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I quickly leapt from the bed, ignoring the blood stain on the bed sheet and got dressed. Fifteen minutes later, we were in the Omonaiye’s house, both our heart beat increased at the sudden grave like sound the compound now had.

“Baby, please hold me” i said looking scared.

“Seems, your parents are here already” he said nodding towards the direction of the parked car as he held me tight.
We paused on the main entrance to the house and knocked but there was no response so we barged into the house, but was shocked on getting to the sitting room.
“April fools” They all chorused.
“What, mum, dad so you mean you could let them pull such a stunt? If only you knew how sweet we were enjoying ourselves or how i drove recklessly to get here” Nicholas said with a grin and i had a frown on my face.
“Oh, look who we have here, the greatest fool of the day, you look like you are gonna cry. How did you feel knowing your husband lied to you?” Rita said with an innocent face, and i couldn’t hold back my anger so i landed three hot slap on her face and pounced on her giving her the beating of her miserable life until, i was pulled away from her by Nicholas.

“Let me go, you this slime, you did this to me. All of you knew about his game all along, my parents, your parents, the zombie i call a brother, even my bestie, a backstabbing witch, this Sl*t and the doctor too” i couldn’t hold my tears and rage anymore.
“Hi, am Anita, Dapo’s doctor and cousin” the doctor said bringing her hand forward for a handshake and i pushed it away.
“Lara, darling please sit down let us explain” my mum said.
“Never, not on this life. I hate all of you, you are all the same” i said and rushed out of the house pushing Nicholas out of my way and not caring when he fell upon a stool.
“Damn it, baby” he said as he got back on his feet and rushed outside after me.
I kept crying as i ran, wondering why they chose to treat me that way, the people i love most i wasn’t sure where i was going that moment, i kept running pay little attention to Nicholas’ voice as he shouted my name from behind.

My vision became blurry and i couldn’t catch my breath for some seconds so i stopped running and tried sitting on the tarred road of the Adekunle’s street but a white hilux vehicle stopped infront of me and i was roughly dragged inside, i struggled but the huge hefty man at the back seat that dragged me inside just gave me a hot slap and i spat out blood on the closed window and watched as Nicholas ran after the vehicle as it sped off.

“Big Joe, give the girl that thing, remember she musn’t know where we are taking her to” a deep harsh masculine voice who sat beside the driver said.

“Sure” The man who sat in the back seat with me said and raised his thigh so he could get a white handkerchief from his pocket and as he brought the soaked hanky towards my nose, i snatched his phone from his pocket without him knowing it, and held my breath as he brought the substance to mz nose. I lowered my head lazily on his lap and quickly inserted the phone inside my bra and cleaned my nose then sneezed on impulse.
“She don doze? Check am well, make you seat belt am” The driver said.

“Nawao i never see any body sneeze before o, after we use badoo for am before, but this babe set die, we suppose chop am before we dispose am” Big Joke said.
“Not in this life, my God won’t allow it” i thought.

The hilux car, diverted and drove straight to the last house of a street in the outskirt of the town, i was placed on the shoulder of big Joe and taken inside the building, which was owned by Pastor Ekem.

I pretended to be asleep due to the effect of the drug, but took note of the doors and rooms of the bungalow building, the third room was opened and i was tossed on the bed and locked in, i stayed low for a while as the whispers outside the room seemed like one of the kidnappers was on a call maybe with the person who sent them, so i tried listening to their conversation but heard nothing.
“Damn it, i have to leave here, i can’t die here” i thought, and opened my eyes but quickly shut it because of the bright flourescent bulb in the room. I opened it gently seconds later and studied the room for a while.
“What kind of a windowless room is this one? I no fit die like this o” i sobbed and thought for a while, then as if possessed by an evil spirit, put my hand inside my bra and brought out the phone.

“I can’t die here, let me call for help. No, no, no am so confused, who do i call? Who do i call to save me? My family, my husband and his family betrayed me, i can’t and i would never call them. What if, this is part of their plan? No, i rather die than call them, i hate them all, okay but i can’t be like this na, i have to leave here. Okay, okay, think, think of something” i said and closed my eyes for a minute.

“Yes, aunty Agnes, her husband is a DSP in the police force, can’t remember her number o i think it’s 08011223344″ i said and brought forth the nokia torchlight but it was completely down.
“Oh no, no battery? God please na, help me, am sorry for my sins. Please help me come out of this alive” i started crying and threw the phone on the other side of the bed close to the door.
Eight minutes later, the door was opened and the huge guy called Big Joe sneaked in licking his lips.
“Shhh, be quiet and i won’t kill you, i would set you free if you let me have you now” he said in a whisper.
“Please, am a married woman, my husband is wealthy. Name your price and he would give you the money, please sir just let me go” i pleaded.

“I have all the money i want in this world, i don’t need a dime from him, just give it to me and i would let you go” he said this time pressing my bossom.
“Never, it’s against my religion i can’t” i shouted and pushed his hand away.
“Oh, tough girl, i see” he said with a grin and stroked his beard.
“Look here, i would it by force then” he said and landed a dirty slap on my cheek and hit my head on the wall and started unbelting his trouser with one hand and using one hand to hold my neck as i struggled, i bit hard against his hand and pushed him away from me as he fell back on the bed but he held my leg and drew me back on the bed as i tried escaping. He hit my head hard against the wall three times then stabbed me with the pen knife he brought from his loosed trouser and i fell helplessly on the bed, bleeding and loosing conscienceness.

“Bi..tch” he finally said as he got up to fasten his belt back then the door opened.
“Chineke, guy wetin you do? You say you wan Pour chop kpomo, wetin come be this one? The driver asked with his hands on his head.
“Wetin happen for here Big Joe?” The third kidnapper asked suprised at the site.
“The girl too stubborn, i lost it man, i lose my temper” Big Joe said.
“Yawa don ghas o, pastor daughter don come” The third kidnapper said running back into the room.
“See as e go be en, we go just tell her say na accident say the girl wan escape before. She don dey knock oya Friday go open the door for her” The third kidnapper said.

“What?? How did this happen? Was this what i paid you for? Do you know an alhaji is suppose to take her tonight to Egypt and make her a slave there? Do you know how much you just made me lose you morons? Believe said angrily throwing her arms in the air.
“Sis, na accident the girl try escape” Big Joe said.
“Oh shut up your big gutter of a mouth, you are a goat, can you see that? It’s called a blood, you stained my life with her blood, look, she’s already dead. You are all local pocket pickers thought you were kidnappers. Get rid of her body and put no trace back to me, clean this room and am not paying you your remaining balance as long as you are still tenants in this house Believe said and barged out of the room.

“Please don’t let me die Lord” i murmured quietly feeling very weak, shaky and drained as a tear flowed down to my white lips as i closed my eyes.
“Oya, this place is good to dump her, quick, quick” The driver said and i was pushed out of the car down into the gutter of an abandoned street.

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