Story: M.A.R.Y (Maria. Audrey. Rachael. Yvonne) - Season 1 - Episode 17

5 years ago

“Did you do that?” she asked with a surprised dace
“Why put that, when you could just open it” he said
“Well my dear, I cant open the door without the key because its locked” she said going in
“Well you should have just ordered it open and it will” he said
“yeah thanks but I do not have such magical powers like “ she said
“Its not magic” he said
“Then its what”
“Its actually faith, my father gave you all faith but you refuse to use it” he said
“Are you serious right now?” she asked
“God, you are boring” she said dropping her bag and walking into the bathroom
“So you say” he replied, she stopped at the bathroom door and turned
“You know what, lets go see a movie later” she said
“No let’s look for the Solution to your problem” he said
“I thought you said when I wanted”
“ok whatever you say”
“Thanks, so we can have fun”
“A little slumber, a little folding of hands, laziness comes” he said
“Who’s slumbering or folding hands all we want to do is have fun” she said and walked to him and sat beside him
“like I said, whatever you want”
“Good boy” she said getting up
“One more thing’ she said and sat down
“What is it?” he said and she smiled
“You are very handsome and am sure if we hit a club the ladies would all drop dead. What do you think?” she said smiling
“I think we shouldn’t go” he said
“Because they’ll all drop dead” he said
“O come on, that’s not what I meant I mean, they’ll love you” she said
“Yes because we are more beautiful than humans”
“Here we go again, enough of your heaven life” she said
“Have you had s*x before? O sorry you probably don’t understand what that means” she asked him?”
“My father created s*x and gave it to man as a gift”
“Waw seriously? So what about you”
“We have orders not to lay with the men”
“so you can have s*x that’s good (She smiles) and as for laying with men, you are not laying with men but with woman and that’s me” she said pulling him up and touching his face
“We have a problem at hand now” he said
“O shut up, don’t talk about that again. If you do I’ll kill you” she said touching his chest
“You cant s£duce me. I can choose not too” he said
“You better choose too” she said trying to unbuckle his trouser but he held her hand and looked into her eyes
“All I see in your eyes is lust not Love” he said, she stopped and moved back
“You are very tempting indeed but I won’t do that”
“Not now, you are my beloved but I do not wish to disobey father”
“What’s with you guys and your father?”
“It’s punishable”
“Please spare me all that” she said walking away
“We may be powerful but we can also be s£duced by the beauty of women but we have the ability to choose either going in or not” he said, she then walked closer to him
“Alright, but when this is all over am definitely going to have s*x with you, I can’t let you go back to heaven like that” she said and walked into the bathroom…

20mins and she was still not out of the bathroom, Metatron looked around the room then said
“You have the body of your mother Eve” he said loudly but there was no response and after 10 mins she came out with a towel
“Why would you say that to me” she said
“I saw your body” he said
“You what? You were peeping at me?” she said
“Do I need to? I was sitting on the bed and I could see you in there” he replied
“So you can see through wall” she said
“Through anything” he replied
“Don’t ever do that again” she said and walked to the wardrobe
“Ok” he said and sat on a chair; she turned to look at him and he saw staring at her
“What is it?” he asked; she was a little bit surprised
“So you can’t read my mind now?” she asked
“Yes I can”
“So what am I thinking?” she asked
“You wish for me to turn my face away” he said
“So what are you waiting for?” she said
“I saw my father create your mother Eve and adored her with that body so what use is it?” he said
“Am not Eve, am Yvonne this is my body and I don’t want you to see it, at least not yet” she said and he turned his head away
“Good and don’t look” she said & dropped her towel
“It’s beautiful” he said without looking, she turned to look at him
“What is beautiful?” she asked
“Your body”
“Will you stop talking about my body? It’s not to be discussed” she said putting on a jean
“But you said I should compliment hard works”
“Yes? And you think my body is somebody’s handwork?”
“Yes, it’s my fathers’” he said
“O God, please enough about you and your father and heavenly brothers, ok?”
“Ok” he said. She dressed up in a nice white T-shirt and a black jeans and a nice slippers, her inner singlet was slightly visible. She packed her hair with a band then picked up her purse and phone
“Lets go” she said smiling
“Where are we going?” he asked
“To the Cinema of cause”
“To do what”
“To watch a movie” she said
“Ok” he said and looked at the clock and it was 3:00pm
“what? Are you going somewhere?” she asked
“OK, let’s go” she said and left with him.

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