Story: The Legend Of The S.A.I.N.T.S - Season 1 - Episode 7

5 years ago

WATCHING the Goofers play Cricket was as interesting and funny as watching a comedy movie.
The young club of St. Masin who called themselves The Goofers were not very good at the game. They were amateurs. The school had before employed a Cricket specialist to train them, but that was before a fight burst out and one of the employees’ head was broken to the skull.
Now the school lost all its interest in teaching the students the game of Crickets.a. So they played randomly drawing amusements from spectators and passers-by. Allen as he sat at his usual place with Kimball and Sammy, his good friend, watched with less amusement and enthusiasm. As he watched all he could see on the playfield were names Jordan, Regan, Philips, Aragon ……ah!…he thought to himself would the names ever end.
He wanted the school over as soon as possible to get the full story out with! once and for all!
There will be no postponing again, he told himself firmly.
“You are lost again, must you always daydream?” A surprised Kimball asked.
“Am just tired Kim” Allen replied after returning from his world of thoughts.
“Sam says his going for classes today, are you coming?” She asked looking straight into his face as though she was gonna force the answer out.
“Em..Nope..i need to get back home as soon as possible , maybe tomorrow…”
“What’s keeping you at home, is everything alright there? ”
“Why..yea… Just don’t want to keep Granny waiting.”
“Waiting for what, in time past you do leave home and return very late, and you told me all you got is a little scolding from Granny…,” Kimball was visibly irritated.
“Yea, but Grandpa says am becoming too free and lousy, so he wants to watch my steps now. ”

.he turned his face away so she wouldn’t see the grin that lit up his face, but oh he forget she could read his mind, hope she doesn’t do that now, he prayed.
“Keep on lying, OK!, since you want it all to yourself no problem, am fine, you can stay with him from morning till evening daily for all i care! You might even not bother coming to school! ” She replied shaken up with a surge of anger.
“Am sorry Kim, but its just..i.. ..i promise to put off all these running home stuff by tomorrow.
“Oh, why, so Grandpa said you could be ‘free’ and ‘lousy’ from tomorrow? ” Kimball asked.
“Em.., oh, well…” he couldnt voice out any meaningful word.
“Don’t worry see you tomorrow ” She patted his rough hair and with a weak smile she walked away.
Sammy had been keen watching the Goofers play Cricket but often stole glances at the two as they argued on.
He had heard the word ‘Grandpa’ in their argument and decided it was a family issue and an outsider might be unwelcome. Now he was relieved that the argument was over but was worried at the abrupt exit of Kimball, without even a parting word for him! He turned to a sullen Allen.
“Why is she mad at you, you made her angry, didn’t you..what’s this talk all about Al?” Sammy rolled out his questions.
“She says am too old to be watched over by an my Granny” Allen replied casually.
“Who says so? Uhh? One is never too old to be corrected by a parent….infact at one’s later years, one finds his/her parents advice very crucial and worthwhile that one can hardly argue when their parents say this or that ….” Sammy rattled on breathlessly in his characteristic manner.
Feeling bored of the tune the conversation had taken, Allen stood up and made to leave.
“See you tomorrow Sammy” he walked away while Sammy continued in his endless ‘lecture’.
“No, wait, i have to tell you something you need to know, our parents are our light…!! ”
Allen never listened as he walked on. He was not in the mood for Sammy’s endless moral-imposing talks. He crossed the tarmac, while Sammy pitched his speech so high so that Allen could hear him.
“Are you coming tonight, to the psychic’s lecture!!! ?” He blared out.
“NO!!!” Allen yelled back.
Allen was now a long distance away from Sammy.
“But why? See we could make out something very worthwhile from this teaching, you never can tell what tomorrow would be like…!!! ” he stopped yelling when he noticed that Allen had boarded a bus and the bus was driving away, and he waving him goodbye from the windscreen.
“Oh God what a friend I’ve got” an exhausted Sammy gasped and sat down to watch the Goofers once more.

To Be Continued…

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