Story: The Last Wolf - Season 1 - Episode 54

5 years ago

After pushing the kids to doing forty push ups, running around at top speed for 400metres straight and of course transforming back and forth to hasten their transforming process, I wasn’t close to picking my top officials, they were all still raw. I was a bit disappointed but hey, it was only their first time, I have to be a little patient with them.
I dismissed them and tasked Jason to allocate rooms to them, they were to stay two in each room. Angel had some spicy omelet for them after their shower.
I brought out my phone and saw several missed calls and voice mails, Lucy prominent of all. Why is she calling me? Isn’t she suppose to be having fun with her dad, after all she missed him. I excused myself from the gathering and listened to the voice-mail, shitt….. If George actually kicked her out, it means he had someone or people watching her to see who would come pick her, he doesn’t know my face yet, and I wonder why she chose the forgotten Orchard , it will be hard to get rid of the tyre marks, this woman is just a pain in the arse.
“Hey, swittie, I will be right back, wanna settle some stuffs. “I told Angel before kissing. I didn’t give her room to ask questions before zooming off.
When I was close to her location, I stopped a mile out and sniffed for any threat, there was just one, Damien. He was busy choking Lucy, not that I cared much, but doing that to a defenseless woman was just classless, what a Jackass.
I heard everything Lucy Said, they were sweet and I decided to help her out after Damien slammed her to a tree. Before he could cause further damage, I snapped his neck, I thought of actually separating his head from his body but decided otherwise, i am not a cold blooded killer, Damien doesn’t have problems with me, rather it was with my ex-.
Lucy’s thank you was, “took you long enough”, I just ignored her.
I carried her into the SUV, and drove back to the highway, I turned the car 360 in order to get rid of the mud underneath the tyre to help conceal our trail. When I was done, I drove to the clearing.
During the drive, Lucy was uttering some ridiculous statements, saying, I have two wives and she is the first.
Coming from a woman who dumped my silly arse to please her dad, it backfired now she suddenly remembers she has a husband using the excuse of a severed bond.
“Why are we turning? “she asked but I didn’t answer her.
I just continued driving and then I turned right and headed for what seemed like no where.
Well, until I drove into a tarred road,
” um just so you know, Audrey stays here, she is alive.”i said.
Her face turned pale immediately, like it was drained of blood. I just smiled and came down from the car.
Angel was waiting to ask me questions upon questions.
I thought of removing the GPS in the car, but Kris, one of the lads have encrypted every signal leaving this house, we are safe from any tracking of any kind.
“What’s Lucy car doing here? “Angel asked clearly not amused.
I was about to answer her question when Lucy suddenly screamed from inside the car.
I ran to her side of the car, and pulled her out. She was holding her head and was screaming her lungs out. This was magic at work, someone was using magic on Lucy.
Audrey, where is she?
I looked around and saw her in the kitchen. Her lips were moving, I kept Lucy gently on the floor and went after Audrey.
She saw me coming and waved her left hand, I flew off in the other direction. I hated someone using magic on me. I thought Audrey already knows that.
I stood and ran after her again, she waved her hand again but it didn’t work this time.
“Stop it, you are hurting her “I yelled at Audrey.
” This is little compared to what she made me pass through for decades. I will torture her till I am satisfied. “she shot back at me
I looked around and found no kid around, probably they were in their rooms. Seeing no one,I held her hands and kissed her fully on the lips, that did it. She lost focus and the spell stopped.
” We will have our vengeance but not like this. Kids are upstairs, okay, please. “I begged her.
” You are no fun Richard. You bore me.!!”she screamed before leaving hastily.
I returned to the field, I looked for Angel but she was no longer there.
“I am hated by almost everyone, I was loved by only you and how did I repay you, by hurting you. I am sorry Richard ” Lucy said shedding years in between her speech.
” Your past is hunting you now,Lucy. About me, that ship has sailed, you made your decision, live with the consequences. Well, what can I say, welcome to the clearing. I am sure you are familiar with this ground. ”
I woke up after some hours, I looked around but Lucy was no where to be found even her car.
I stood up quickly and checked for trails but I got none leading any where, Dammit!!!!!, the son of a b.itch was smart. There were so many tyre marks but none leading any where.
Fvck me, what will I tell George now.

I returned to the Mansion and found my way to the Library. George was standing facing the window, he turned back when I walked in.
“Debrief me”
“I was watching, and just some minutes before eight, Lucy came down from her car, probably to meet someone, but I wasn’t able to find out who because whoever he was, snapped my neck. ”
” How do you know it’s a he? ”
” His Cologne gave him away , it was too musky. ”
” So you mean, an amateur could do this to you. I don’t believe your story , you must have given your position away because you wanted to have some last moments with her. How do I know, Lucy’s Cologne is all over you.
Damien you are becoming more and more silly. You know how much I hate excuses, now you are lying. Your next task will be the breaking point. Fail me again and I will send you to where you truly belong. Now get out and restart Project Valdon. ”
George ordered before returning to the window.
Project Valdon, if he wants that, then it means Shiit just got even more real and I pity those who will be involved.
Project Valdon is a code name for the elite group of vampire soldiers. These set of people are the most dangerous set of mercenaries ever trained. They were just thirty in number but their desire for destruction Is insatiable. They are fast, powerful, smart, strong and vicious. They are usually called upon during times of war. I can’t remember the last they were called, I and my boys have always been able to handle any uprising, but if George says this dog crew is beyond our abilities, then I am really sorry for them
Anyway, I am happy I won’t be looking around for that dude.
Time to feed
How is it possible that a Mikaelson breathes and I have been in the wind about this all this while. He is strong and quite different from his parents. He is almost twice their size and his eyes, they glowed amber, while his parents glowed golden.
The way he glided and protected Angel from me before hitting me with his left forelimb showed how much training he has gotten over the years.
His ability to speak in wolf form shows that both he and his wolf are one, this guy was a different beast all together and quite different from his parents who were still getting used to their powers. The aura around him made the air kinda crackle and if i wasn’t an Alpha myself, I would have knelt down too. If I am to have any chance against this guy, I will have to call my specially trained warriors, the Valdons.
“This will be your room, I will have one of the boys move your things here. Have fun ” I told her before closing the door.
” Richard,…… Thank you ” she said.
I nodded and moved to the kitchen, I was hungry, I still haven’t finished my meal.
I was washing the dishes I used in eating when Angel came behind me and wrapped her hands around my waist.
” Richard, I won’t Share you with anyone, and I hope her stay here is temporary. I want you in me, I will be on stockings, don’t make me wait for too long ”

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