Story: The Changed - Season 1 Episode 3

5 years ago

Angela was feeling sleepy. Apart from the big plasma making a faint noise, everywhere else is quiet. She lazily dropped the mag and walked into her room. Getting in, she noticed the bathroom door open again. No, she locked it. She remembered vividly, she locked it. Getting closer, the tissue paper has been displaced again. The shower is still running in droplets. It is strange. Who came here? She stupidly picked her hair brush as a tool just incase and started ransacking the room. She saw nothing. She dropped the brush and picked up her hand mirror to view her face. She didn’t feel comfortable going into the bathroom anymore. She stared into the mirror and what she saw shocked her to the marrow. Before she could think of screaming, she was grabbed from behind with a hand of her napper firmly placed on her mouth. He injected her and she passed out.

John was driving too fast and too furious. He just didn’t know that for every Bryan, there’s a Torreto. While in his Camry 2.2 running 180km/hr, he couldn’t see the Tundra coming too close. He wanted to take a bend to his right when the tundra ran into him. He tried to dodge but it was too late. His attempt to do so helped though in reducing the damages done. He swerved and he lost control thereby leaving the car spinning. He managed to jump out before it hit a nearby electric pole. All evidence of him drunk disappeared and his eyes became clearer. He was amazed at how he managed to jump from the car, he would make a good Actor he thought foolishly. There was no single atom of doubt that John is a woman beater and he uses his influence and police when dealing with others of his gender. The real reason behind his jump was the adrenaline rush coupled with the fear of death.

The rider of the tundra isn’t done yet, and while John was busy praising himself, the tundra had turned and was aiming to damage more than the car. John turned and saw the vehicle coming towards him. He started running, feeling too shocked to scream. He looked bluntly foolish, one, for thinking he could outrun a vehicle, two, for being too afraid to scream. He fell down, and the car stopped just in front of him. The occupants came down, four in number, all dressed in black suits and looking like club bouncers. They lifted him up weightlessly and threw him inside the car while he screamed. One of the men punched him and he passed out.

Mr Samuel was sitting in his sitting room watching the early morning news and sipping hot tea. He called the cook, and asked her if Angela’s still sleeping. When the cook told him she hasn’t seen her all morning, he sent the cook to check on Angela.

The cook got to Angela’s room and saw the door locked.

“Ella” she called. She calling and when she wasn’t getting any answer, she b@nged on the door. Still no reply, she called Mr Samuel who hurriedly rushed into his room to collect a spare key. He opened the door and it was empty. He checked the toilet and it was still empty. Then he proceeded to open the bathroom. He saw blood everywhere. The cook behind him screamed and dashed out of the house. The noise alerted the security at the gate as they ran in with a speed equivalent to that of light’s. They too was shocked. Mr Samuel stood with his gazed fixed on the sight in front of him.
Just then, a call came in.

“Hello…….what’s there?……alright, let me check it”
He raced out of the room followed by his security and headed for the sitting room. He saw his son’s car damaged beyond recognition and had it not been his name on the plate number, he wouldn’t have been able to recognize it.

The two security men looked at each other then at their boss who looked just as confused as them. Where do we start from? Where’s Angela? Was the questions on their minds.

Mr Samuel picked up his phone and called the police.


Inspector Edogho Ekemena was sitting outside the police station when Mr Samuel’s call came him. He smiled when he saw the call because he’s about to get the action that he so much craved for. After dropping the call, he lit a stick of cigarette and told his assistant to go get two men. Double E as he was popularly called, is 5’9 and dark in complexion. He’s notoriously known for his fearlessness and has been hospitalized twice after sustaining bullets wounds on both occasions. As soon as his men arrived, they got into one more f their vans and drove off with the alarm blazing.

Mr Samuel left the guards to take control of the situation while he checked on his son’s situation. On getting to the scene of the accident, which some police officers had claimed to have contained, he saw the level of disorderliness and was forced to reach out to higher authority. Being a man with affluence, his son’s case was handled by the commissioner himself.

Double E got to Mr Samuel’s house and inspected the suspected murder scene. He needs a suspect and everyone including the guards is one. He saw the blood, his instincts came alive. This blood didn’t look like it came directly from the owner, it looked like it was poured, he thought deeply. He told his men to take the occupants of the house to the station, saying he would join them shortly. On a second thought, he said
“I’ll bring the guards myself” smiling wryly.

He took both of them to the sitting room and said
“This isn’t part of the investigation, trust me, its been long since I shot at anybody and my fingers are itching badly” he brought out a 9mm and took it off safety.

He saw the look on the guards faces and he knew they were unperturbed by his words and actions. They were professionals, why should they be? He continued
“Tell me all you know and please, now I’m begging you, hide nothing because this could be the last day to get yourself out of this mess”

The first guard, who was apparently the eldest and senior officer among them cleared his throat and said “Sir, last night I and my colleague here, was at the gate and taking turns to patrol around. Even the security camera couldn’t pick a thing. What I’m saying in essence the is that whoever kidnapped Angela, because I believe she is still alive, did it from inside. Like you sir, we are professionals and we understand our situation if this case isn’t solved and the culprit or culprits as the case maybe nailed. We will do our best to help you sir.”

Double E seems satisfied with the answer so he asked them to go wait for him at the station and take the surveillance tapes along with them. He watched them leave and he toured the whole building using a master key on each lock. He checked every nook and cranny and called the forensics team to check out the scene but leave it unclean. He called his assistant and told him to leave no stone unturned in getting information out of the occupants of the house but should desist from using force. His phone rang and it was the commissioner of police ordering him to check out John’s case.

“Mm” he sighed “its gonna be a busy next couple of days” and walked out.

Mr Samuel was quiet all through the time he spent with the state commissioner of police. Just then he was called that his attention might be needed at the station. The Commissioner and 2 police vans loaded with cops escorted him there.

Double E rushed to the scene of the accident. Its worse than he had pictured. His assistant came and relayed the situation to him.

“Don’t you smell anything?” He asked his assistant

“Yes sir but I can’t fathom what it is”

“The same person who had Angela also took John. The connection is visible and the culprit wants give us a hard time. I’m thinking it’s somehow connected to the father”

“Why’d you say so Sir?”

Double E was infuriated. “You mean after years in the force you still think with your ass!?” He walked away mumbling to himself and leaving his assistant lost of words.

He went to the station and called the occupants one by one, starting with the cook.

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