Story: Compulsory Marriage - Season 1 - Episode 8

5 years ago

Me: watz up baby…….u never told me you will be here

Biola: Don’t mind me jare baby……It was funmi that drag me to this area so I said lemme pay u a surprise visit

Me: ohk oooo…madam surprise visit

Biola: and at least we can also go home together

Me: Datz true sha…….but u av to pay me for your transport ooo

Biola: Don’t worry now….i will pay u, am even hungry sef, come and take me to your canteen now if I wont disturb u

Me: As your lordship pleases Ma……

We went downstairs to the canteen and we finished our food in like 30mins and decided to relax a bit before going back to my office

Biola: Ehnn..ehn baby, I want to beg u for sumtyn ooooo and I will be so happy if u can do it for me

Me: Please don’t give me that face abeg

Biola: which face is dat?

Me: u no now….whenever u are asking for something difficult from me

Biola: No jare…its not something difficult baby and I will be so happy if u can do it for me….just this one alone and nothing else baby……(Give me a kiss)

Me: what is it now?

Biola: promise u will do it 4 me first baby

Me: Promise? Y should i………

Biola: Please now baby

Me: Okay..i will if within my capacity

Biola: its nothing beyond your capacity so I want u to be affirmative…….say u promise me

Me: ur wahala is too much baby……….ohk, I promise, u no I will do anytyn 4u baby

Biola: Thx so much love……u are the best in dis world

Me: ohk…a ngbo yin

Biola: u no am on leave right now and house will always be a bit boring for me so I want your permission for mary to wait behind till I will resume work

Me: lailai…(raise voice) its impossible…..i can never allow that, she’s gone and gone forever

Biola: Please now baby…u no house will be bored for me all alone everyday..she’s not doing anytyn presently so her company will be okay for me now baby…..

Me: baby..u no I will always do anytyn to make u api but this one is a No No..i cant,

Biola: But she’s your family member now

Me: More reason why I don’t want her around as I don’t want any family in between us dear….

Biola: Remember am not marrying u alone but u and your famil…. You can also witness that we have been getting along very well

Me: I know but on this one..its impossible baby…she’s gone for good and not staying behind

Biola: Please baby….home will be bored alone, moreover I was just coming from office and have been asked to complete my leave once and for all so, I will be spending extra one week at home…

Me: that implies dat u want mary to spend up to two weeks in my house

Biola: please now baby…….please my love

Me: Don’t give me that look abeg…………..

Biola: I guess datz a yes baby…………………

Me: I will think about it……………….

Biola: Thanks so much darling……you are d best, I know u will do anytyn to make me api

Me: ati gbo yin……………………Where is Mary?

Biola: She will soon join us here..She’s in Ikeja buying some wares…she said she’s having an interview next week Thursday

Me: Why will u give her my office address now…watz all this now….i don’t like wat u are doing abeg

Biola: Am sorry baby..i didn’t see anytyn bad in it datz why I asked her to join us here remember she’s your cousin and not an outsider…

Biola phone beep immediately and it was Mary that called her, she told her to wait at the reception that we will join her there soon. I couldn’t help but to continue to think of the problem I brought upon myself, how do I escape this without Biola finding out..its so obvious I couldn’t send her away with force as it will be suspicious and she’s not even ready to go…she’s playing her game so well getting to the head of my lady, definitely I have to be on top of my game too before things get out of hand……………..How I wish I could turn back the hands of time and never made attempt to start a convo with a devil call Mary in the first place.

I accepted my faith and made up my mind I will never give room for a chance with Mary again….the last one was the last attempt and I will never try to do any silly thing with her again….enough is enough and I will do everything to resist her attempt. I promised myself never to fall for her tricks again.

It was a week we had the discussion, Mary was still in the house, I avoid her like a plague in the house…I don’t seat in the sitting room nor have discussion with my girl routine was back from office to the bedroom straight, that was where I take my dinner, shower and go to bed..i make sure I always come back late claiming office workload to my Fiancee. Mary wouldn’t stop disturbing me with calls and text message of how she misses me and the role she has been trying to play playing along with me…It got to a stage she text me that she was only willing to receive me just for the last time and get out of my life without coming back again but I never reply any of her text…it got to a stage that I don’t pick her call again and had to put her number on blacklist.

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