Must Read: I Have Done Some Great Bad Things - Season 1 - Episode 77

6 years ago

We entered the room,and unlike before,Aunty
Faith left the door ajar,which made me happy
and having a re-thought about whether or not
Aunty Faith wants to fvck with me.......

As i usually say,Aunty faith doesnt have to ask
me for sexx before i understand whatever she
wants,but she lets her actions do the build up
to the main event…As a grown up now,i
understand perfectly why she resorted to that

Wearing only a towel,Aunty Faith went and sat
at the tip of the bed which is somehow higher
than my hip or waist level…And the next
thing,she just let her towel flow down from her
breastt region where she firmly held it..My
Greatman immediately acknowledged the
development.I wanted to say that Aunty Faith
“Madam nyere m time m ji alachita”(Madam
gave me time to come back),but she didnt
allow me finish my speech as she drew me
closer to herself cuz i was at Arms reach to
her…We both came face to face with each
other,as she brought her face and we both
kissed each other and i expected her to say
something,just something at least,but she just
kept that happy smily face people keep when
they are into a trick,while we kissed….In that
state that we were,i couldnt penetrate her cuz
the bed was higher,and even the kiss was only
possibleso cuz she brought down her face
downwards,so she stood up from the bed and
went to bring something to aid me be up to the
bed’s level.While going to bring something that
will aid me go upper on the floor,i saw Aunty
Faiths fresh Bum Bum and sweet tantalizing
laps…O boy! Even as a kid,i knew good things
when i see one…While coming back,i got a
clearer view of her manchester(s)…They were
really subtle,Delicious,firm looking and
irrepressible,as if a sort of air has been pumped
into it to keep it so…I dont usually take a peep
at the girls GreatEntrance,just dont know
why..But this time around,i took a peep at
Aunty Faith’s own and damn! It was really really
nicely built and cleanly shaven like those of
pornstars,and the curves were really
tempting…o boy!

After arranging everything and sitting at the tip
of the bed again,I came closer to Aunty Faith
and stood on that wooden thing she brought
and i was now at equal lenght and height with
her,my Waist inclusive….”Odii”,she called out
gently while keeping a smiling face…I answered
“Mmmm”….”O kwa ima ihe anyi choro
ime?”(You do know what we are about to
do?),she said again,but instead of Answering
her,i went for my Short(our school uniform is a
short Maroon Red and yellow Shirt),brought it
down and released my GreatMan that has been
bulging and bulging ever since she went
unclad…She didnt need any other speech to
make as she just drew me closer to herself while
pushing herself forward as she gently guided
my Greatman into her GreatEntrance….O boy!

It was holey.

I wouldnt say i was surprised by that,but
unlike the other times,it was really really
Holey…I know quite alright that her wetness
which must have moistened the whole place is
at work here,but……….

In that position,i started thrusting Aunty Faith
even though it was evidently clear to both of us
that we were not enjoying anything…I guess
she realised this and then tightened her laps a
bit,and then it tightened her GreatEntrance a
bit too,and it was like she was squeezing my
GreatMan this time..But i understood…So,i
started ramming in and out forcefully while
standing,while Aunty Faith held my Arse and
continued to press me into her the more….At
some point,She released her grip of me there
and held my cheeks with her two hands while
bringing her face forward and engaging me in a
sweet kiss while i rammed her….It was great as
i was fvcking Aunty Faith as if she is my
mate,and here is she m0an!ng out
loud,groaning and holding me closer all the
more,kissing me as if i were her husband…

While still kissing and intermittenly thrusting
her,She just allowed herself to fall backwards
onto the bed,while it made me fall on top her
immediately,releasing my mouth from her
mouth although she still held my Greatman in
her GreatEntrance….I stopped ramming her as i
immediately went for her subtle breastt and
started sU-Cking it ravagely,while squeezing it
too…I guess it got to her in a thrilling way as
she tightened her grip on my Greatman..

I almost wondered whether Amara had thought
her how to sq££ze people to death…Oh!they
are even relations……

I started fvcking her again as she lessened her
grip on my Greatman and stopped my
Foreplays with her Breastt….i rammed and
rammed and rammed,and started breathing
Louder,while Aunty Faith simply held my Arse
and kept pushing it downwards while
controlling her m0an!ng too……..

