Story: M.A.R.Y (Maria. Audrey. Rachael. Yvonne) - Season 1 - Episode 14

6 years ago

Yvonne arrived at C.M.S an Anglican church in Lagos island, she entered the church it appeared to be a very large church, she saw someone sitting on one of the benches, he was on a black suit and a red tie; she knew he was the one; she walked to him and sat beside him
“Ok tell me what I forgot” she said
“Let your friends arrive” he said without looking at her but seemed focus on the stone cross at the altar
“How…. How did you know I called my friends” she looked surprised
“Why is that stone cross on the altar” he asked ignoring her question
“Excuse me? (she was surprised at the way he changed subject matters) I..I don’t know? Maybe its some kind of respect or something”
“You speak like it means nothing” he said turning to her
“Why? Should it mean a thing to me? I don’t even go to church, I stopped believeing in God ever since I lost my parents who died in the church”
“You speak with confidence” he said
“What do you expect”
“Did God kill them?” he asked
“Well, sort of”
“You are not so sure but yet quick to condemn my father”
“Suicide bombers attacked the church, why didn’t God stop them”
“Then God didn’t kill them”:
“Yes he did, he watched it happen and did nothing which means he did” she said already crying
“You are not proving anything” he said looking at the cross
“Of cus I am” she said loudly looking at him
“Everything happens for a reason and a purpose” he said
“What reason? What purpose? What could be more important than the lives of my parents”
“Time” he said
“Time? What has that got to do with anything”
“Time made it happen, it was time for them to go”
“What? In such a horrible way?”
“God created Time and death. And in Time Death takes its course. They are not the first”
“Excuse me” she said
“If God had saved your parents you wouldn’t be what you are btoday, if God altered the process he would be altering Time’s pattern and this would lead to lose of untimed lives”
“That ain’t good enough” she said
“Your father is in hell and your mother in heaven”
“What? How can you say that to me?”
“Your father was paid to wear a bomb into the church with your mother ignorant of this. But he had already sent the money to your account and he did the job. That money changed your life” She was speechless
“Wh… What?” she said in a low tone
“The truth”
“My father was poor, what did you expect?” she tried to defend her father
“It doesn’t change anything but if your father had waited a little longer, his crashed business would have sprung back to life” he said loudly and she was calm as tears flowed down her eyes
“My father’s business crashed and for 10years we were damned in poverty, for 10years we waited but God did nothing” she said calmly with tears
“Have you not heard of the man named Job” he said looking at the cross, she was quiet, she knew all he said was true because no one could have guessed that.

“Yvonne!” Maria yelled as she entered the church, Yvonne cleared her eyes and turned to see Maria, she stood up and walked to Maria
“Hey Maria” she said and hugged Maria, she saw Rachael and Audrey
“No, why did you bring them” Yvonne said
“What are you talking about” Rachael said
“Yes there’s a problem” Yvonne said
“What problem?” Maria asked
“It’s complicated, I don’t even know” Yvonne said
“Who’s the white man over there?” Audrey asked
“you wont believe me if I told you” Yvonne said in a low tone
“Tell Me” Audrey said coming closer
“He’s some kind of Angel” she whispered to them; the three of them looked at each other and busted into laughter
“Excuse me?” Maria said
“I am not an Angel” he said and stood up and turned to face them
“Woow” Maria said
“That is a very beautiful man” Audrey said
“Right now I believe you have something better to worry about” he said
“ladies this is Metatron and he’s huumm… I’m a Leviathan” he cuts her words
“Le What? What the hell does that mean?” Maria said laughing but he had a straight face although
“That is not your problem, the problem now is that your lives are endangered”
“Look, I hate threats” Audrey said
“Look, I hate oblivion. Can someone tell me something reasonable?” Rachael said
“Meet me in Yvonne’s car” he said and walked out of the church. They just stood there looking at him
“Who the hell is he?” Rachael said
“You need to see the way he came to me” Yvonne said and walked out too and they followed her.
As they got outside Yvonne entered the car but her friends stood outside
“Will you guys come in or what?” Yvonne said sticking her head out the window then they entered
“Ok tell us” Yvonne said to Metatron
“Ok girls, I want to tell you your story; the story that got you into this perilous pursuit.

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