Must Read: The Devil Who Loved Me

6 years ago

Abayomi had a bottle of Night Train which I
collected from him. He and Chukwudi followed
Toun to the store to spy at the people fuccking
. I was looking for the perfect place to hide
without being seen by people that know me.

Everywhere was occupied. I blamed myself for
believing that things might return to normal
between Timi and i. if I had been any smart, I
would have ignored him. I consider myself a
strong girl but this heart of mine brings me
down. I saw an unoccupied Toyota, I sat on the
bonnet and cried. The Night train was diffusing
into my blood at a fast rate.

I saw Acho and his chic walk pass. She gave me
a frown while Acho limped beside her. Toun and
Abayomi found me where I sat.
Abayomi: omo igbo, why are you here alone na?
Me: nothing, I just want to be alone
Toun: where is Timi?
Me: I don’t know
The fool chose that time to come outside with
Annie, I saw them before Abayomi and Toun
did. Her hands were around her shoulder, he
looked happy. Toun immediately came to hug
me, Abayomi looked down like it was his fault.
At that point I started crying again.
Toun led me inside the house, saying I should
dance my pain away. But it was a disaster when
I noticed Timi and Annie dancing, Toun started
dancing with me at the same tine blocking the
guys trying to come in-between us. The alcohol
was taking its tool and I started dancing faster,
Toun was enjoying herself, we were giggling.
Then Toun stopped dancing as somebody was
finally able to come between us. I wondered
who had the mind to encroach on her space
when I saw it was Jafar.

For a guy that had a mystical feel to him, I
couldn’t imagine him dance , talk less of
dancing with me. I was probably not the only
person surprised because it seemed that people
stopped dancing to watch us dance. I was shy
to dance wildly like I usually did, so I was a bit
slow. I noticed the eyes that were fixated at us,
I was shy. I was shy until his hands encircled
my waste. My hips moved to his touch, he
wasn’t smiling or had his mouth opened like
guys usually did when they were dancing with
a girl. We danced like we were royalty..
Jafar: you declined having dinner with me
because of this party?

Me: yes…I had to come, but you had plans of
coming too?
Jafar: I changed my mind, Aisha and Uche once
Me: oh…I never knew…
I started having fun as we danced and spoke. I
got envious glances from the girls I had seen
him with earlier.
Me: not seen you in a party around before
Jafar: I am not a fan of parties..
I didn’t want to stop dancing but he did after a
Jafar: thanks for dancing with me
Me: the pleasure is all mine, Jafar.
Toun was winking at me when I walked to
her,Abayomi was standing behind her, dancing
to her bum even though she didn’t move.
Toun: he likes you
Me: who?
Toun: Jafar. Timi couldn’t detach his eyes from
I felt tinny winny happy. The Alcohol was taking
its effect. I had finished the drink in the bottle,
even though the ponch was still in my system.
Me: I want to go home.
Toun : but the party just started..i want to eat

Me: Abayomi I want to go home.
Abayomi: go and meet Timi na, I am with my
Me: May God punish you, .
Abayomi stuck out his tongue.
Sometimes I do strange things that I cannot
explain. One of those things was walking to
Jafar that evening and sitting beside him. I
looked at him and wanted to talk but ended up
resting my head on his shoulder..
Jafar: you want to leave this party?
Me: yes
Jafar: where do you want to go to?
Me: Abuja..loooool..
I joked.
I laughed as once again I rested my head on his felt so much like home.
When I woke up, it took me a while to get to my
senses. I was still high though. Everything was
blurry. I was in a car and Jafar was driving. I
dozed off..
When I opened my eyes again, he was still
driving, he didn’t know I was looking at him as
his eyes were fixed on the road. The road didn’t
look familiar, I wanted to talk but I slept off
again. Opening my eyes again, he was still
driving. Ah ahn.. my house no far like this na..

Me: Jafar whatsup?
Jafar: hey, you have woken up..
Me: how long did I sleep? Last I remembered,
was walking to your car..
Jafar: like 5hrs… slept off immediately
we got in.
Me: where are we going to, I don’t know this
road and why should you be driving for 5 hrs?
Jafar: I am just obeying you..
Me: obeying me how?
Jafar: you wanted to go to Abuja
Me: oh my God!!!!!!!!!!!!
Which type of guy obeys a drunk girl, takes her
to a state so far from Ogun in the middle of the
Jafar: relax
Me: how can you tell me to relax?..turn back
right away..
Jafar: its 4am, we have been driving for 6hrs,
we are in Akoko Ondo…in four hours time, we
would be in Abuja. U rather we go back?
Me: yes!
Jafar: alright..
He swerved to the right of the road and parked.
That was when I noticed the Volvo in front and
the Hilux at our back. We were in the middle of
a three man convoy to Abuja. This Jafar dey
kolo o!..

Sparrow was the first to get to us, he was the
guy pinned to follow me around.
Sparrow: Jaf, wetin do your car?
Jafar: nothing o, we need to head back?
Uche came down from the Hilux and joined
Sparrow at Jafar’s side of the car.
Uche: mehn…sleep dey catch me o…we are
less than 2hrs from Lokoja, I dey feel say we go
rest for there o..

Sparrow: I swear! Hungry dey catch me sef,
Jafar make we reach Lokoja first na, we fit
return for morning.
Jafar: if we get to Lokoja, then we will have to
get to Abuja. If we are going to turn back, we
turn back now.
Another guy came down from Uche’s Hilux,
short guy with a funny gap tooth..
Me: im sorry guys, I thought Jafar was taking
me home.
They didn’t reply, but I felt it would be selfish of
me to force them to continue driving.
Jafar: so what do you say ma’am?
Me: Abuja it is!…but what are we going to do
Uche: no be u say Abuja?…i don tire o!
Jafar: we will just hang out dear.
I fought back the fear. I never thought for one
second I will be on my way to Abuja with Four
Confa guys..chai…Alcohol na Bastard.

Me: Abayomi and Toun will be scared
Jafar: you will call them..
Me: no problem, I hope you return me in one
The short ugly guy had a smirk on his face, I
wanted to slap him but my liver no reach.
Jafar: lets bounce..
As we proceeded with the journey, the only cars
that passed by us were Luxurious buses. The
Volvo remained in front, while the Hilux came
from the rear. The AC of his car was the
truth! wonder I kept dozing off..James
Blunt’s “u’re beautiful” was playing in his car
Cd player. If I wasn’t in a weird situation, I
would have found this very romantic. With my
seat belt in place, my eyes were involuntarily
closing, but before I slept, I wanted to say
Me: Jafar?
Jafar: Tana?
Me: you are the weirdest guy eva…
I slept looking at the smile across his dark face
and his well-trimmed goatee..

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