At some point,we both sat up and while sitting
facing each other,we both shifted closer into
each other,with Aunty Faith crossing over her
legs over mine,and Aunty Faith guided my
Greatman into her GreatEntrance while she
immediately held my back and arse firmly and
pushed me deeper into her…She didnt want
me to thrust her,and rather she kept rotating
me inside her,pushing me deeper into her…

I Guess she wanted to swallow me up,or would i
say,eat me up…I felt she was not getting
enough of me,and so i engaged her in a
Kiss,but she wasnt in the mood for a kiss,so i
landed my mouth on her Breastt instead,and
started sU-Cking it even though i was struggling
to do so…Aunty Faith didnt want me to do any
other thing on her body as she just let her focus
be on her GreatEntrance as she held me all the
more tighter and rotating me harshly and
deeper into her…..She kept doing this and
didnt want me to do any other thing on her,and
so i simply held her body firmly in an embracing
manner…She kept rotating me,and
sometimes,allowed me thrust her,till she started
m0an!ng louder,holding me firmer,rotating me
harsher and brushing me against every wall in
her GreatEntrance…..Immediately she was
doing this,i felt a urine-like substance drilling
out profusely from her GreatEntrance,and she
held me firmer the more,saying “oh oh oh! Oh
ooooooh!! ” and calling out my name
sexually,saying i am a sweet boy,as she just
allowed her self to fall back on the bed,releasing
all her grip on me….Ladies and Gentlemen,i just
made a 25yr(26yr) old lady reach Orgasm and
fully satisfied……
After dressing up,and Aunty Faith put on her
towel back on,she went and brought a nylon in
which a foodflask is inside,for me….So,it is even
food that Madam Obi sent me to come and
collect for her,i said to myself..As i was walking
out en-route their parlour,I took a glance at the
time,and it was 11:31a.m…damn!!….Aunty
Faith told me again,that i am a sweet boy and
that she wished i were her mate……She gave
me 200naira to go with and bid me goodbye as
i entered my bicycle and rode out of their
Just as i left their compound,My Nurse came
into my mind again..I got confused as I Didnt
know Whether to start going back to school so
as to get back before the break period is over or
to go and see My Nurse.

As i rode out of Madam Obi’s compound,i
stopped for a while and thought..(Imagine a
10yr old boy thinking!)…On many occassions,i
have ended up having dilemma’s,even triple
dilemma’s,but this dilemma i had this time
around was one of a kind….
What am supposed to to take back to Madam
Obi is food that she is supposed to eat during
this break period,and delaying more will do no
good to my Madam…I even feared the
Worst…On the other hand,i have my Nurse to
go visit and probably bleep with…The
enjoyment i was suppose to have with her fully
has now been partially taken by Aunty
Faith,and even though i wasnt tired,but i know i
wont be fun enough for her…I even feared that
if i didnt go to her house,she will probably come
to our house,and then Amara!! ….This thought
made me decide to go and see the
Nurse….So,finally,i mounted my Bicycle to go
see the Nurse,after making up my Mind….Que
Sera Sera(Let what will happen,happen)…….

I arrived at The Nurse’ compound and entered
their house,then i knocked as soon as i reached
the door….Silence….I knocked again,this time
making my knocking louder…Silence again….I
became visibly frustrated and irritated….I
Knocked again,and again,and again,still yet
nothing….I almost started to think that the
Nurse has gone out(which actually is the truth
of the matter),but then i remembered that she
told me she will be leaving from 2p.m….But
then,”kedi kwanu ebe o no?”(where is she na?)
Kept coming through my thoughts over and
over again…
I had almost given up hope that she is not
around,turned to go and carry my bike and
start going back to school, when i saw her in
her white sparkling uniform,Gracefully and
diligently walking back to their house as
elegantly as you could ever think of…..Damn!

My Nurse is hot!

“Odii,o teela i biara nga?”(Odii,has it been long
you came here?),she said immediately from
Afar,though not all that far..I said yes…She
immediately opened their entrance door,cuz i
had been knocking through their Parlour
door…While stroking me gently and rubbing my
cheeks and leading me in,She apologised that
she had to go to work for something,sort of an
Emergency,that morning…She said that she
will no longer be going in the afternoon as a
result..She noticed the foodflask i was
carrying,to which i told her that i came for an
errand for our Madam…She just smiled and
said,”Madam ga ahu ga echere kwa o!”(That
your Madam will wait o!)… .Hmmmmmm….But
wait o…See Luck! See a blessing in Disguise o!
So,if i had just rebuffed Aunty Faith with the
hope that i was going to make out with the
Nurse,i would have been frustrated and would
have angrily and unhappily went back to
school? Hmmmmmm..”Ya wuru ogwu,o ma
nre”(If it is juju,it wont work)…
As we walked in into their house,and straight to
her room,i glanced at the Wall Clock,and the
time is now 11:40a.m……I am

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