Must Read: I Have Done Some Great Bad Things - Season 1 - Episode 78

6 years ago

As soon as we entered her room,the Nurse
dropped her bag,told me to sit down on the
bed while she removed her Nurse Dress,and
NEPA brought light..”Oh Thank God”,she said
happily…After removing it,She is now left with
only a Bra and Her Tight,revealing her sweet
Arss and nice stature to me too from a back
view….She came to the bed,while backing
me,told me to help her unhook and unzip the
bra…I did……She stood up,and walked out of
the room,saying she is coming back
immediately that she is going to just pour water
all over herself to calm out a bit,that she just
had a bit of stress-filled day…hmmmmmmm….

After about 2mins later,cuz she didnt waste
time in her bath,she came out,now wearing
only her white towel,switched on the ceiling fan
in the room and went Unclad.She turned to me
and said jokingly that,”so,i ka yi efe gi
nwa?…Lekwanu Odii o”(So,you are still wearing
your clothes this kid?Look at Odii o!)….She
immediately climbed onto the bed,while i
immediately removed my short,cuz thats where
my Greatman lay….The Nurse hungrily removed
my shirt too,and then la!d on top me,and
engulfed me,while i rarely breathed….My
Greatman rose immediately in acknowledgment
of her little play and then she touched,or
rather,started pressing my ‘Man against her
laps.The Nurse immediately climbed out of me
as if my Greatman pinched her,and then sat
down near me,and took a glance at my
Greatman..”Odii?”,she called out,”ehh”,i
answered….”O wu ihe gi hachazi kpa?”(Is it
your thing that is this big?),she said rather
amusingly…I didnt know whether it was a
question or a remark,so i just laughed……”O
kwa o wu Nwa ahu akpo Amara mega ya o ji
vuga ivu”(Shey,it is that girl called Amara that
is making it to be getting bigger?),she said
again..hmmmmm..”Odii,i wu nwa ojoo
o!”(Odii,you are a bad kid)…hmmmm….”Odii eh
Odii eh,Odii ginwa ehh”(Odii eh Odii Eh,Odii you
ehh!) and she immediately held my Greatman
and started rubbing it,saying that,”Ihe a gi na
atukwa m ujo o Odii”(This your thing is making
me scared Odii)…hmmmmm…I wanted to
say,”Aunty Nurse Ndi Enyi gi nwoke
kwanu?”(Aunty Nurse,what of your
boyfriends?),but she immediately la!d down,and
pulled me on top her,while still holding my
Greatman…”Odii,gwa m eziokwu…Kedu ihe gi
na Amara n’eme?”(Tell me the Truth Odii…What
is it u are doing with Amara?)……”Aunty
Nurse,a ma m ihe kwo na aju m ihe a,mana
enweghi ihe muna ya n’eme o…”(Aunty Nurse,i
dont know why you are asking,but we are not
doing anything),i said with Authority,and
landed my mouth on her fresh and succulent
breastt..”Odii,you are a corupt kid o”,she said in
English,while she sq££zed my Greatman a
bit….hmmmm..if it was now,i could have
said,”Are u a learner?”….

I continued sU-Cking her,bringing my hands into
the game too,and squeezing her too…She
continued rubbing my Greatman and then will
gently rub it in her laps,while saying that my
Greatman is really really hot,compared to her
cold and chilly body….We continued this,before
she now left my Greatman as it pressed against
her laps,and she used her hand to hold my
head,raised and drew it closer to her face,and
then engulfed me in a mouthful….The nurse is
really a great Kisser….She sU-Cked me,milked
me and ate me via her kissing…Infact,she could
have swallowed me if i was swallowable through
her kissing….While she was hungrily kissing
me,i moved my hands downwards to her neatly
shaved GreatEntrance,and started rubbing
around there,probably in her cl!tt….She
escalated and went mad,biting me in the
tongue as a result,which made me remove my
mouth immediately…”Sorry Odii”,she said
immediately,and brought my mouth back to
her own and started kissing me uncontrollably
again,while i continued my
handiwork….hmmmm….We did this for
sometime,and as i removed my hands from her
cl!tt,she immediately grabbed my hand,put it
back there,and then brushed all around there
harshly and pleasuringly…She was really
getting high….She inserted my hands into her
GreatEntrance immediately,and i took over and
started fingeringg her pleasuringly,which made
her go mad,and she stopped kissing me,pushed
me up a bit,grabbed her breastt and sq££zed
herself hungrily,while my handiwork
continued…..As soon as i removed my
Hand,She grabbed my Greatman and put the
head(circumcised mark area) at the Entrance
to her GreatEntrance,not knowing whether to
allow it in or not…..hmmmmmmm….

