Story: Compulsory Marriage - Season 1 - Episode 30

5 years ago

Me: I had to invite you everybody here for us to settle this once and for all and to guide against playing blame games…..I want them to be here and be witness to everything in the presence of Kay, I know he is still surprise of how I got to know about him and his name but am sure everything will be clear to him very soon now

Mary: Please very sorry for everything

Mary’s Mum: Please snakie, please forgive him

My Mum: Forgive what?

Me: You see, there is nothing to be sorry for, I should even be the one to tell you that am sorry….Sorry for the fact that I allowed the thing under my trouser dictate my life for me which eventually almost ruin my life but thank God for the way things work out.
Sincerely, its not your own mistake but rather mine because you were on your own that very first day when I saw you and tried to take advantage of you and do a hit and run without any stringe attached not knowing that things will come out this way and you definitely had your own plan from the onset

My Mum: have not seen something like this in my life before..

“we heard a knock on the door”

Me: Yes who is that?

Voice: Its me……

Me: Biola?

Biola: Yes…..

Me: “what a surprise, we spoke yesterday and she didn’t tell me she will be coming”Am coming…please hold on

“I approached the door and opened the door for Biola, I led her into the sitting room, my mom welcomed her with both hand and offered a sit beside her”

My Mum: Welcome my wife….ku ojo meta, hey yah…am so sorry my wife, am very sorry for everything

Dad: How is work and family Biola

Biola: We bless God Sir, everybody is fine

Me: Welcome baby…so, as I was saying earlier before Biola walked in…All I required from Mary is the truth and nothing but the truth………………..Who is responsibe for your pregnancy Mary?

“silent without any response”

Me: I said who is responsible for the pregnancy

My Mum: Are you not the one he is asking questions? Cant you answer

Mary’s Mum: Who else will be responsible now snakie…………..

Me: You cant talk abi? Don’t worry, I will talk on your behalf and you can always interrupt to correct me if am lying agains you.
Sir, Ma..the fact is that Mary was like two to three weeks pregnant before I met her..who she was pregnant for is what I don’t know which is definitely non of mu business at this particular moment.

What baffles me most is the fact that we went to the hospital after she got pregnant for confirmation and we were told it was 3 weeks then of which it was almost 6weeks pregnancy, definitely I don’t know how she does that too….
Ironically, she was dating kayode before she met me and at the same time dating Emma…kayode and Emma are best friend, they were passing Mary to each other as s*x machine before she got married and they both denied it as they realized she was not worth it because how will she be sleeping with two guys at the same time, got regnant and want either of them to accept it. The fac is that both of them even know she was not dating them alone as she has fling of guys at her disposal.
I believe her meeting me that day was an opportunity for her to push the pregnancy on me which the foolishness in me didn’t allow me to reason well. I was trying to play game not knowing that I was playing with the master. I wanted to do one off but she has another plan for me by pushing another man’s preganancy on me…..
Here is the issue, if she cant talk, I believe kay will be able to say something to all have said and like I told you earlier, Mary is not worth your life Kay..she’s a biatch and you have nothing to gain from her or loose by saying the truth…so talk now kay, I want you to talk right now (With a strong voice).

Kay: emmmmm….emmmm

Me: Kay, u be guy now…abeg talk

Kay: The truth is that, have been in an affair with Mary for more than two years now…I met her when she was in final year in school , it was not a elationship per say but a kind of affair student have that you pay them after having satisfaction with them….so along the line my friend got interested in her and he also did her so far the price was right…
Along the line, like 8 months ago, she told me she was pregnant and I querried her why she will be pregnant despite doctors advice the last time she went for abortion last year that she shouldn’t attempt to abort any pregnancy again if she needed her life….
So, the question was who she was pregnant for as I was so sure I was not the only one sleeping with her, after I rejected it..she took it to Emma and that one too rejected it outrightly and asked her to go and look for who impregnated her.that was the last thing I know about her before reconnecting again

Me: I guess I was the mumu she eventually ushed the pregnancy on……, after you knew she found someone to push the pregnancy on, u still had the mind to come here and be bleeping her again in my house

Dad: abi oooooooo……….This kay is a bastard

Kay: It wasn’t y voice..she was the one disturbing me and saying she missed me, so I came for a visit to Lagos five months ago, I asked where she was and she described this place to me and before I knew it, we had s*x for the first time here…

Mary: Why lying on my head now Kay….Snakie, please its not like that oooooo

Me: then, how is it? I want you to talk right now

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