Story: Compulsory Marriage - Season 1 - Episode 5

5 years ago

Me: so, watz cooking?

Mary: Prepared vegetable soup with wheat….

Me: no wonder you want to kill us with aroma..

Mary: At least not as much as your wifey?

Me: Until i eat before i pass my comment…but where did u c money to cook?

Mary: the money u dropped for me this morning now…i make use of it and added 2k that i have with me to it…

Me: that means am in debt of 7k already

Mary: 7k ko….ur money is more than that ooo…wont u pay for workmanship

Me: oh..oh..lets say like 10k then…

Mary: well, i will manage that from u……

Me: please write it in ur debtors book..i will pay

I went to the bathroom to take my bath..i was still in the bathroom when i heard the bathroom door open..i knew it was no one else than Mary even though i still av soap all over my face……..wat i felt was a hand on my d!ckson with a massage, before i knew what was happening, mary mouth was already on my J0yst!ck giving me serious mouth action…..we bleeped in the bathroom and from there to the bedroom….what a serious enjoyment.

It was a bright Friday morning, i dressed up for work as early as possible and as a means of appreciation, i dropped 10k for mary and asked when next we will see..she said we will talk about that on phone when she’s up..i instructed her to drop the extra key for me at the entrance whenever she’s going….
I got to work and everytyn went on normal, i called Biola and she told me she was wont be coming over the weekend as she had something to do for her parent. It was a bit stressful day and i closed late as usual…instead of hanging out, i went home straight..I got to the entrance of my room and i realized someone was inside my flat……”so, this babe is still around”.
I knocked at the door and it was opened for me, what a big surprise as it was Biola my fiancée that opened the door for me, standing in the sitting room was Mary staring at us.

Biola: Welcome baby……how was work today

Me: Welcome darling…work was fine, a bit stressful today….we talked today and you sad you aint showing up this weekend

Biola: I wanted to do a surprise for you ni….moreover u didn’t tell me your cousin was around

Mary: (cousin ke? I hope dis geh neva cause wahala) Am very sorry for that, it escaped my mind and i didn’t she will still be around up till now

Biola: She said same too………

Me: am surprise…….

Biola: she said they have not answered her concerning her certificate she came to process, they asked her to come back on Monday….but have asked her to stay behind till that Monday instead of going to Ibadan and coming back on Monday

Me: Nooooooo baby…..her dad called me today to confirm if i saw her and i told them she will be home today…but as its late already, i guess she should be going home first thing tomorrow morning as they said she has something to do for them at home

Mary: don’t mind daddy jare uncle snakie, he’s just missing me but i already called him that i wont be coming till on Monday evening…..Atleast lemme use the opportunity to play with u guys a little before going cos only God knows when next we will see again…most especially i will get to know our wife very well……

Me: (mo daran…iru wahala wo leleyi)……..but i still maintain that you go home tomorrow den u can come back properly for a visit as we will be well prepared by then

Biola:what kind of preparedness is that, it will be too stressful for her to go to Ibadan and come back on Monday now, i believe popsy too will reason along that line……..abeg aunty Mary, lets go to the kitchen and continue with our cooking jare……..Food will soon be ready baby boy

Me: Ohk…no p, you have the final say baby

I went inside the room soliloquising about what just happened…”am i dreaming? How will i cope with two girls in d same room? Is Mary crazy? Whats she up to? What kind of game is she trying to play with me? I hope have not used my d!ckson to cause trouble for mysef? What am i going to do? I had to see to the fact the she leave my house first thing on Monday morning….what a devil.

I never had a chance to be alone with Mary to query her on what she was up to and wat she discussed with my fiancée. It was late in the night and a happy mood between me and my fiancée…we gisted about so many things and had a wonderful round of s*x before relaxing on bed

Me: baby, where are u going with this your big bag that you came with?

Biola: Nowhere of course…told u am starting my leave on Monday now, so i will be spending my two weeks here

Me: two weeks?

Biola: yes…anytyn wrong? You are expecting any visitor

Me: which visitor? You no i will never expect anybody now or when did you start doubting my love for you

Biola: am not doubting…its your expression……..

Me: Dont mind me jare…….

Biola: how i wish your cousin will still be around..atleast she will be keeping me company during this period when you will be at work

Me: No ooooo….she cant stay ooooo (in harsh tone)

Biola: Is anytyn there baby..why the reaction

Me: Notyn..i just don’t want any family in between us at this stage of our relationship…

Biola: I understand dear…moreover i didn’t tell her anytyn of such

Me: Better…let her just go home that Monday…..

Biola: Ohk Baby…smile now, this one you just strong ur face like this

Me: don’t mind me jare……Hope mumsy and popsy are aware of your decision

Biola: why wont they..have u 4gotten we have done our intro already…so, no qualm

Me: ohk ooo… your lordship pleases madam……

We heard a knock on the door……..

Biola: Yes who’s it…

Mary: Its me aunty biola…..

“whats this devil looking for at this time of d nyt”

Biola: Please come in, the door is open…..

“came in with a bump short that belongs to my fiancée”

Mary: Dunno watz wrong with the AC..its not coming up, dunno if u guys can come and help me out with it

Me: Ohhh..its been a while we on it maybe thats why

Biola: baby, why not go and look into it while i quickly freshen up

Me: am tired jhoor…u can go and help her out

Biola: you are the man of the house now..why sending a female for a man’s job

Mary: dnt mind him always running away from responsibility

Me: what do u mean?

Biola: Baby pls go, lemme quickly take my bath……

Me: ohk oooo…oya lets go mary……………

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