Story: Compulsory Marriage - Season 1 - Episode 6

5 years ago

I stepped out of the room with Mary and pushed her inside the room, AC was perfectly working…with a low tone

Me: what kind of stunt are trying to pull with me? I thought we agreed u are going today…what are you still waiting for, wat are you up to mary

Mary: Cool down now play boy…atleast you av been playing along too abi you want to blow your cover?

Me: See, i don’t play u av to get your butt0ckz together and get out of my house first tyn tomorrow morning

Mary: As if you can force me out…….

Me: what do u mean? Are u trying to threaten or blackmail me?

Mary: How will i do that for you now………..You know i cant just leave like that, Biola will suspect

Me: Dont worry, you just have to leave first tyn tomorrow morning..tell her plans have changed and they are expecting you at home

Mary: As if its easy like that…u didn’t even thank God dat i settled evrytyn before u came back from work and my brain is working perfect or you can imagine wat would av happened had it been she know we are not related and we are dating…..

Me: We are not dating mary…..get that ryt

Mary: We are not wat? So wat do u take me for? Hit and run? So you av been bleeping me for two days now, av been cleaning your house, washing your cloth and putting food in your mouth and all u could utter is that we are not dating (talking in a louder voice)

I quickly used my lips to block her from making so much noise and she grabbed my head with her left hand while also holding my J0yst!ck with the right at the same time…..d!ckson rose up immediately and responded, i couldn’t help but started handling her bweast..i was playing with the two immediately while she was using her hand to do justice to my d!ckson….didnt take long before she pushed me to the bed, she was on top while my d!ckson was right on her hand….she was about sitting on my d!ckson when i came to my senses and pushed her away from me, i quickly dashed to the door and opened the door…….there i saw my Biola standing at the entrance

Biola: what took u so long now baby

Me: Ma binu dear, its d socket but av been able to fix it

Biola: Fix it ke? U know av always warned u not to be putting u hand in electrical work

Me: its just a minor thing jhoor

Biola: uhmmmmm…av heard u ooo but i no wan become sudden widow oooo

Me: I don hear u Miss adviser, lets go inside abeg

We went inside and didn’t take long before Biola slept off…took me time before i could sleep with so many thought on how i brought mysef into the condition i was, how am i going to chase Mary away without Biola noticing any fowl play……sincerely i cant wait for Monday to come for her to leave my life totally………….

We looked around immediately we woke up on Saturday morning and Mary was nowhere to be found, the main door was open, Biola checked the visitors room and realized her cloth was still there….”maybe she stepped out to get something” we concluded.

It was around 9am when Mary came back to the house sweating, we inquire where she went to and she sid she went jogging…that was so interesting to Mary who decided to go with her on Sunday before going to me, i was just counting down for Monday to come cos Monday was like 20years to me as at that moment.

I didn’t know where the bond came from, Biola and mary was getting on so well even though i tried as much as possible not to let that happen with craving the attention of my fiancée during the weekend but the more i try, the more Biola was happy being around Mary. Attempt were made by mary to s£duce me into bleeping her but i tried as much as possible not to leave a chance for s to be alone during the weekend..there was a time Biola almost caught us again but i thank God for it not happening……………

Here come Monday morning and i was so happy leaving the house with the impression that Mary would av left before i come back from the office…Office work went us smoothly, i called my fiancée later to find out how her day was going but i couldn’t ask about Mary so that she wont be suspicious of the reason why i was so eager to know if she has left or not. I close late as usual, i got home and it was a big surprise that Mary was still around

Biola: Welcome darling……(with a kiss)

Me: (with frown face)……what are you still doing here Mary, i thought you should av left by now

Biola: Why is your face like this now baby……..Its your sister now

Me: they would have been looking for her at home now

Biola:Looking for her bi ti bawo.when she’s not a kid

Mary: when am not a kid uncle snakie, mum and dad knows am here now and i guess they even spoke with u today

Me:Yes they did, more reason you should start going home as they av been waiting 4u at home

Mary: but am not yet tru uncle snakie, they asked us to come back on Thursday

Me: i hope you are not planning to wait here till Thursday cos you cant……you av to go back home Mary, i cant accommodate u till Thursday

Biola: is there anytyn there baby…this is ur cousin now and not an outsider…..Thursday is almost here now…she will go back on Thursday and leave first thing on Friday morning at most

Me: And what if i said she cant…is it not my house?

Biola: i Know but please baby…Friday morning is almost here..moreover we went there together today…Baby that your school stress is not from here at all

Me: that means u went there together

Biola: i couldn’t stay at home alone now so i use the opportunity to go out and catch fun together..u know there is never a dull moment with sister Mary

Me: Have heard u…she has to go back home first thing on Friday Morning

Mary: thanks so much Uncle snakie…u are d best uncle in the world…(she came to me with a hug, i gave her a face that looks somehow but she didn’t even care at all)

Biola: Lets go inside baby so that u can clean up and eat your food

Me: Ohk dear……

Biola: smile for me now baby or are u still angry?

Me: am not baby…its ohk dear

We went inside together and didn’t come out without having a round of quickie in the bathroom as we both took our bath together. The night was not without thought of when the devil i brought to my house will leave me alone as this was getting too much for me to bear.

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