Story: The Heat - Season 1 - Episode 2

5 years ago

Written by Yahaya… ?(07055783144?,

At my school desk, with my mouth agape in wonder not at the french teacher yapping away, I swear I didn’t hear aword he was saying , it was like movie on mute. I was one of the bests students in my french class but today my mind was just not in it.
‘Stop wasting credit’ the guy beside me called out to me.
Far away from wonderland , he called out to me and my spirit returned back into me, but still , a motions to me where still like a movie on mute. I just ignored him and continue on a journey to the land I was. I still couldn’t believe what had happened a week ago with Felix, his name was felix. I couldn’t wait to see him or be with him again, to feel what I felt the last time. I was so eager for the day to fly so I could go to my spot to see him again.

At that time we were , almost everyone in school had a cell phone but you would have to be very careful it doesn’t ring out or that the seniors see it, or the teachers see it because if either the teachers or the seniors see it , it would be seized by either of the two.
And just then , I could feel my phone ringing in my pocket, vibrating. I was at the back end of the class and the class was big and enough students were in it, I didn’t think that anyone would see it but a thought occurred to me that the teacher might see it, I was mostly active in french class but I wasn’t today and I know that our french teacher would notice. So I excused my self out of the class room and by the time I got out the call had ended and I waited outside waiting that he would call back and he did.
‘ How are u doinG today’ felix asked.
‘I am fine’ I answered.
‘ Where are u and what are u doing?’ Felix asked.
‘ I am still in school, we having french class and I excused myself out the class to pick ur call’ I said.
‘ Really… That’s nice… I am going to get off work late today, its a monday and we have a lot of work to do, can I call u went ever I get off so we could see and talk ?’ Felix asked.
I smiled because that was the same term I used to lure him up.
‘ I know u are smiling, I can feel u smiling from here’ he said.
‘ Yes I am’ I answered back.
‘Why are u smiling ? He asked.
‘ I am just happy that I have u in my life and that I am meeting u today because I have missed u and I honestly cannot wait for the day to end so that I can I can be with u again’ I answered.
‘Ok. I miss u too… So we are meeting today right ?’ He asked.
‘ Yes , we will ‘ I answered back.
‘ Love u’ he said.
‘ Love u too ‘ I answered then we both ended the call and I went back to class.

As I entered the classroom, I could see that my friends around my sit where already smiling ear to ear and as I got back to my sit, I asked what they smiling about, by this time our french teacher was about rounding up her class, she was giving our assignment that would be submitted in the next class; and as I jotted it down , I told them the whole thing that happened with felix, the whole thing just that I flipped the name and gender only this time, felix became susan the banker.

As usually, getting home was a thing of luck especially for traffic on the way home. I got home twice as late. I rushed to the shower on getting home because of the heat and dust and hopped on the bed to sleep so I wouldn’t die in anticipation waiting till the time for him to get back and I just rolled and rolled on the bed but sleep never came but I was happy that I didn’t try to call him so I would disturb him at work. it was 9pm and I was at my usual spot chatting away whiling away time so I wouldn’t think of him. Just then I saw him drop from a cap , in front of the shop as he dropped. I hoped he would wave to me as he passed by, I hoped he would that he would at least search for me in the crowd, but he didn’t; he just walked straight into the house without a glimpse towards me.
I just sat there half smiled and half of my attended to the joke said. I just smiled along because everyone smiled.

When the day had ended and the shop was about to close , I humbly exited the premises face down puzzled that we didn’t even get to talk, unsure if we would see or not. It was already 11pm by the time I got home; still puzzling over what happened I heard my phone ring, I glanced at my phone screen and it was him.
‘ Hello felix’ I answered the cell.
‘ Can u come over my house, follow the back of the house. U know I don’t stay alone, I waited for all the members of the family to go to bed so I could invite u over’ he explained.
‘ Ok’ I said.
‘ come there right now and please be very quiet, be very very quiet. He pleaded.
And like a puppet on a string, I was got up dressed up in what little I can and got to the back gate of his house. He gently opened the door for me to enter and like a band of thieves, we crept into his bedroom. The whole house was complete dark and as I crept through the dark house I felt my leg hit something, I didn’t know what I hit and he hushed me the more as we entered his room, he pushed me in his room and ran to the bathroom so people in the house would think it was him going to the bathroom and making sure that no one saw me enter.
And by the time he came back to me in the room, I was on the bed . He came in and lit blue light from its switch, I stood up unsure of what to do , I was so uncomfortable because the room was way better than was as I suspected. He pushed me back onto the bed and pulled off his boxers. He came up to me and kissed me, I could feel his tongue slide into my mouth and caressing my tongue, I kissed back and sU-Cked on his lip, swallowing his every saliva that slide into my mouth and me thinking, I want u too baby, I love u too. He continued to kiss while he ripped out my clothes one at a time. Then after a while, he led me to the wall just like before, he lubricate himself;at this time, I thought myself a pro feeling good about myself, I could feel that same urge as before, hot as hell and the urge surge more than before and one I was in, I hit had, hitting that I could her the lapping sound fill the whole room, and he m0aned in sweetness,
‘Baby yesssss… Do it to me, yes baby I love it like that, baby tell me u love me. I want u to F**K me till I come , pls baby. Yes, yes , yes’.
I just stood behind him working hard as I could.
He pulled me over to the bed
‘Baby u can F**K, wish u could sleep here’ he said.
And after awhile, he then he knelt down and led me to kneel behind him, and when I was in , I started riding like a man on a horse, like I was dancing to music , I was riding with so much rhythm. then after awhile, I led him to the bed and started hitting him, harder than before, I was in control now and I could hear him m0an a little louder. And I could feel him crawl from the position we were to the edge of the bed, grabbing and tearing open the covers of the bed. Wish I could see the expression on his face but he was faced down and it was utterly dark. And just then I could feel my pipe open and out came milk instead water and he gave a sigh of relaxation , a sigh of relief , a sigh of fulfilment, then he held my sweaty body to himself tightly and whispered.
‘ I want u forever baby.

And I could feel nothing but love and I thought to my self I would never leave u to.
‘ This is where I want to be baby, with u forever’ I said back at him.

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