Story: The Last Wolf - Season 1 - Episode 66

5 years ago

” Girl give me that’s let go……. Oooh… Baby you and me…… Oooooooohhhhhhhh one more time………… Cos Am about to show you one hell of a night ” Dustin Lynch’s Hell of a night blasted away in the house as everyone in high spirits sang along.
A party was organized by Jason and his buddy Luke to celebrate the wolves victory. I watched on as I was far from happy, Angel is avoiding me, Lucy says am a d.ick for not acknowledging her selfless act in saving my life, while Audrey turns away from me the moment she sees me, according to her,
“I am the Savage beast” she was forced to kill centuries ago.
Oh, did I say there were girls, yeah girls. Eric made sure everyone’s girlfriend was invited, well everyone except Jason.
About an hour into the party, I heard m0ans coming from the rooms above, and soon I was the only one remaining on the dance floor, dancing with an invisible Angel as I remembered the aftermath of the battle.
The wolves flew out after been relegated to the background for so long. They tore into the helpless vampires and ripped out their heads, heart and what’s not.
If looks could kill, I would have been long dead, because Angel was mad with me. After she got tired of crying, she shot me a glare filled with so much venom before she finally took her leave.
I called her back, but she didn’t answer, she just continued walking. Lucy replaced her by blocking my view From hers, her wolf was growling,
“You disgust me, after all I just did, a thank you couldn’t leave that lips of yours. God!! You are a J0yst!ck! I hate you, I wished you died. You just killed my father and I worked with you to do that. Do you know how that feels, I am not expecting a cuddle or something of sort From you, probably because of your wife. But from your Strange new fur, it’s clear you have two mates, therefore I deserve every affection you give Angel. I don’t deserve this shitty act from you, damn it!”
I tried to say something, but nothing came out. Lucy growled even more and just turned away from me.
After the wolves were through with tasting blood and calming their nerves, I asked Audrey to fry every lifeless body left and make sure the field was clean of every blood and dead body.
Audrey nodded but throughout my speech she didn’t look at me once.
What is it with these people?
If I continued in my hesitation, it would have ended in my death as well as theirs, I did what I was expected to do.
Concerning the wolves, they are wolves for crying out loud, and after killing George, his creations will surely come after us, the kids needed to know how it feels in battle. I can’t fight every vampire, this is what these crazy women should understand.
But they didn’t, after Audrey was done with clearing up using both lightening and fire and then some nasty spells.
Audrey climbed Jason’s back and he took off, the rest of the wolves followed while Lucy followed too.
I stayed behind to say my final prayers to my parents…
“I have repaid your gruesome deaths in full, I have killed the demon who ended your joy of parenthood and I have recreated the domination we were supposed to be wielding. I ask one thing from you folks in return wherever you are, please help me tame the raging wolf in me, please. ”
I stayed in the fields till night fall before deciding to return to the clearing because the curfew was about to be called off.
I returned to hear music blasting and screams of joy coming from the house. What the hell is going on here?
I transformed back and jumped into one of the open windows in my room and wore some clothes.
Angel wasn’t in the room, I found her dancing downstairs with the rest of the boys and some strange girls.
I walked up to her but she just ignored me, I held her chin but she smacked my hand before walking away.
Audrey wouldn’t even look my way and Lucy was busy flirting with one of the kids as a means to get back at me.
Soon they are all left the dancing floor and the sound of m0ans from intense pleasure filled the house.
Lucy and Angel were no where to be seen while I knew Jason went with Audrey.
Today was supposed to be the best day of my life but it turned to one I wish to quickly forget.
I sat on the floor frustrated and for the first time in my life, I questioned my leadership qualities.
P. S – There you go folks, the end. I want to thank everyone who viewed, who liked and who commented during the duration of this story. You guys pushed me and for once I have completed a story. Big show out to Olufemiwhit and Girlhaley, they were one of the first to comment on this thread.
Of course, am not forgetting Drnoel and Mr Nitefury for your words of support, those words went a long way.
Dragonking and Hunnydropps, I am grateful for your words also, big thank you.
Manuelrukky and Samjohnnyb, thanks for the chats on whatsapp and most importantly Oluwabuqqyolo for what you did during the Plagiarism period, I am eternally grateful.
I will be starting the sequel shortly, and it will be in the Literature section since there will be less s*x scenes and more of family, politics and fight dramas.
Till then, I remain your consistent supernatural writer,

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