Story: Compulsory Marriage - Season 1 - Episode 12

5 years ago

My dad left later in the day, I locked myself inside my room and didn’t even bother to check on my mum…all I could utter during when I was in the room was “am completely finish”. I stayed in the room all through till evening thinking about the beginning and how the end will be…..i couldn’t stop but continue to call Biola, I sent series of text messages but she never responded, I solicited for just 5mins to explain myself but all fell on her deaf ears……she later switched off her phone later in the night.

Around 9pm, I heard a knock on my door but I didn’t answer until I heard my mum’s voice instructing me to open the door..i opened the door to her and she sat on my bed while I close the door

Mum: Oko mi (My husband)…watz the problem……..why did u lock yourself in? u are even crying..

Me: nothing Mummy…………….

Mum: You cant tell me nothing…am your mother and I know you very can confide in me oko mi

Me: Sincerely there’s nothing…is not beyond what I can handle mum

Mum: I know it all boils down to the issue of this pregnancy but you don’t need to worry have to be a man for once..even though am a bit disappointed as we shouldn’t encourage pregnancy before tying the knot but it has happened already..we have to forge ahead. But am surprise am meeting her for the first time and when did you start the relationship with her? What of Biola

Me: That’s the problem mummy….

Mum: You mean Biola……………

Me: No…this devil call Mary

Mum: How Oko mi…please talk to me dear

Me: Our relationship is not more than a month…..Biola caught us red handed and coming in this afternoon was the 1st time she told me she was pregnant………………

Mum: One month? You mean you guys knew each other not more than a month ago and she’s pregnant for you already? How come?

Me: The thing is this Ma…u know I told you I was going to my school to process my certificate sometimes ago

Mum: Yes I remembered, that I even ask you to find out about admission for your sister

Me: I met her at our faculty that very day and one thing led to the other we started talking..i gave her a lift that day and without hesitation, we ended in my house…..she has been there ever since that day and have not gone back to her own house for more than a month now

Mum: Ahn…ahn… is that possible, didn’t Biola come to visit you during this period

Me: She came…that’s why I said she is a devil…is like the devil deliberately planted her into my life..initially, what I wanted to do was a one off thing and let her go cos I made her realized from inception that I have a girlfriend and I love her so much……am not ready to compromise my love for her

Mum: You are not ready to compromise but you can have s*x with another lady abi? Am listening…what now happened

Me: She perfected her plan so well and convinced Biola that we are cousin staying in Ibadan and that she only came to do something in Lagos as she will be spending just some few days but this coincided with Biola’s leave which she decided to spend her two weeks leave she convinced Biola to the core that both were staying under this roof

Mum: and you accepted by sleeping with both of them under your roof without Biola’s knowledge

Me: uhmmmmmm

Mum: uhmmmmm wat? Yes or No

Me: Yes but it wasn’t my fault as I don’t want Biola to know the truth and was expecting she will leave once Biola will be through with her own leave too…I want to keep it a secret, I don’t want to lose Biola but she kept blackmailing me into sleeping with her too

Mum: and did u protect yourself during this time…..

Me: Sometimes…not all the time

Mum: Now am getting it…so, what now happened to Biola

Me: both of them were supposed to leave this house this week but Biola caught us red handed yesterday making love to each other in the sitting room

Mum: Mogbe…….iwo omo deyi ti baye je

Me: I came in from their house this morning and she was not even ready to listen to me….she chased me out of their house

Mum: Nope…..she wont chase you…she will serve you drink and a plate of pepper soup……….you see, ejo o kin se teni ka ma mo da (A case will never be yours and you wont know how to judge it)…there’s no devil anywhere…iwo gang an lesu (You are the real devil)…….so, you can do all these…..talo fi ti e jo?…

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