Story: Compulsory Marriage - Season 1 - Episode 9

5 years ago

My fiancée also noticed the strained relationship between me and Mary but she couldn’t say much as she was a bit convince that maybe it was due to work stress…Mary bought another sim card, I blocked her again but she wouldn’t desist from sending me series of text message..she sent me one that Biola saw and got angry with (Thank God it was her new number)..i pleaded with her that it was one of my ex that was trying to play stunt..she reported me to Mary and she was even the one that settled it for us on a rare evening I managed to watch news in the sitting room

It was on a Saturday as I didn’t have option than to come to the sitting room to watch my favourite team play in an afternoon premiership match couple with the fact that it was a night of el-classico. It was 5pm and I had no option than to come to the sitting room..We were all in the sitting room Biola was right there beside me while Mary was busy with biscuit and drink on another seat….i bet wat Mary was putting on will make any guy want to release in his pant..she was putting on a mini skirt, with a mini tube top..Biola didn’t see it as anything as she believe she’s my cousin and wouldn’t mean anything..(My body will never react to my sister…abomination)

She excused herself after a while and came back to the sitting room……My eyes flipped to where she was after like 20mins and I realized she wasn’t putting on a pant..what was staring at me was a fresh neatly shaved Kitty-Cat….my J0yst!ck was so hard, Mary was seriously seducing me and it got to a stage I couldn’t control it again. Thank God for one of Biola’s friend that stays close to my street who came on a visit which shifted my attention away from her and she also adjusted herself……………

It was around 7pm when Biola saw her friend off…Immediately Biola stood up, I wanted to go with them but she said I shouldn’t worry but continue to watch my ball…(I knew I cant stay in the same sitting room with Mary and I was looking for escape route)…

I saw them off to the entrance and coming back inside with a straight face on a plan to walk straight to the bedroom…….what was waiting for me close to the entrance door was Mary holding her mini skirt in her hand……………Her fresh pusssssssy was staring at me, I wanted to help me myself but d!ckson disappointed me…

Mary: U think u can run away from me forever abi? Here we are………………(Moved closer to me at the entrance door holding my hard d!ckson instantly)….

Me: Mary please now..why are u doing all this for crying out loud

Mary: I need u and I need u right now snakie… missed u so much

Me: (trembling) Forget it Mary…notyn like this will never happen between us again……….i cant have s*x with u again

Mary: But your d!ckson is saying otherwise baby boo

Me: How do u know…pls Biola will soon be here and I don’t want her to meet us this way

Mary: Then u should thank me for keeping your relationship for you and keeping this as a secret..i expect u to play your own part too

Me: Which part? We never enter into any agreement

Mary: says who……………..we entered into it the first day we get down together..we entered into it the first day you bleeped me like a dog……………..Its not so easy for me to let go of an enjoyment like this

Me: Stop all these rubbish you are saying please…we don’t belong together……I belong to somebody else

Mary: You belong to somebody else? So what do u take me for? A hoe…………………..

Me: Its not like that Mary…….we never had any agreement for a relationship

Mary: Oh..oh….but u told me u never bleeped any lady as sweet as my pusssssy before

Me: When did I said that?

Mary: You wont remember when u were digging it hard like a Christmas goat on me saying all sort of rubbish…..its the same way av never met any guy that made me feel like a lady until I met you and I cant let go of this d!ckson just like that…..i will enjoy it till am satisfied

Me: Not this one and I believe you are crazy

Mary: Me crazy? I will know who’s crazy between me and you when I leak your secret to your baby and u know I don’t have anytyn to loose…………….

Me: What do u want now mary………………

Mary: I want you and I want you right now…

She pull down my elastic short and her mouth was straight on my d!ckson…..she started sU-Cking it till it got hard as I couldn’t help it either……..she stood up and dragged me to the sofa…….my short and boxer was already at my ankle, she sat on me and started digging it hard going up and down..i couldn’t help it after a while, I turn her around and was the one resting on the sofa..i started digging it hard…we were enjoying each other…yes……..av missed u so much baby..yessssssssss……urrghhhhhhhh….harder baby……fcccck me hard baby…….i love u baby….i love you so much baby….

I didn’t even mind what she was saying as it served as a motivation to me which made me to continue to dig harder…we switched position again…she held the tip of the sofa turning her back to me, I came in from the back and started digging hard again…….didnt take long before I felt her crying……..I love u so much snakie, I don’t want to loose u..u mean so much to me…Arrrghhhhh…yesssssss…she was saying so many things at the same time while crying but I didn’t bother as I was seriously enjoying myself and I didn’t even noticed when I came myself..i was digging so hard before I heard Biola’s voice saying “Good evening Sir”……………..i ejected myself and ran to the visitors toilet immediately while I didn’t know how know how Mary did hersef……………(I thank my Star) I came out after like two minutes

Biola: why is everywhere smelly like dis

Me: Smelly? Like how

Biola: I don’t know…the odour is somehow

Me: Maybe it’s the toilet as what I just dispose was out of this world…..i think I need to shower sef as I don’t even like how am smelling

Biola: Onigbe oshi………..

Me: Atleast you can help ur boy with air freshener……..just spray little abeg lemme shower..alejo o gbodo bayan bayi

Biola: O better…………….

Me: But what took you so long baby…

Biola: Don’t mind Yemi jare…we just dey gist ooo and I later decided to buy suya on my way coming for us..she was even the one that gave me the 1k

Me: ohk……pls am seriously hungry..maybe you should help out in the kitchen before I finish with my bath

Biola: Ohk…darling

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