Must Read: I Have Done Some Great Bad Things - Season 1 - Episode 71

6 years ago

The next day,we all went to Mass as
usual,and came back around 10a.m cuz the
Mass was scheduled And started by
7a.m….Meanwhile,i had really also enjoyed my
Saturday again as usual….

So,after the whole sunday morning duty and
the Holiness that is usually attached to that
time(from 6a.m to 12p.m) faded,The normal
sunday activities started….

I told Junior that he should not remove his
dress ,that we are going somewhere…Junior
was very happy…Since after that incident i
caught him and Amauche fvcking in our
parlour,i have not really been giving Junior
much time like before…So,you can imagine his
happiness when i told him that we are going
somewhere..Of course,as expected,Amara
asked to know where we are going,not looking
much happy cuz i know he wishes to enjoy that
day with me,alone…what else does she expect,i
lied!….We first went to Collins’ house in our
respective bicycles,and he poured out his
frustration about yesterdays disappointment…I
Simply told him that i was dragged to the Block
Rosary by my Uncle when i came back for the
torch,that there was nothing i could do about
it..I even exonerated myself the more by adding
that if i had known,i wouldnt have come back
for that torch…..Really? Imagine a whole me
that wished that the whole thing will happen all
over again,so that i could get to fvck that
“nwanyi otele ukwu”(Ifeoma),again….Collins got
wooed over by my lies(anyone would.),and said
that he himself didnt find the nerve(s) to go
further and bust peepz,and so he came
back…..At this,i told him that when i come back
from where we are going,we will go for a serious
The place i am going to with Junior is my
Maternal home,Oforolla..It is about 35mins or so
from our market square,if u can pedal well..But
for me,i can reach there in about
20-25mins,from our central Market
Square…But,if you are to follow Obosima
(another community),which has the same road
intersection with us,you will reach within
15mins due to its Tarred road..But then,before
you will reach my Maternal home kindred from
that road,you must have spent another 20mins
or so…….
Oforolla is a community in Owerri-west
L.G.A,just like us,but we are far more developed
more than them due to the fact that we are
located in the centre of Owerri-west,and the
difference between us and the Headquarters is
just about 5steps away…Yeah!…Most people
even wonder why Umuguma and Avu are two
separate entities,whereby they have a tiny
boundary between them…Unless you are
told,you wont just know which is which..But
thats by the way…..
We rode on,while chatting along the way…I
Asked Junior about Amauche to which he told
me that Him and Amauche are now fvcking like
mad almost everywhere,except our
house…Telling me that they now even have a
favorite spot in a bush near our backyard,where
they bleep…hmmmmmmm…Junior! I now
remembered the question i had wanted to ask
him since,about how he started
Fvcking….Junior doesnt lie to me,or even if he
did,he will still later tell me,and i am the only
person he speaks openly with,so you can
imagine why i was having such a discussion
with him…

Junior told me that it was in their school
shaa,one of his classmates,towards the ending
of last year……..ok!

We now stopped talking and rode on,this
time,with full speed and when i looked at my
electronics watch,the time was 12:45p.m…..We
have to reach before 1p.m,i shouted out to
junior as we rode on in full strenght and
speed…But just then,some thoughts rushed to
my mind…The entire times that i have went to
my maternal home,i did usually go there with
my Grandma or Uncle..So,i was worried as to
the reaction of my maternal Grandparents and
cousins staying with them, when they see
us….Well,lets reach first…Other things will
come later…With this consolation,i rode
on,giving Junior a heavy gap,till we finally
reached my Maternal
There is noone around when we
reached,or rather we didnt see anybody when
we arrived…We packed our bicycle near the
Cashew tree there,and went to the Verandah
and sat on the pew-like bench there…After
about 10mins of patiently waiting for them,my
Maternal Grandma came back…You can
imagine how surprised and excited she must
have been on seeing me(us)…We greeted her
as u would greet an elderly and your grandma
too…She was all smiles and welcomed us
cordially into the House after unlocking the
house….She asked me who the person with me
is,and before i could answer that one,she
bombarded me with questions after questions
about my grandma,about my village,about my
parents(cuz she said she heard i went on
holidays to Aba),and every other thing or
person we both
know….hmmmmmnm….Grandma’s self!
She immediately said she is going to prepare
something for us to eat…It was at this point
that my cousins(they were three in
were the daughters of my mothers immediate
younger sister,Aunty Isabella) and grandpa
came back…Actually,they said they were doing
something at the church so thats why they are
coming back late,But,not after they had
bombarded me with their own questions,of
course,being surprised too….After the whole
cordiality issue and welcoming stuffs had been
dealt with,we were treated to a sumptious meal
of rice and stew with goat meat all over the
place…hmmmmm!…Even though we ate
before coming,we couldnt reject such a
bountiful meal…Anyway,its my home too..So,
no need..After all,i am “nwa nwa”(a child of the
daughter of the soil)….We munched the whole
meat,but couldnt finish the rice….
After we were through and drank the mineral
they brought for us,Ifeyinwa,who was fond of
me said she is taking us out for some
strolling,to which our maternal grandparents
told her to look after us and be careful
too,telling us to come back as soon as

Being an Ojemba(waka waka) like me,Ifeyinwa
started taking us from place to place,from the
houses we have relations in to the houses of
some of her friends,introducing me as her
brother(cousin)…O boy! We walked that day
like hell for my cousins supposed introduction
to the maternal folks….At last,she took us to my
mothers elder sister’s place….I Must say that i
was alwaz shy whenever i go there…I dont
know why..Maybe,its the neighbourhood..Even,
they use it to crack jokes on my head till this
very day….I Just dont know why that place
makes me shy….After the whole waka waka we
did that day,Ifeyinwa brought us back…..We
spent another 30mins at my maternal
home,talking and playing, before we were
finally allowed to go back…They gave us
200naira to buy things with….Finally,at Last….
The time is around 4:15p.m by the time we
started going back…While we started pedalling
back to our Village,Avu,Junior made one funny
remark…He asked me that why is it that people
alwayz loves me everywhere i go? I didnt know
what to make of the question…i didnt even
know what to answer him,so i just laughed it off
amusingly and teasingly…He added again that
he was just viewing how people were looking at
me with so much enthusiasm,joviality and
happiness as Ifeyinwa took us round the
places….Junior self!..He was saying this out of
self pity,but i didnt recognise this then….It was
as if,it was all about me….But it was not my
fault na….I finally told Junior to stop saying
that,that it is not as he is making it appear to
By 4:50p.m,we were already back in our
village…By the time we reached our house,it
was 5p.m…….But i was surprised by who i saw
as we entered our house…..It was no other
person than the

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