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Must Read: I Have Done Some Great Bad Things - Season 1 - Episode 82

Episode 6 years ago

One can never really know what will
happen,regardless of how well your plans
are…Today was no exception for me..Taking a
look back to the morning of this Great Monday,i
wouldnt have known i will end up meeting up
with the whole demanding and pressure
sapping events that i dealt with today,starting
from morning time till this time that we went
for our Busting Excapade…

While riding to the market square, Collins and i
engaged ourselves in bicycle race,betting
between ourselves that whoever reaches first to
the Market square will get a bigger share from
the possible loot(s) we will make from our
Busting today….

Due to this,we both rode out our heads en
route the market square and arrived earlier
than we should have arrived,even though it was
a no lose situation as regards our betting;we
both arrived simultaneously….We rode,or
rather,pedalled off to the Central School,Packed
Our Bicycles in a safe place and then proceeded
to the Classrooms to execute our childish

Unlike my own primary school,this school had
many buildings,and many
Classrooms…Hmmmmm…We searched from
primary one classroom to That Of Primary
Six,nothing…We searched in all the hidden
places in the school,still yet,nothing…I must tell
you,i really began to be frustrated,and i think it
is same with Collins…There is no place that we
didnt look at in that school compound,still yet
nothing….Being frustrated,Collins suggested we
both go home,that “anyi enwela chi ojoo”(We
have had bad luck)…..
I told Collins that it cant be…That we surely will
catch some people,that there is still
time…..Seriously,it got me wondering why we
couldnt just Bust somebody..ah ah! Somebody
is supposed to be fvcking somewhere
here..Infact,to me,it was strange…That central
school is more Farther,and hidden than my own
School..The only school farther from it is Avu
Secondary School,which is not even far from
the school itself….Many things kept running
through my mind before Collins called me back
to reality,saying;”Odii o,anyi gbaru go dinu ebe
Secondary Skuulu Avu a”(Odii o,lets ride down
to this Avu Secondary School nearby)….”imagi
ihe ika ga Collins..munwa aga agali ebe ahu o…I
Ga asi na ima ihe na eme ebe ahu ugbu a”(You
dont know what you are saying Collins..I’m not
going there o…Will you say that you dont know
what happens around there by this time),i said
with a question-like indignation and mind-freed

Collins wont give up,and then after much
persuasion,i found myself riding behind Collins
to the said Secondary School….After a 3mins
ride,we arrived there….We didnt know much
about the place and its surroundings,and so we
didnt park our bicycles anywhere,instead we
carried it as we trekked on to a particular
building we saw….

By this time,it is already getting dark,though
one can still see through…While approaching
that building,we started hearing a funny
noise…..We stopped dead in our tracks,and
then whispered to each other on what to
do..We gently parked our bicycle,then We
sneakingly and slowly walked up to that
building….The building is probably a
laboratory,and it was flanked by either sides
with Luvre Pens standing as its windows(even
though most of the Glasses were either
removed or broken or destroyed)…
With that,it is possible to peep in from
outside…So,as soon as we reached the
building,we crawled to where we could peep
from,and then we raised our head(s) a bit to
peep….O boy! What i saw baffled me….There
were three young guys,probably in their mid-
twenties,and a girl fvckin,infact it was more of a
despoil to me…i bent down immediately and
looked at Collins,and my friend was too damn
amazed just like i am….We didnt know what to
do,and we couldnt whisper in that place that
we were,so we simply crawled out of there after
exchanging signs…..
“nnaa Collins,obi adikwa nu ndi mma o..Olee ihe
anyi ga eme ugbu a?”(Nnaa Collins,This people
are really vexing o..what will we do now?),i
asked Collins immediately in a whispered
voice…Collins was as confused and lost as i
was..damn! We needed a solution and we
needed it fast…So i asked Collins whether he
saw where those people kept their Trousers…He
said yes,that he saw it hanged near the luvres
near the entrance door to the lab…..I Told
Collins that we need to take those Trousers and
Run away….Collins was mad,and he was
like,how will we do such,that Am i mad?

I told him that Collins,this is the risk of the
Century,but that i wont let it pass by me…You
see those Trousers i am going to take them,if
hell likes,let it go Loose! “Odii,isi ariso gi
Mma?”(Odii,are you sure your head is
okay ?),Collins said or would i
I know i May have exaggerated a bit
about it as being the risk of the Century,but i
just wanted to paint the picture of how the risk
seemed to me at that Particular moment in
time…The odds of me(us) Getting caught or
being outrun in a Possible hot pursuit,is very
high.Infact,its just a risk.But i had my plans
thought out immediately,which i
communicated to Collins through Whispering..

