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Must Read: The Abandoned Child - Season 1 - Episode 92

Episode 6 years ago

I closed for work at 4:30PM but I did not go home immediately, I went to the brewery bar for some beer and small chops. After gulping down two bottles of Gulder and two sticks of peppered Suya I went to the Logistics department to seek out Dupe. I could not take my mind off her since our encounter in the canteen earlier.

She was on her way out of the Logistics department when I walked in; she saw me and quickly turned around to take another route.

Come here Dupe! I commanded.

She stopped and stood still.

Some workers within ears shot turned to see what was about to happen.

Why are you running away from me? I asked her.

I did not move further, I was like ten feet away from her. I was ready for a show down with her, so I raised my voice. I need a moment with you and that moment is now!

Workers started to cluster around us; she turned around slowly and walked towards me with teary eyes.

We went to an isolated area, an area marked for smokers alone; I sat down and told her to sit.
Modupe! I have just a question for you and I would like you to be honest with your answer. I asked you same question years ago In the presence of Akin and your mother and I am asking again! What did I do that made you to hate me so much?

She sobbed for some five minutes during which I was getting impatient:
I was naïve and immature! She finally blurted.

You were the first boy to see me Unclad and it was in a very embarrassing situation, I expected you to have taken advantage of me like boys your age would have done but you did not! Instead you were laughing at me and looking me over with your lantern! I was Unclad and standing over my Sh*t with your dog staring at me!

I don’t get it! I said: when did this happen?

Do you remember the night when I was defecating in front of your house in the village? I should be about eleven to twelve years old then.

Your dog accosted me! I was standing Unclad and trembling over my Sh*t! My pant was at my ankle and my blouse was above my waist, then you came with a lantern and saw me. You started to laugh at me! You really humiliated me and for that, I hated you! She said.

I can’t believe it! Just that? I don’t believe you sister! Even after that incident, you were good to me until I entered secondary school with you.

When Baba Oloro’s children came for me I was in your house for over two weeks for protection! When I discovered the Alabi’s heist, you and your mother were like family to me so how could you have borne a grudge with me and still be good to me at the same time?

Not me! My mother showed you the love, not me. By then, I wished Baba Oloro’s children had killed you! She said.

Jesu Christi o! Just because I saw you Unclad and did not take advantage of you? Are you not supposed to appreciate me and respect me for that? I asked
Yes! It would have been better if you had touched me or done something that would guarantee me that you would not tell. You know how it was in the village. The village gossip and all that, I never wanted to be a gossip subject. I thought you would tell your friends and they will tell their friends and before you know it, boys will begin to bark when ever I walk past them.

I snapped. You gave me hell in secondary school!

You humiliated me at every opportunity you had! You made me feel less than a dog! Okay, lets say you hated me because I saw you Unclad and God knows what else, did you ever hear it from anyone else in the village? Answer me! Did you hear of it from anyone else?

No! She admitted.

And is that the reason why you and your mother eloped with my money? I asked
She was sobbing silently, she was silent
You cannot answer that? I asked aloud
It is the devil, she said
The devil indeed! I said
So what is your story? You were in UNILAG or so I heard. You are supposed to be a graduate of secretariat studies. Akin your former guy told me, I said.

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