Story: Compulsory Marriage - Season 1 - Episode 28

5 years ago

At around past seven in the morning, my parent were the one that woke me up with the knock on my door…..

Me: good Morning Mummy, good morning daddy

Dad: what happened? Why the scary call and text

Me: its nothing that serious but it’s a bit serious…what should I offer you

Mum: where is your wife?

Me: She went out to get something…she’s coming…

“we heard a knock on the door and it was Mary’s mum and his brother”

I went to the door and it was Mary’s mum and her elder brother

Me: Welcome ma……..Good Morning Ma

Mary’s Mum: All daddy, Mummy..eyin na wa nibi (you are here)….ekaaro ma

My mum: Ekaaro Ma…eku ijo meta

Mary’s Mum: Did Snakie sent a message to you too?

Dad: na so we see am oooo…we came in too not quite long and we have not heard anything from him yet

Mary’s Mum: Where is your wife snakie….

Me: She’s coming..she will soon join us

Dad: Is this all the people you called or we are still expecting some other people

Me: This is everybody Sir……

Dad: Ohk..we are here now..what did you call us for

Me: Thank you very much my parent and thanks to you too mummy (referring to mary’s Mum). Dad, initially I told you am not interested in this relationship but you forced me to it cos of my little mistake. At this stage now, I called you my parent to officially tell you that am no more interested in this relationship……..

Dad: are we back at this stage again?are you okay at all snakie? I thought we already passed through this stage..even if you have issue with your wife, it cost you nothing to settle it amicably abi what sort of nonsense is this?

My Mum: Oya mi lenu oooo…but lets even wait for him Daddy…what do you see that made you want to divorce your marriage of less than a year

Mary’s Mum: Please my Son, we can settle whatever is happening between you and your wife amicably

Me: Thank you mum…there’s a lot of thing involve and the truth still remains that me and Biola are back together

Dad: What? You are a bastard…I know this right from onset that am not your biological father

My Mum: You disappointed me snakie, I thought I talked about all this with you one on one but u never listen to the word of the elder……Don’t lemme say that your son will never listen to you again too snakie

Me: its not like that mummy..daddy, its not what you think. Initially I thought things will work out between us and forget how we met but the truth has been things has not been the same since we got married….it has been one problem or the other in this house

Dad: ehn..ehn…datz normal in every marriage, do u think me and your mum understand each other within a year? It takes time my boy

Mary’s Mum: Eyin omo isinyi sef………Its takes time to understand each other, is it cos of this minor issue u called a meeting like this?

My Mum: my boy…you need to take things easy with yourselves and understand your wife better.

Me: Mum, it has gone beyond that….the truth is that am not the one responsible for Mary’s pregnancy

My Mum: WHAT!!!!!!!

Dad: You are not serious? How did you know that?

Me: Lets forget about how I know that the pregnancy is not mine…another aspect of it is that, so many guys have been coming to this house to sleep with my suppose wife

Mary’s Mum: What? That’s absolutely impossible..i trust my daughter, are you making this up all because you want divorce? What sort of rubbish is this

Elder Brother: Ahan..snakie, even if you don’t want your wife again, that doesn’t mean you should come up with this bogus lies now…….

Dad: I just realized you are a silly guy…what sort of rubbish is this, your wife is pregnant, how come other guys will be coming to sleep with your wife in this house

My Mum: That’s amazing………..whats your evidence oko mi as I believe you wont come up with all these allegations without any evidence

Me: The truth is that I have all the evidences on my phone and the fact that I know two guys that have been sleeping with her under this roof. If its evidence you are looking for, I have them right here and I will show it to you guys…..please can we all go inside my bedroom?

“I stood up and led them to my room as they all follow me”

I opened the door of my bedroom and all they could uttered at once was “WHAT!!!!!!”…all at once. Kay was at one corner of the room while Mary was just by a side of the bed crying.

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