I immediately pressed forward and my Greatman
rammed into her,to which she let out a great
wail,and i didnt ram out as i remained inside
her for a moment…..Jeez!! Nurse is not a
fu-Cklicant o! I had forgotten self…But why is
she so much interested in my fvck anyway!! “m
mewe?”(should i continue?),i asked her….She
immediately brought her hands downward to
my butt,and pushed it up a bit,and then
pushed it down with force so that i rammed in
hard on her,to which she m0aned out loud
again..She did it again&again,and then i took

As soon as i took over,i started fvcking
the nurse real hard while i la!d on top,and to
which she kept responding to by letting out
m0ans and soft “uuuuh,and aaaayi”
sounds…What did i care! She wanted it,i am
only but fulfilling her desire for her..No bad
feelings attached….

I pounded and rammed in furiously and harder
with every new thrust,to which the nurse kept
m0an!ng to….At some point,i stopped thrusting
her and rotated my self in her,and then i will
continue ramming….At some point,she will just
hold my butt and press me deeper into
her…We did this till we stopped while i still
remained inside her,and i expected the
nurse to roll me down and climb on top me and
ride me,but she didnt…..Instead she said i
should lick her….O boy!!

I was taken aback by this her command-like
comment….I simply told her that i cant do
it,and that i dont know how to do it
too….”So,Amara akuziri nke a?”(So,Amara didnt
teach you this one?),she asked in a jealous-like
manner,but rather amusingly…..I told her that
“mu na Aunty Amara emebela ihe aruruala
mbu”(Aunty Amara and i have not had s*x
before!),i lied but was too damn serious to be
doubted….”Ya wuru na muna ya na eme
ya,akara m i biawa ebe a”(If at all i was doing it
with her,i wouldnt have taken all this stress to
come here na),i lied again……She believed it
and somehow got excited,and asked me,”so,i
likiri m kpa,Odii?”(So,u really like me this
much,Odii?),she asked….”O wu imaghi”(So u
dont know?),i replied…..

She immediately drew me closer to herself and
helped me climb on top her,while also helping
me to insert my Greatman into her
GreatEntrance,and then started rotating me
inside her….Hmmmmm…This is what i want…I
want u to fvck me my Nurse,i said in my
mind,and she reali did…She did this for
sometime,and then stopped,urging me to take
over…After taking over and fvcking her for
sometime,i climbed down beside her in the bed
and urged her to climb on top me…She was
like,whether i can carry her,cuz she says she
has weight….I told her to climb on…Afterall,i
carried that Nwanyi Otele Ukwu(that big asss
The nurse climbed on top me,while aiding my
Greatman into her GreatEntrance
simultaneously….She rode me,while i held her
asss…After sometime,we changed
position…She now sat down on the bed and
same did i,and with us close to each other,and
her legs crossed over me,i penetrated her in
that sitting position…Instead of maybe trying to
Push back and forth,i just allowed my Greatman
in there while she held my arss and rotated me
and pressed me deeper into her…This style
didnt last b4 we reverted to our now primary
position of me being on top her…The Nurse is
simply Raw,and still a learner…….

After some more forceful ramming,i stopped
and got out of her,cuz i noticed she has gassed
out,as was i……….

After dressing up immediately and telling her
that i am going,i asked her to come to our
house today,and she said,”why not”,and added
that,”you are a sweet kid Odii..”To which i
added that “i di kwa uto Nurse”(You are sweet
too, Nurse)……She laughed,calling me a bad
kid and threw the pillow at me as i ran out of
their house……
Now,i am done with my sexcapades,and i didnt
even check time and forgot the food as i ran
out,which made me go back inside the Nurse’
house and carry it…I checked the time as i was
coming out,and it was 12:30pm or so…We
didnt even waste much time i guess,but i then
remembered the “food”….Chei! Madam Obi is
definitely going to kill me today!…Chai! What lie
or excuse will i give this time,i thought,as i
pedalled off to go and meet with the Wrath of

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