Must Read: I Have Done Some Great Bad Things - Season 1 - Episode 75

6 years ago

I wondered what was funny in Amara trying to
sq££ze or tighten me(via my Greatman) to
death,as she started giggling and touching my
back romantically,while drawing me closer to
herself….This girl will never cease to Amaze me,i
thought to myself…

The worst part of it is that i didnt even bring
myself to ask her her motive,as i just took it as
one of Those things……

As usual,with her normal antics,she asked me if i
enjoyed our first round…I kept mute…She asked
me again,urging me to answer her by shaking me
a bit with her hands,as if i didnt hear her first
question…..I started my own antics……”Amanu m
ihe i choro ka m kwuo…Amanu m ma ichoro
igbuzi m”(I dont know what you want me to
say…I dont know whether you want to kill me
na),i said in a mouthed-like and crying-like
manner,evoking pity and sympathy with the
intonation and toning of my voice,such that it
could even melt the heart of a hardened
criminal…….Amara stopped her giggling,brought
herself more closer to me,such that our bare body
were now touching each other….”Odii”,Amara
calmly called out,while still holding me
passionately….I answered….”Ama m na o wugi
akwa ka i choro ibe ihe a?”(I Hope you dont want
to start crying?),she said……I smiled
happily,knowing i had created the right effect i
intended,even though i knew she will not see it
due to the darkness that concealed us…”ke kwa
nu kpa bigboy dika m si ebe akwa?i choziri
ikpariwa nu m na?(How can a bigboy like me cry?

Do you want to start insulting me now?),i said
jokingly….”nwa eh! I wu nwa ojoo…i hula gi eh,i
wu nwa ojoo Odii”(This boy eh,you are bad..You
see you,You are bad Odii),She said gladdenly
while knocking me gently on my back,with her
mounting pity driven away immediately she
heard this….I know i must have gotten through
to her with my falsified mood Previously…..

Amara told me to get up from the Bed as she
went and switched on the light,and the light
shone,showcasing our unclad physique…I stood
up,and Amara brought down the foam to the
floor,arranged the bedsheet and the pillow as she
threw herself down to the foam,while telling me
to go and switch off the light..Just as i went to do
this,She remarked that my Greatman is getting
bigger….hmmmmm…I Told her that it is same
with her breastt and she smiled,squeezing her
breastt a little,probably in acknowledgement of
my remark.

I switched off the light,and then felt my
way back to the foam that now la!d on the
floor,and la!d On it….All this while,My Greatman
has been at ease,and didnt shrink a bit from the
break we just had,save for the time i did that

Amara immediately came on top me, and guided
my now more stiff Greatman into her
GreatEntrance and started riding
me…Hmmmmmm…I guess what i had did really
got through to Amara cuz she reduced the way
she normally used to ride me…I Guess she finally
realised that i am not her mate,and that she is
trying too hard to make me into one….She
increased her tempo shaa,and started riding me
mildly hard while letting out those “sssss”
sound….i just relaxed as she did her thing,while i
groaned silently,although the groan was coming
from the landing that she was landing on my
Greatman and not her riding in the real sense…..
Amara continued in this manner for
sometime,and then climbed out of my
Greatman….But instead of lying down for me to
now climb on top her as we normally do,Amara
positioned on all fours,and then told me to
penetrate her from behind…o boy! Amara has
turned to a bad girl o,i said in my mind….I did as
she said….I knelt down near her arse,and then as
my Greatman was searching for her
GreatEntrance so as to penetrate,Amara used one
of her hands to take my Greatman(while
supporting herself with her other hand)…I leaned
forward,so that i could aid her hand guide my
Greatman into her GreatEntrance in that
I entered her,and leaned over her,so that from
my abdomen through my head rested on her
body…Hmmmmmm…This style felt too good even
though it wasnt all that a deep
penetration…Amara urged me to start Thrusting
her in that manner,to which i obliged her….It felt
really easy and sweet as i started ramming her
like that…She was really feeling it,feeling every
spank and thrust i do,and telling me to increase
my tempo more,and started talking dirty ….At
some thrusting(s),she will say “ssss Odii ssss odii
Ssss Odii” with every pounding i make…She also
kept saying that i am sweet,and that she wished i
will keep pounding her
more….Hmmmmmm…Who am i to refuse you
your offer!!

I pounded her more and more,till she
straightened herself and lay down flat,facing the
bed with her arss up,while i fell on her back,with
my Greatman hitting her arse and paining me in
the process seriously….I didnt care…She didnt
care too,as she opened her legs a bit,so that her
GreatEntrance is supposed to be able to be
penetrated in from the position i was in…..Being
the s*x x Boss she is,she reached out for my
Greatman as i la!d ontop her,and gently guided it
into her GreatEntrance,closed her legs a bit,and
urged me to start fvcking her by pushing myself
up and down on her
gently……Hmmmmm…Amara is really really
surprising me this night,i thought to myself

I started doing as she instructed,and i must say
that this her style is great…Even though her big
arse obstructed my Thrusting somehow,i was still
able to get a deeper penetration with each
penetration via spanking……

We did this for a long time with Amara still
m0an!ng gently and calmly,so that it couldnt
even penetrate the tiny openings in the door,till
we reverted to our Primary Position,which is me
being on top her….With this style we fvcked for a
longtime before Amara ceased me inside her as
usual…..I was inside her till my Greatman
shrinked,though both of us were now kissing
passionately,and i fondledd with her breastt in
the process….

After sometime,i got off her and la!d beside
her…..Amara immediately told or said to me that i
should not dare to visit that Nurse tomorow….I
smiled and said that i have no reason to visit her
again,since i have you around…I was surprised at
how i spoke reassuringly to Amara like a mature
guy,chai! Only that the truth is that am lying,i will
be visiting the nurse again tomorow,please
forgive me Amara,i said in my mind as i dressed
up and left the room for

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