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Must Read: The Devil Who Loved Me

Episode 6 years ago

I was moody.

I was glad I was with Timi, I expect him to make
me feel better in no time. Although I kept
replaying everything that happened between
Jafar and myself, I had to focus on the present.
As Timi drove along, I tried figuring out the best
time to tell him that I kissed Jafar..
Timi : are you okay? You look sad…

Me: I am good Timi, how far is the apartment?
Timi: It’s just the next street. Dapo, the guy
who owns the place has travelled to Dubai, I
have the keys…
Me: oh..thats good..
Timi: we are going to have so much fun…I know
we are mourning but I will try to make you
enjoy yourself..
Me: thank you, Timi.
Timi: don’t thank me, you know I love you…
I gave him a sq££ze on the shoulder.
The apartment was a two-bedroom flat, sparsely
decorated. As soon as we entered the room,
Timi held me close..
TImi: you are the most important person to
Me: I am glad dear..
TImi: I know we are not where we should be
now, but I have no doubt we will get there.
I remained in his arms for a while, I looked at
his eyes and I saw love and admiration. I told
myself I was at the right place..

Me: let me take my bath…
Timi: can I join you?…
Me: hahahahaha…rubbish boy…
I was in the bathroom, as the water splattered
against my skin, I found myself thinking about
Jafar again, the way he kissed me…held me…
I realized I was touching myself so I stopped.
When I got back to the bedroom.. Timi had two
wraps of beef-burger, a plastic bottle of coke
and a plastic bottle of Sprite. I wore an over-
sized jersey that Timi had given me, I was
Unclad beneath…

Timi : Coke or Sprite?
Me: Sprite…
I initially enjoyed the Burger, but I soon got
tired of it. Timi was done with his and
proceeded to take a shower. I wanted to text
Jafar, but I decided against it. I had to make a
confession to Timi, that was my priority..i
skimmed the Tv for programs to watch, Galaxy
TV was the only clear station…I abandoned the

Timi entered the room with only a Towel around
his waist.
Me: Fine boy…

He came to me, pushed me so that my back
was pressed to the bed. The Jersey I was
wearing slid up my thighs..He was on me, I had
to spread my legs to accommodate his body.
He rested on his elbows…

Our faces were inches apart…he wanted to kiss
me, but I had to tell him what happened
between Jafar and myself before I let him..
Me: Timi I have to tell you something…
He raised his head up, his waist was still on
mine, I could still feel the rod-like hardness on
Timi: is it about Jafar?
Me: yes..
Timi: oh my God, don’t tell me you have slept
with him…

Me: No….but I kissed him…twice…
Timi: thank God you didn’t ….
Me: you don’t mind that I kissed him?
Timi: I do but…I know you like him..i just hope I
can win all your affection back that you don’t
go back to him…I don’t deserve you…I know
that…but I want to fight for you..
Me : awwwww…so sweet…
He came down and kissed me…his hands
pressed against my b0s0m until he found my

TImi: I miss this…
His other hand went beneath the Jersey…he
started stroking me…
Me: Timi , I have something else to tell you…
Timi: cant we talk later?
Me: now…
TImi: what is it, my love?
Me: I am sorry but I have to break up with you…
Timi: what?
Me: I love you…I will always do…you know this…
but I am not inlove with you anymore…

Timi: Jafar right?
I nodded…
He stood up with his arms held akimbo.
Timi: we can work through this..i understand…
let us just build what we had from the scratch..
Me: my mind is made up , Timileyin..
Timi: over a cultist?
Me: I am sorry…

