Story: The Heat - Season 1 - Episode 9

5 years ago

She tried to get it but I didn’t know how to start so I told her that I missed dad and I wish he was still around, she hugged me all the same; I lied to her and made me feel better, she told me if I didn’t want to go to school this once and I took it, I needed to think, I needed time to get better and I agreed with her that wasn’t going to go to school. I wanted to go to school but I just felt weak to do anything.

I slept in bed all day, feeding on chocolate drinks and snacks, nothing hard to take in because I felt lazy to do anything, but I didn’t feel lazy enough to change the disk of the series I was watching or answer the phone this one time, it was Robert.
“Hello” I said as I picked up the receiver in an almost cold tone.
“Hi , how are you doing ?” He asked.
” I’m good” I replied.
” Are u home or at school ?” He asked.
” I’m at home” I answered back.
“I heard that you have a lot of books and I’m looking for something on the Nigerian institution, please I have to submit tomorrow” he pleaded.
I paused for awhile before I answered, wondering what exactly he wanted, I would guess what he wanted but I didn’t want to accept it.
” I will be there in a minute” he said and dropped the call.

shortly after, I heard the bell ring and when I answered it, it was him, we both went to my room, where I was initially, my heart was almost beating out my chest for reasons I couldn’t tell. I was wearing a sleeveless shirt that showed my hairy chest and a brief and I covered my self up with a wrapper.

In my room, it was a double bed because I liked my bed high and there was a sofa chair; I asked him to sit on the chair while I looked for the book that might help him.
“why and how do you have so much books ?….. ” These look like they must have gathered for years” He said.
” yes they have, and there are more” I said feeling very proud about my books.
” You don’t look too well… Is that why you didn’t go to school today ?” He asked.
“Yes” I answered in a low tone, remembering the reason why I was home in the first place.
I had found the book then I walked to him and handed him the book; as I handed him the book he held my hands with his other hand.
” I really like you, very much… I always watch when u go and come back from school, I want us to be close and be friends” he said.
” You already have a lot of friends, I’m a boring person, not sure we will blend, we are different” I said.
” I know but still, I would like us to try” he said back”
I released myself from his grasp and un froze the television so it could continue to play, then I jumped back and covered myself with the blanket on the bed.

” You are very muscular” he said.
” Thanks” I said.
” What movie are you watching?”
” The unit” I answered.
” I’m not doing anything today, I am not going anywhere, can I stay awhile and watch movie with you ?” He asked.
“Yes… If you want to ” I answered.
Then he stood up from the sofa where he sat and walked over to the bed and got into my blanket. In my mind I was like oh jeez what kind of temptation is this, God please don’t let anything happen, if anything happens, he could let everyone in the estate know my game.

After awhile, I felt his hands moving inside the blanket and sooner, his touch found my empty laps. And in shook, I quickly withdrew, then after awhile he did it again; his body this having that after exercise stench but it was also mildly arousing.

” What’s wrong with you” I asked sternly, sitting up on the bed.
” I like you ” he said in a very calm voice but to me he wasn’t calm, he was a talker who knew everyone in the estate , who I feared might tell everyone what had happened if anything would happen.
” please what exactly do you want ?” I asked.
“I want you please… What are you afraid of, tell me” he asked. He had a very fast tongue.
” I’m afraid that you will tell” I answered.
” I won’t tell” he answered.
” What will you say before” I answered back.
” If I tell , I will also be implicated ” he said.
I thought for awhile , he had a point then I slowly slide sown into the covers. What do you think my choice was at that point in time ?

***THE END***

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