Must Read: I Have Done Some Great Bad Things - Season 1 - Episode 79

6 years ago

I pedaled off to go and meet with the Wrath of
Madam Obi..But,while still riding back to school,i
got myself engaged in the battle of the
mind…This battle of the minds came in form of
thoughts as usual,but then zillions of thought
flowed in and out almost at the same time…My
mind argued that finally,Madam is going to deal
with me and send a warning,while setting things
straight for other pupils not to get carried away
by her love for me…I also thought of the fact that
i can still sail through this time around,but how? I
just couldnt get any good lie to lie about..I was
just lost,lost in this one i guess….

Think..Think..Think..Think,Odii,i said to myself..I
thought to lie that Aunty Faith delayed me,but
knowing her,i know she will say she discharged
me early,even though i know she owed me that
“little lie” cuz of our little Act…It is not a viable
option,i assured myself….Dont fail yourself o
Odii,unless you want to be baptised by Madam
Obi’s lashes this hot afternoon my mind reminded
me again…

I was still lost in my wild thoughts when i almost
would have bumped into an oncoming
motorcycle,which brought me back to my
senses…But,it didnt only bring me back to my
senses,it also clicked in two fantastic ideas into
my thick skully brain….I had the idea to lie that i
was wayla!d by some bullies,or village champions
to say cuz they were prevalent then,and that
they almost took the food i was carrying,but that i
ran away with the only opportunity i had….Really?

The second idea is to say i was lost…Now,you
would wonder why this is a fantastic idea,wont u?

The reason is,there is a pathway that one can
follow from Madam Obi’s kindred,down to our
school…It is very shorter a shortcut,and it
connects with my kindred too down to my
school..All i had to do is divert and follow the path
if i reach our clan and then straight to the
school…If asked where am coming from,i will
simply say i got lost,and the highest thing she will
say is that i should have followed the road i
know,End of Discussion……
I chose the second idea cuz of its uniqueness and
credibility..I mean,somebody can get lost
afterall,and i wont be the last person to do
so…With this thought and assurance in mind,i
pedaled off with great Speed back to school…

When i arrived at school,everywhere was
calm,except for the voices of the teachers
teaching their pupils….I reassured myself again
that my lie is credible and i went and packed my
bicycle..I took the food and clutched it firmly as if
someone will grab it any moment from me.With
my pre-planned thought ever ringing in my
mind,I started walking towards my
classroom,while seeing pupils peeping out their
heads from their classsrooms and some throwing
papers out too….

As i approached my classroom,my heartbeat
increased heavily as if i just finished a hot pursuit
from Whisky….Before i could say Jack,i was in
front of the entrance door to our classroom,and
everybody,Madam Obi inclusive,turned towards
my direction and all retained their staring on me
searchingly,while my heartbeat almost bursted
my heart from those stare…While i looked at
them,with the food still closely and firmly held by
me,the only thing i could fathom out from
everyone’s speechlessness is the question,”Where
are you coming from,Odii?”
“Kedu nga ishi ayota Odii?(Where are u
coming from Odii),Madam Obi finally asked
me,while the class still gazed at me….”Efuru m
efu n’uzo”(I got lost on the road),i replied,with my
heartbeat now relieved and my face now naturally
intoned into its innocence appearance…”Ole ebe
ishi ishizi fuo”(Which road did you follow that
made you got lost?),she asked me
again,inquisitively and worryingly…I told her it is
the path that leads from their kindred to the

I was happy that my argument was going as i
planned…But then,the whole thing took another
twist…Madam Obi took the Food flask from
me,Kept it on the table there,and then called on
one of my classmate,called Ikenna,and told him
to stand up….Ikenna stood up…”kedu ebe ishi na
ihuru Odinaka taa oge m juru ajuju ya?”(where
did u say you saw Odinaka Today when i asked of
him?),Madam Obi asked,and i could see anger
rising in her…A bad thing that will happen to me
is for Madam Obi to know that i was lying to
her..She hates lies…Its better you tell her the
truth,and get punished than for you to lie to
her…She is one of those people that can
investigate statements..Woe betide you if you are
found wanting….

As she asked that question,directed at Ikenna,my
heartbeat increased its tempo all of a sudden…I
was like,when did Ikenna see me? Was he
following me,sort of stalking me?
Hmmmmmm…There is no thought that relates to
the unfolding event that didnt come to my
mind….But i still made up my mind that since i
have started lying,that i will lie it through,come
what may!!

“Ahuru m ya ebe o bu igwe ya na agbaba na nke
ndaa Ekewuba ha”(I saw him riding his bicycle
into the compound of Mr Ekewuba them),Ikenna
answered……I smiled,and thanked my starz in
the Process…Ikenna must have seen me,but he
didnt know where i actually went to,and he didnt
see me with anybody too…..
“oge ihuru ya,enwere ihe o vu ma o wu onye ya
na ya so?”(When you saw him,was he carrying
anything or walking with somebody?),Madam Obi
asked,with her rising anger now calmed a
bit….”olo Madam”(No Madam),Ikenna
replied……At this,She told Ikenna to sit
down…..”olee ihe ichokwanu gama na nke
Ekewuba Odii?”(What took you to the compound
of Mr Ekewuba Odii?),she asked….”o wu ebe ahu
ka uzo m shi yoghachi nga no”(thats where the
pathway i followed from to here starts
from)…..”ikara eziokwu Odii?”(Are u sure
Odii?),she asked with enthusiasm,somehow
excited..Wow!! The whole thing that is almost
now turning out to be a court session is now
turning into my favour again….

I said “Yes Madam” to her question…She said i
will show her the path after school dismisses,to
which i agreed,smiling…..
At this,Madam Obi took the food flask and gave
me to eat the food,saying that she had ate
already cuz i wasted time,and then she walked off
the classroom to go and meet with the
Headmaster;i guess they are having a meeting or

Immediately she left,The whole class started
calling my name,chanting my name,saying
“Odii,gi na Madam Obi eh”(Odii,you are Madam
Obi eh)….Odii This,Odii That,Odii blah blah blah
blah blah…Before i could know what was
happening,they wrestled off the foodflask from
my hand and the boys have rushed the fried egg
and Yam,while they smiled and devoured the
whole thing…Those who managed to get some
pieces smiled,those who didnt
get,cursed….Those,especialy girls watching
them,laughed like hell at them…..But after
everything,everyone was happy,i,inclusive…..

As promised,i showed Madam Obi the Path as we
rode home in our respective bicycles as school
dismissed to which she happily rejoiced at,saying
she never knew that such a place or pathway
existed…While we were on the road,i showed her
the Path at which i got Lost…Chai! Odii,u can lie
o,i said to myself in my mind as i pointed at that
assumed path……
After showing Madam Obi that path,i rode back to
our kindred,happily satisfied with my exploit that
day………When i got to our house,it was already
evening,and sitting outside the house was
Amara,with her Face
frowned…Hmmmmmm..What is making My dear
sweet Amara sad kwa?, is the thought that filled
my mind as i approached her,with my bicycle in

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