Timi: you are not thinking straight..
Me: I am…for the first time in a while…
Timi: so whats next?
Me: I have to go back to him, I belong with
Timi: what if he doesn’t want you?
Me: that’s the difference I guess…I love him not
because I want him to love me in return…its
enough for me just to love him..
I didn’t expect Timi to drive me back to Ago,
but I didn’t expect him to dress up and just
leave the house like that…
I took my bag, wore my slippers and went to
look for Taxi, to take me to Ago…to Jafar..
The taxi that stopped to pick me wasn’t the
type of taxi I would have gotten into but at that
time of the night, I had no choice. I placed my
bags on the bag seat, and joined him in front. I
was careful while entering the front seat, I
didn’t want the Jersey to expose my
On the way to Ago, I kept calling Timi but he
didn’t pick up the phone. I didn’t call Jafar
because I knew he was going to scold me. I
started a conversation with the driver, he
seemed about my age, I noticed he was staring
at my chest, the cold night was having an
effect on my nips.
Me: are you ACN or PDP?
Driver : madam I swear, na whoever give me
money I go support…all of them be thieves
Me: that money go turn your belle o…

Driver: na lie, na my own part of the national
cake. Everybody know say na Gbenga Daniel go
win, but if ACN wan waste their money, wetin
concern me?
Me: are you married?
Driver: yes, I get three pikin sef..
Me: no vex o, how old are you?
Driver: 24 yrs, this December.
Me: hmmmm..how is madam?
Driver: she dey fine…
I decided to discontinue the conversation, he
probably wouldn’t understand if I told him he
had probably spoilt his life before it even

Due to the recent student killings, the town was
scanty, even the indigenes of Ago-iwoye stayed
indoors after dark. I told the driver to take me
to Aiyegbami, but as we approached Jafar’s
house, he stopped.
Me: take me closer na..
Driver: no vex madam, around this time I no fit
carry you reach that side. The guys wey dey
stay there whoski!
Me: just go front small…
Driver: abeg no vex, na here I go turn back.
I took a look at the three bags at the bag seat,
Jafar’s house was still about 70m from our
position. But the driver wasn’t moving an inch.
So I got down and started the agonizing walk to
his house.
It was dark, the path leading to the house had
wild bourgenvilla growing at opposite ends. The
pink flowers was an irony to the kind of guys
that they led to. I must have been very silly to
have left Timi’s house like this, I looked at
myself with only a Jersey on. At least I would
have put on p@anties. As I approached the house
I heard footsteps behind me. I was scared…

Voice: who goes there?
I kept walking, forgetting how heavy the bags
were, I walked faster..
Voice: stop, you they crase!
I had to stop at that point, the voice wasn’t
joking. In no time, two guys were infront of me,
they shone a light on my face that temporarily
blinded me…
Guy (Voice): Oh madam! Na you…you for talk
I looked at the guy talking, he was light skinned
in complexion, he wore a black over-all , the
other guy with him wore the same, but he was
dark in complexion. I didn’t know them.
Me: I am going to the house.

I pointed to Jafar’s crib.
They insisted in helping me carry a bag each, I
noticed that they quicky put something around
their waste…guns
I thanked them after we got to the front of the
house, they dropped the bags and disappeared
into the night..I knocked for about 3 minutes
with no response..
Me: Hellooooooo!..
The curtain beside the door, shifted abit…I
couldn’t make out the face but it peeked at me.
The door opened, as I entered, I was
surrounded by about twelve guys, they were all
trying to hide their guys…I saw it..

It occurred to me that my knocking must have
alerted them of an intruder…the smell of
cigarette and marijuana was faintly hidden.
Uche was standing at the corner, his pump-
action was too large to hide, he gave up and
placed it on the snooker table…
Uche : welcome..wetin you buy come for us?
Me: myself…
I realized the statement looked awkward,
especially with the way I was dressed…some of
the guys tried to hide their smiles with a cough
or two…I was slightly embarrassed..
Uche: Jafar dey him room..
And with that, they turned their back on me
and started saying things I didn’t bother to
I knocked on Jafar’s door…
Jafar : come in!..

As I entered the room, I didn’t see anybody…
until I felt a cold metal on my cheek..
I turned in the metal holder’s direction..
Jafar : Tana…what are you doing here?
Me: nothing…I just came to say “hi”
He laughed as he lowered his gun….i had
missed his laugh..

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