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Must Read: The Devil Who Loved Me

Episode 6 years ago

Jafar : Seriously, isn’t it too late?
Me: oya, lemme go back to where I am coming

I acted like I wanted to walk out of the room, he
didn’t move an inch..
Me: you won’t call me back?
Jafar: your bags are still here..
That was true, I looked at him, frowned my face
and pouted.
Jafar: its dangerous out there…I am not
Me: I am sorry, I couldn’t stay with Timi..
He led me to the bed, we sat…
Jafar: are you okay though?
Me: yes I am…
Jafar: we will talk later, the guys and I have to
go out now?
Me: Ahn ahn…this late?
Jafar: yes…I will see you later…

Me: later when?
Jafar: we should be back before sunrise…
Me: where are you going to?
The look he gave me told me I had just asked a
silly question..
Jafar: when I get back we will talk..
Me: ok..
Jafar: You would have to stay here, Uche stays
in the room you and Toun vacated..

I frowned my face like I didn’t plan to stay in his
Me: ok..
He changed his clothes into a darker one, and
in no time, the house was relatively empty…
I said a silent prayer, that whatever he was
going to do, wherever he was going, God
should bring him back in one piece. I tried
Timi’s number one more time, he didn’t pick
my call..i fell ontop of his bed and slept.
I was in the middle of the street, I was
surrounded by people…I was screaming but
nobody came to my aid, infront of me, sprawled
on the floor with blood gushing out of his side
was a dead Jafar..Eli was in the crowd too,
grinning sheepishly…Toun later came to my
side and started crying with me…I was crying
when I woke up…it was a dream, I could hear
somebody knocking the door but I was too
paralyzed to stand..The person kept knocking…
Jafar: Tana, open the door…
I heard his voice…the kind of happiness I felt
was overwhelming…I rushed to open the door, I
almost tripped as I got there…
Jafar: sorry I woke u up, it’s about 3am..
Me: keep waking me up…as long as you keep
coming back
Jafar: huh?

I forced a hug from him…

Me: welcome…how was it…you look tired…
He walked into the room and pulled his shirt
and trouser…I helped him hang them in his
Jafar: you should got to sleep now, I will take
my bath now…
Me: Okay…
I went back to bed and started thinking about
the dream. I couldn’t stop myself from crying, I
felt so terrible…the silly Evanescence song “my
immortal” was playing in his speakers, my pain
and the pain of the song got to me…
Jafar: what is wrong?
I didn’t know when he had finished taking his
bath, he was on a boxer shot, a towel was
round his neck.
Me: nothing…
Jafar: tell me…pls…you are crying…
He removed the towel from his neck and lay
down beside me…
Me: I had a dream…
Jafar: tell me what it was about…
Me: you died in the dream, and I was crying…I
was surrounded by people…Eli killed you…
I started crying again…he cleaned my tears
with his palm..
Jafar: stop crying, it’s just a dream…it won’t
Me: my dreams come to pass…
Jafar: this one won’t….

Me: promise?
Jafar: I promise…
I cleaned my eyes..he was looking at me like I
was a little crazy…so I laughed…
Jafar: you are beautiful…laughing with tears in
your eyes…
Me: I am?
He bent down and kissed me…he started with
the tip of my lips…then I spread my lips
open..the warmth of his mouth was
heavenly….he raised the Jersey over my head,
he was pleasantly surprised when he realized I
was Unclad…he came on top of me…the full
length of him…tasted my neck…then my nips…
my hands where spread wide like I was an
eagle…I was making sounds I have never made
before…it was like he was rolling his tongue…I
was trembling…I pushed him to his back, then I
climbed him…I kissed every part of his unique
face…his goatee pressed against my cheek as I
kissed his adam’s apple…my fingers went to his
nips…before my lips joined them…my bum was
shot upward, like he was a power bike…my vee
was moist in anticipation…I ran my hand down
his hard abdomen till it got to his boxers, my
lips returned to his lips…I caressed his J0yst!ck, the
thin cotton material of his boxer short was
finding it hard to hold on to the hardness that
was trying to breakout…the more I caressed,
the harder it got…I found the buttons that
covered the opening infront of the boxers,
freeing it, I dipped my hand inside to bring out
his J0yst!ck…he let out a controlled sound…I started
grinding my hips on his…his J0yst!ck was pressed
against my vee, the lips of my vee..partly
swollen now with heightened excitement, the
fluid was rubbing against the top of his J0yst!ck,
the wet slopping sound audible…I wanted him
inside of me…I wanted it then more than I
wanted anything in the world…he held my
hands and gently placed me on the bed…He
gave me a look like he was asking for my
consent before he proceeded..
Me: I want you…

I spread my legs, reached out for his J0yst!ck and
guided it to the entrance of my vee..as he
leaned closer…the lips spread open…soaking
and warm..he stopped again and looked at
me…i pulled him by the neck so that his face
was on the bed, beside my face…my right hand
held the back of his head, his chest was
pressed against my b0s0ms…my left hand was
at his back…

Me: make love to me….

He entered me.

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Must Read: The Devil Who Loved Me

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Must Read: The Devil Who Loved Me

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