Story: The Last Wolf - Season 1 - Episode 61

5 years ago

I have had it with that little prick barging into my home and hurting my subjects or threatening me. If I die fighting, I will make sure I inflict injuries even his healing abilities won’t be able to heal.
There was something different about him yesterday though, I could sense the aura of power around him all the way from where I was. His eyes glowed and it seems he is able to use his wolf abilities fully in human form, which is quite remarkable.
His ability to dislodge Cimmaros so easily was great but bad news for me, those were my finest Valdons.
Ivy soon arrived and I asked to take a seat,
“What do you think of the Wolf guy after having stood toe to toe with him? ”
” I can’t really tell, he didn’t reveal much with the way he fought, which I think was intentional. He just did the basic things which needed to be done without doing too much. ”
” Good, very good. I don’t know his battle plans but we will be going to the fields tomorrow to check it out and probably find out why he chose that Location.
But I want you to know that I might not make it through and if that should be the case, I would want you to take control of the rest, I want you to take charge and be their leader. I say this because I know If Richard does succeeds in killing me, he won’t stop, he will come for the rest of you, until the last vampire Is killed. So I would want you to lead and protect the rest of my subjects especially my wife. Promise You will do just that ”
” You know I will do anything you ask me to, but what about your daughter, she should be heir not me. I haven’t seen her since I arrived. Where is she, she should be here to aid her father. ”
” She isn’t here, I disowned her after she chose her lover over me, same with Angel and if you have any opportunity to slay them, please do. You are the daughter I should have had. Promise me, you will do as I have asked! ”
With a tearful face she nodded before hugging and then she kissed my cheeks.
“First thing tomorrow morning, we head to the fields”
As much as I wanted to do it with Angel after the swim, I just couldn’t because of her body state, moreover she was very tired after the swim, she slept off in my hands while I carried her back to the house.
But unlike her, I was finding it hard to sleep. My adrenaline level was still sky high, I tried my best but I couldn’t just sleep.
Frustrated, I left my room and headed to the barn to train.
I was midway through when I felt someone’s presence behind me, I turned to see Lucy following me with her training costume on.
That’s weird , how did she know I was awake or even planning to go to the barn.
” What are you doing out here, it’s 1am in the morning, you should be sleeping. “I said
” I just can’t sleep, I really don’t why, so I have decided to train a little, probably if I am tired, I might just be able to sleep ”
” Alright, that’s makes two of us, let’s head to the barn”
She smiled and took my outstretched hand and off we went.
I asked her to transform to her wolf, which she did, when she was almost done with her transformation, I called up Jason to join the party, I had something in mind to teach them.
She transformed to her beautiful white wolf and I couldn’t stop staring at it. Jason soon arrived and I asked him to do same.
His transformation was quite quick, he must be doing this Lord knows how many times daily. I asked them to follow me to the open field and when we got there, I tasked them to catch me when I jumped between them.
I jumped and jumped between them, but they didn’t catch me not once, I decided to use planks and that worked.
After more than three hours of running, and jumping, I dismissed them.
I changed to my own wolf after they were gone as my plans for tomorrow ran through my head.
I will be fighting with two wolves, Jason and Lucy. While Audrey will smoke any vampire who comes too close. I will personally face the VALDONS and George.
The rest of the wolves will watch and learn how it is done, battle wise. I just can’t forgive myself if any of them were to die, I can easily protect Jason and Lucy if anything goes wrong, Audrey can take care of herself.
I howled into the skies as I was eager for tomorrow’s battle at Nolan Fields.