There was one thing i was sure of..I was pretty
damn Sure that those Guys cant Pursue us
Much with unclad Bodies or with their Boxers
alone…They will be ashamed to pursue us
farther than the 2nd gate of the
school,unclad..I know,and they know too,that
they cant or shouldnt be seen wearing only
boxers(I later learnt that one of them was
wearing only pant)…..It was a faint hope,but i
had to Bank on it…Also the thought of the
Possible Loot we would get if we succeed in our
Silly Act,spurred me on….Another Strenght in
disguise i had is the fact that i could really run
very well,all thanks to Numerous hot Pursuits
from Whisky….

Also,like i said earlier,their sexx Session was
more like a Molest to me,and with the sound of
the girls voice,i guess she wasnt enjoying any
bit of the Act,and so i also wanted to distract
them and give them something real hard to
focus on,i.e,Pursuing us and Thinking of how to
go back home with their Boxers only……
We arranged our Bicycle in a ready to ride and
go position,so that immediately we run out with
the Trousers and near it,Riding off wont be
hard….With all these Consolations on my
mind,we went close to The Building…Our plan is
that Collins will stay near the Extreme Wall
while i crawl towards the Entrance door,of
Course,being shielded by the Wall and the fact
that the Luvre Pens was a bit higher from the
ground,so probably,i couldnt be seen unless my
head is raised or i made a noise…

All Collins had to do is Peep for me,and then
give me the go ahead to execute my own part
of the Plan,which is to grab the Trousers there
(they were 3),and run like Clark Kent straight to
my Bicycle and Zap…..

The plan is a perfect one,and We had the
advantage of Bicycles…So,as planned,i crawled
up to the place that the Trousers were,and
Collins gave me a sign to stop…I Did,while still
keeping my head down…Collins peeped at
them again,and this time,Collins got carried
away by the Act of those people…From where i
was,i could hear sounds and talks or
rather,speeches,from the guys fvcking the
girl..I could hear “enyi a kposhiwa ya ike”(Fvck
her harder)..”this girl na agbakashi onu too
much”(This girl talks a lot)….”aaayio
aayio…….jiri nu nwayo(aaah aaah….take it easy
na)…”i ga anu ya taa…nnaa chere me
emetu”(You will hear it today….Wait let me do
my turn),and so many Other funny talks….
I still waited for Collins to give me the sign,but
he wont,he just kept flinging his left
hand,probably telling me to cool down a little
bit more…Hmmmmm…Collins had forgotten
that we needed the remaining part of the tiny
daytime to make escape…He had forgotten that
this guys can do anything to us should they
mistakenly get a glimpse of us and probably
catch us….Hmmmmm…

I couldnt take this second risk of doing the
Waiting Game…I felt i had waited for eternity
and decided to take my Chances,Collins can
stay there and watch himself to death i said in
mind…Immediately having this thought
passed,i looked at Collins the last time,and then
he quickly gave me the Go ahead,while still
watching those people fvck that girl real

I stood up immediately and grabbed the
Trousers and started running as fast as i could
to go meet with my bicycle and run
away….This, immediately startled this guys and
they rushed immediately to the Entrance door
and followed suit immediately.Due to the fact
that Collins was much closer to de bicycles from
where he was,he reached b4 me,mounted on
his bicycle,and waited for me..Immediately i
reached there,he grabbed the Trousers from
me and pedalled off immediately,giving me
Chance to climb onto my bicycle as quickly as

As i climbed onto my bicycle and pedalled off,i
heard one of them say “chineke mee…Lekwanu
Umuazi o”(GOD!! Look at this kids o?),in
between heavy Breathings,and started
Cursing,Which made me to start laughing out
Loud…I even heard a flinged stone(concrete)
fall behind me as i joined the tarred Main road,
riding in high speed…..Men,i was too damn
happy cuz My plan went well,and i have caused
the distraction i intended…..

I met up with Collins at The Market square
where he was standing,and expectantly waiting
and looking out for when i will ride along….He
was really relieved when he saw me….

After describing our escape in a hurry manner,i told him that we should go back and Check in that
Central School again,that with this luck we had
from the Secondary School excapade,we will
have a greater day….

He didnt argue much,and he followed
me…hmmm,i wish we had wisely gone home

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