next to him. But I
had my fears, especially with the dream. I
didn’t want him to die, he meant the world to
me…I was the harshest judge of myself, but in
Jafar’s case, I would rather be guilty being with

When I opened my eyes again, he was not in
bed. I checked my phone to see if he had left a
message but he hadn’t. I called his phone, it
rang close to me..i was glad he was still around.

I wore the Jersey again, went to the bathroom
to clean up then decided to call Timi..

Timi: hey..
Me: you haven’t been picking my calls
Timi: I was busy…
Me: Timi, look I am sorry…
Timi: its alright, I guess the heart wants what it
Me: we can still be close friends?
Timi: I would like that..
Me: don’t forget to wear black tomorrow…
Timi: sure, my regards to Jafar..
Me: Timi…stop..
Timi: seriously..if he hurts you…tell him I will
come for him..
Me: he won’t…
Timi: bye …
Me: bye dear…
I felt a weight lifted from my chest after I had
spoken to Timi…I called Toun…
Toun: babes..
Me: how are you faring?
Toun: I am better o…I cry less now..
Me: I am glad…
Toun: don’t forget to wear black tomorrow..
Me: never…

Toun: how is Timi and Jafar?
Me: hmmmm
Toun: what has been happening?
Me: I broke up with Timi..
Toun: I expected this…
Me: I slept with Jafar last night…
Toun: wow!..you guys are together now?
Me: not really…I don’t know…I suspect he will
tell me I am not safe in his house and I will have
to vacate…but I am inlove with him…
Toun: does he love you?
Me: how will I know, I know he likes me
Toun: are you happy?
Me: I am happy, but I am scared…I don’t want
him to die…
Toun: he won’t die…

Me: are you sure?
Toun: yes…
Me: thank you dear, it’s such a relief talking to
Toun: I would be going to Zenon house on
Monday, to pick my passport
Me: that’s for your UK Visa?
Toun: yes…mumsi said I need a change in
Me: what if school resumes?
Toun: fvck school!
Me: Just take care of yourself dear..
Toun: you too Tee…
Jafar came in with a cup of tea, two slices of
bread and a boiled egg…
Jafar : breakfast for the lady!
Me: I have not brushed yet…I think I left my
brush in Ijebu-ode..you have a spare…?
Jafar: smelly mouth….you can use mine…
Me: you can be romantic sometimes o…
Jafar smiled..
Me: I would be going to Sagamu tomorrow to
stay with a friend..
Jafar: when?
Me: Tomorrow..
Jafar: what happened between Timi and

I walked to his bathroom, he followed me..
Me: nothing…
Jafar: you guys had a fight?
Me: no..
Jafar: sooo?
Me: He kissed me and I realized I couldn’t kiss
him back
Jafar: oh…
Me: what?
Jafar: nothing
Me: talk jor…
Jafar: i’m glad you didn’t kiss him…
He went out with his guys, he told me he
wouldn’t be going far, so I spent my time
taking my bath and cooking Jollof rice. I was
wearing a blue jean and a purple top, I went
through his wardrobe until I found his body
spray…I wanted to smell like him so I sprayed
myself tiny puffs of his “King” deodorant.

Few hours later, the guys were munching the
Jollof rice like they hadn’t eaten in a while..
Jafar: The guys are grateful, they haven’t eaten
something as nice as this in a while..
Me: who does the cooking here?
Jafar: I do..
Me: what of all the girls that flock this place…?
Jafar: Na u sabi…
Me: would you be going out later today?
Jafar: nope…
Me: good…because I have only today to stay
with you before I leave..
Jafar: you are really excited about going?
He was eating on the floor, while I sat on the
bed with his TV remote control…
Me: not really, I would have gone to Lagos but I
don’t think it would help my state of mind..
Jafar: stay with me here…
Me: No…you know it is not proper at this time…
Jafar: true…
Me: when you finish eating, join me in the bed; I
want to know about your childhood…
He soon finished eating and joined me in bed…
Me: oya, tell me everything…
Jafar: I really never had an interesting childhood
Me: how?
Jafar: my father was into Contracts with the
Military…I was his only child and my mother was
dead. He couldn’t carry me all over the country
with him as he travelled…so he brought me to
Ogun-state, Mayflower Junior school. I was
enrolled in 1 special…Holidays was spent with
my matrons. He came by once in a while with a
lot of money and stuff, but he soon
disappeared…I was enrolled into Mayflower
secondary school years later, unfortunately, he
was a business partner of General Diya, so when
Diya was arrested, he went into hiding.

Even after Abacha died, I saw only his money..That’s
my child hood..
Me: is that why you are schooling in the west?
Jafar: yes….
Me: do you miss your mum?
Jafar: nope, I really never knew her..
His phone rang…
After talking for a while, he hung up…
Jafar: I have to go now..
Me: why?…you said you will stay here….
Jafar: someone has been killed close to the
Me: your guy?
Jafar: yep..
Me: I am sorry…
He nodded as he left the room with his white
vest and khaki short.

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Must Read: The Devil Who Loved Me

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Must Read: The Devil Who Loved Me

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