“….. You are my fire, the one desire, …….. We are two worlds apart….. But I want it that way” I was so lost singing Backstreet’s boys hit song– I want it that way, I didn’t hear Audrey until she asked,
“Is that song for me? ”
I was startled and quickly put on my shirt after transforming for the fifth time that morning,my usual ritual every morning for the past few weeks now.
I turned around but I just couldn’t say anything, Audrey’s Beauty is just intimidating, and this morning it is much more on a new level.
I mean she applied this weird eyeliner and she used her long red hair in covering her left eye, she looked extremely dangerous but even more beautiful, probably it’s her costume for war but if I am a vampire and I see such a beauty in the battle field, harming her will be the last thing on my mind.
“Are you Alright, Jason? Did I startle you? ” she asked.
” Nn…. Nn… Nn. Um…. “I stammered, very embarrassing but it was like my tongue got glued or something. I just nodded.
She smiled and said if I was done, I should follow her back to the house as Richard called for a meeting.
I nodded and accepted her outstretched arm as she led me back inside.
We entered through the laundry which led to the Kitchen and just in time I saw Mr Richard kiss Miss Angel. It was a lovely scene but not everyone was happy about it. Miss Lucy had this nasty look on her face seeing them kiss. Mr Richard is one lucky man, two smoking hot women Fighting for him.
After the kiss, he led her to the huge living room, where I found everyone standing and putting on black costumes. I just noticed that Audrey was putting on something similar too, I was carried away by her beauty then.
“Alright, Listen everyone, the day is here. The day we have all been waiting for. ” and everyone screamed, some actually howled. I wondered why they were so happy, I hope they do know that this battle could mean their death .
Mr Richard beckoned them to be quiet and then he continued his speech,
” This will be a real battle, a battle of creatures of the dead versus the living ones and therefore only the best should partake in it. With that said , I am sorry to say fellow wolves that not all of us will partake in this battle. I can’t bear the pain of losing any of you. So you will stay behind a magic Wall that will be erected by Audrey. You will watch the proceedings but won’t participate and your only task will be to watch and protect my wife. I insisted against her desire to be there today but she is adamant and wishes to go, so you will look out for her.
Jason, Lucy, Audrey and I will be the ones representing the wolves today. With the help of Eric, we have surveyed the battle location and I can confidently say that the vampires are there and eagerly waiting for us. We will leave in a pack,Audrey and Jason will lead, while you lots and Angel will be in the middle, I and Lucy will be at the back. We take the Angle route.
The ones whom I named the fast ones will remain on their costumes while the rest of you will transform now before we leave.
While you do that, I will want a private meeting with Jason and Co. ”
We were all in a happy mood well except Miss Angel, probably because she won’t be fighting and Mr Richard didn’t particularly say why.
I followed Mr Richard to the Library. He asked us to sit,
” I do not want want anyone to go against any instruction I am about to relay, it might just save a life…. ” immediately Audrey pinched Me, yea sure, I thought I already promised not to go against any, why does she have to do that again, pinch me.
” I will lead the attack and face the Valdons squarely, no one is to come to my aid even if I appear to be on the receiving end. Everyone must stay to his or her duties. No one should go head on with the Valdons, it will just be me.
Jason and Lucy will work together, as I taught you guys yesterday.
Audrey will fry any vampire who comes too close and please Audrey, make sure you are not knocked out else the wall will no longer stand and the little wolves will vulnerable.
No one must attack George, I will do that myself, I know some of us have grudges against him, but attacking him will mean that person’s end.
And most importantly, Jason and Lucy, none of you must attack alone, you attack in pairs, so that’s it. Lest I forget, Lucy, you might be prone to more attack than anyone else, which is the more reason why, you mustn’t do a solo out there. So that’s all
Jason and Lucy , both of you can leave now and go transform.
“What? Why are you looking at me that way? ” Audrey asked.
” I know, so don’t go overprotective today , Jason can take care of himself, look out for yourself.” I replied.
She smiled before leaving.
I was left with a sulking Angel.
“Common, cheer up, why the scowl? ”
” Seriously, you ask why, you just made me look like a lazy mate. I should be fighting beside my Alpha. But no, Lucy will and I will sitting my lazy arse down watching her do so. ”
” Seriously I don’t get you, you are pregnant and so cannot turn. How do hope to defend yourself when you can’t use all of your wolf abilities in human form yet. Think Angel, I am doing this for your own good and our child. You and Lucy will the target of those leeches and will be my weak point because I will be looking out for you both. I can’t afford to lose focus even for a second in such a battle, please Angel, do reason this out ”
” Fine, just don’t over do the mate thing in public ”
I just laughed and changed to my costume in front of her.
I was restless all through that night after Richard came bursting in again and I couldn’t wait for morning.
Morning soon came with the sunshine and it saw The Valdons and I already at the fields.
The field was massive and the topography was perfect for a battle. The grasses were very low with trees at the far ends creating a kinda wall.
I plan to be here very early tomorrow to at least see what the little wolf have in mind, I have worked out my own battle strategies.
“Dunk, come here ” he ran to me,
” I want you to compel the sheriff to call for a 24 hour curfew tomorrow and make sure every signal is jammed, I don’t want any interruptions tomorrow. Go ”
I called the rest and asked them to follow me back home. I don’t trust that wolf, he might have things planted here to listen to our plans even here would have been the perfect place to speak out my plans, still I can’t risk it so I have decided to do the talking at home.
Once we arrived, I called for a meeting,
” Tomorrow will be remembered as a famous victory for us or a huge loss that will forever hunt the ones who survives.
Valdons, i want you to attack in fives tomorrow while Damien’s group will attack after the Valdons too in fives. This is to make sure Richard uses So much energy before I will then finish him.
The rest of the vampires will remain here and protect my wife. ”
” There is no way in hell I am staying put, I will fight beside my husband and if it means my death then so be it” said Anthea, my wife.
I was pleased and continued with my speech,
“if Richard fights with Lucy or Angel beside him, Damien, make sure she is the target and that will help distract Richard. If I don’t survive tommorow, IVY will take my place, you will all respect and adore her as you do to me. I do not want fear, tomorrow. I want determination, resilience and strength. Fight for your Lord, fight for the family ” They all screamed the last part of my speech with Me.
“We leave tomorrow at six in the morning”

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