Story: The Last Wolf - Season 1 - Episode 55

5 years ago

“I won’t share you with anyone ” her words still rang in my ears. Of course, she won’t, who would?
Three women and just me: Audrey claims not to feel something for me since I now have a wife, but I see the way she looks at me or the look of envy in her eyes wherever Angel kisses me.
There is Lucy, who won’t let me be, a crazy and totally unpredictable woman. She sold me to her dad but unfortunately he rejected her goods, now she is coming back to her buyer – me. Lucy is extremely stubborn and then Angel. Angel is my official wife now but there is still a lot I do not know about her. The manner in which she reacts to things sometimes amazes me. I don’t want to hurt any of them, Angel most especially.
But the funny thing is that all three of them were once my wives, three extremely gorgeous women. How am I going to handle this and still concentrate on the incoming war. If I am unable to put each woman where she belongs, then it might be my own ruin. I have to use wisdom.
Once the kids are sound asleep, we will have a meeting,all three of us.
I sent each of them a text, to come meet me at the oak tree.
I went outside after washing the dishes and sat on the well trimmed lawn waiting for them. I wondered how this place looks so neat and well maintained after years and years of desertion.
Lucy came out first, then Audrey and finally Angel. I stood up and asked them to sit on the bench next to the tree, while I stood to address them.
Audrey Said she won’t sit on the same bench with Lucy.
I ignored her sentiment and began my speech,
“You all are beautiful women, different and fascinating in your own ways. The remarkable thing is each of you have been my wife at one point in time. You all have feelings for me, whether you deny it or not. But, right now, I do not want any distraction or trouble that will disturb our preparation for this war. If if we lose this battle , you will all lose me and there will nothing to fight for anymore.
The three of you have tons and tons of reasons to hate each other but that has to stop. Put your differences aside and let’s work together if for not anything but our survival. My Army is made up of kids and I don’t really have much time to school them. The three of you are the only experienced ones I have. I can’t do it all, i will need your help and that can’t happen if we do not work together.
Right now, I have a wife, I am not a man who can manage more than one woman. I have two exes. Let it remain that way, we can’t eat our cake and have it. We have all made decisions that would make or Mar us.
We have to realize that we can’t always have what we want. You all can’t have me, only one of you can and I have chosen that person.
We have to move on and find someone else to share our love with. I do not want to see those cold Stares and childish behaviors exhibited in front of those kids. We need to show unity and maturity, after all we are not kids , we are all above two centuries old. Let’s face what’s coming wholeheartedly and live to tell the tale. ”
They all looked at me weirdly and didn’t say a word for more ten minutes. I wondered if anything I said entered their ears or i said something I shouldn’t have to warrant such silence.
Lucy looked around before finally breaking the silence,
” What do you mean when you said you have two exes, as far as I know, you only have one, which is me, or was it a slip of tongue? ”
” Nope, I am correct, I am actually a reincarnation of a king who died centuries ago, I had a wife and Audrey is her reincarnation. So technically, she is my ex. ”
Lucy looked shocked to hear that and just shook her head , I didn’t know why.
” I do not know much about George and his army, so I was hoping one of you could tell me more about him. ”
Lucy again answered my question, I don’t what she is trying to do but Angel didn’t like it one bit, she showed this by shooting Lucy a wicked glare, but Lucy didn’t seem to mind.
” Dad has a lot of soldiers who he could easily call upon , but there is this group of mercenary who he could call upon since he is not fighting a revolt or taking territory filled with humans. He is fighting something that can kill him,so he will use his best hands. He will likely call the Valdons.

With a confused look, I asked “who are they”
This time Angel answered, now I understood what Damien said earlier about competition between the both of them. It brought a smile to my face, I have got myself real drama with this two.
“The Valdons are a vicious well oiled killing machine of Thirty persons. They were trained by George himself and are nearly invisible. They are protected by powerful magic. They once kill an town of over 250000 in one night. If George does call them, then Richard, I fear for our wolves. I really do. ”

What Angel said got to me, if what they say about this Valdon is true then my wolves stand no chance against them on such short notice. I have to think of another strategy to counter their threats, those wolves won’t cut it. I can’t risk losing any of them,i cant imagine how their parents will feel knowing that their sons died fighting what they didn’t even understand.
“Um, have you ever seen this Valdons fight? Do you know their strategy, the manner in which they attack?”I asked series of questions. Angel shook her head, she doesn’t know. But Lucy had something to say,
“They are rarely seen, this is to hide their identity from people who want George’s throne. But I know that they are made up of twenty men and ten women. A woman named Ivy is their leader and she is the only one I have seen eye to eye. ”
Dammit!!!!!! I said before punching the tree. I was getting frustrated, I was already losing, how am I gonna even the scales now.
” Angel, you are still a cub, you will stay out of this battle. Lucy, you and I will have some intense training practice and Audrey, I have something to discuss with you alone. The rest of you can go, I know it’s been a tough day, thanks for answering my call,Goodnight ” I said before kissing Angel on the lips and Lucy on the cheek.
They both went back in, but kept quite some distance between themselves . I saw the cream stockings Angel was putting on, and I felt a little uprising in my southern pole but I had to kill the urge and put my mind in finding the solution to winning and keeping casualties at bottom zero.
“Are you gonna keep staring at her arse and getting all warmed up or you are gonna tell me the reason why you are making stay one more second in this cold ” Audrey teased me.
I chuckled before taking a seat beside her on the bench.
” I know how you feel about Lucy being here, but you have to keep things low for now, promise me what happened today won’t repeat itself till those kids leave. “I urged her.
” I promise, ”
” Alright, I actually asked you to wait behind because I would like to ask you something. ”
” What? ”
” Is it possible to tap into the power in your wolves to Make the Alpha stronger and faster? ”
” Hmmmm, I have read of such before but it is extremely difficult to do and even if done, it leaves the giving wolves weak and at a disadvantage in the hands of their enemies. I don’t know what you are planning but it should be your last resort. ”
” Alright , I just needed a confirmation, thanks. You can go now ”
But she didn’t, she just continue to stare at my face.
” What?”
“What? Won’t you kiss me goodnight like you did the others ”
I sighed and then kissed her left cheek.
” Nah, I won’t accept that. You should know better ”
I kissed her fully on the lips before she finally stood up. She had a wide grin on her face before she walked back gracefully into the house.
Lord help me from these women, what have I gotten myself into, as I slumped to the bench and soon fell asleep.

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