Must Read: I Have Done Some Great Bad Things - Season 1 - Episode 80

6 years ago

I greeted Amara as soon as i reached where she
was sitting,still face frowned…She accepted my
greeting in a non-chalant manner,which really got
me bothered..Thats the first time she has done
that to me….So,i just removed my bag,sat beside
her,and asked her,calling her “aunty Amara” for
the first time,and asking her what happened or
what the problem is…She just said i should go
inside and eat my food first..I told her am not
going in until she tells me what the problem
is…While still waiting for the non-coming answer,i
had the thought that maybe something bad has
happened to Junior..That was the only thought
that filled my mind…After trying and failing to get
the required answer,i went inside,dropped my
bag,noticed that Junior was not around,which
magnified my fear…I went to my Grandma’s
room,afterwards and met her lying down on her
bed,and trying to get some sleep….”Mmaa,olee
onye mekwaranu aunti Amara ji na ewe
iwe?”(Mama,who annoyed Aunty Amara?),i asked
my grandma….She simply said i should leave her
alone,adding that “unu je meziri,hafunum ma
arahuru ura!”(You people should go and settle
yourselves,and allow me to
sleep!)…”Mmaa,agakwa m ahafu gi aka o…gwa m
ihe unu mere Aunti Amara o ji na ewe
iwe?”(mama,i wont leave u alone o..Tell me what
you people did to Aunty Amara that is making her
angry?),i replied back….”na ahula nu kpa eshishi
eji eshi o..Odii kwe m nuru nti zuru ike”(See me
see trouble o..Odii,allow me to hear something
and rest!),she said while coming down from her
bed simultaneously,to which i mistakenly thought
that she was coming after me,which made me
dash out of the room and then my grandma just
locked the door to her room…”inyekwa
nsogbu,nyegbukwa onwe gi”(since you are a
disturbance,disturb urself to hell),she
remarked,as she went back to her bed and la!d
down,which i noticed from the slow squeaking of
the bed…..”hmmmmm…mmaa…mmaa!”,i said
and made to turn and then standing in my front
is the Nurse.

“Aunty Nurse” escaped my mouth
immediately,and she started staring at me
amusingly and smiling in a tricky
way…”Odii,kekwanu ihe iji na enye mmaa
nsogbu?”(Odii,why are u disturbing Mama?),she
said….”gwa ya ri nwa m”(tell him,my child),my
grandma retorted from her room..”nwatakiri shi
skuulu yota ga aga rie nri,ya wuru nkpotu ka o
ketara ime!”(a child that came back from
school,that is supposed to go and eat,yet he
chose to be making noise here),my grandma
added again,with contempt,hissing in the
“Aunty nurse,o ginwa mere iwe ji na ewe Aunty
Amara?”(Aunty Amara,are you the one that
annoyed Aunty Amara?),i asked her,not Minding
my grandma’s remarks and her question
too…She simply said that i should not mind that
girl that doesnt know her elders…
Seriously,i got confused here…What is really
going on? I asked myself…Nobody just wants to
say anything…”Aunty nurse,ichoghi igwa m ihe
mere nu?”(You dont want to tell me what
happened Aunty nurse?),i inquired the
more….”irubele ima umu ihe ndi a Odii..i ka wu
nwatakiri!”(You are not yet of age to know of
things like this Odii..You are still a kid),she said
and made to hold my hand,to which i
removed,and added that;”Aunty nurse,ma i na
agwaghi m ihe mere,anyi ese”(if you dont tell me
what realli happened,we will be at malice)…She
was taken aback and didnt know what to say
again,as she stood there,probably looking at this
little boy asserting such a threat with such
authority and courage..hmmmm…”Odii,ngwa bia
oh”(Odii,alright come oh),she said…I came
closer…She held my hand,and led me as we both
went to the backyard, and stopped
there…”odii,okwa ima shi iji enye
nsogbu?”(Odii,hope you know that you disturb a
lot?),she said or rather asked me…”munwa ana
enye nsogbu o wula aunty nurse..O wu ununwa
kpasu ga m iwe ugbu a”(I dont disturb,Aunty
nurse..You people are the ones provoking me
now.),i said,calming down…”ngwa olee ihe m ga
eme ka obioma kpaa gi ugbu a,ezigbo
nwa?”(what will i do to make you happy
now,good child?),she asked me and smiling
cheerfully too…..”Gwa m ihe unu mere Aunty
Amara?”(Tell me what you people did to Aunty
Amara?),i asked her back……..

After looking at me for sometime,she said she
beat Amara…That Amara insulted her,………..
(please bear with me,i cant say what led to their
fight here…Thanks for undestanding)…

“but why kwanu Nurse?”(why nurse?),i said, and
tears started flowing from my eyez
uncontrollably,which really got the nurse
confused and softened totally.(Please dont laugh
at me o…I easily cried those days cuz i was too
sensitive and emotional probably)….”odii,kee ihe
ina ebekwaranu akwa ugbu a?”(Odii,whats
making you cry now?),she asked me out of pity
and sympathy….”aunty nurse,o wu na imaghi
na………..(aunty nurse,dont you know
that……….),and then i walked off without
finishing my sentence as she started calling me
gently,telling me to come,but she couldnt leave
the place she was to come and hold me…

What i had actualy wanted to say is that,”dont
you know that Aunty Amara is my
blame me please,cuz such is the bond i have with

I walked straight to where Amara was still sitting
down,sat down and then placed my head on her
laps while sniffing a bit….It startled Amara,and
she was like,Odii,whats making you to

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