Story: The Last Wolf - Season 1 - Episode 53

5 years ago

How the fvck did this happen, just how? I thought I killed every one of those dogs, even if, how did he live for this long and I never knew about it.
He has obviously been planning for his revenge and now he has access to this family in that sly wh.ore.
The confidence was there, he had the nerve to crash into my house and threaten my subjects, not just threaten, he humiliated me in front of everyone.
I will make sure he wished he had died the same day with his parents. He obviously doesn’t know who he just threatened. I am not called a god for nothing
My guests were discussing among themselves and I am dead sure every vampire around the world will know of what just transpired.
I have to show them I still have it in me.
“Damien, I want you to find out everything about this guy. I do not know exactly what he looks like, but I don’t need to tell you how to do your job. I want Intel as soon as possible. Such a threat shouldn’t last a day.
Lucy, I want a word with you. ” I said.
I dismissed the other guests and walked to my library.
Lucy later came forward holding some documents, I didn’t ask for lengthy boring lectures. I asked her to take a seat,
” I know no threat can enter this town without you being aware of it, besides I put you in charge before leaving, so you will need to explain a lot ”
I told Lucy.
” He came into town about three months ago, he is dark skinned, tall about six feet. I first took notice of him when I met him in school. He had this aura around him, his breach was powerful and I took him for a witch initially, but he didn’t come after me when we locked eyes. Then I knew he was a different thing entirely. I couldn’t read his mind, some form of magic protected him from me. I decided to move closer to him to try and understand this threat. I got intimate with him but still I was unable to read his mind but I got to see the thing inside of him. From there on, I fooled him into love and even became his mate. He forced me to get rid of my vampire beast and become a full wolf but it was worth it. I was able to know that the book of demons was with him. He didn’t obviously know how to read it but I knew and I was able to get some spell that merges both beast – vampire and werewolves together. You have always wished to eat normal food again and I have found the perfect solution to that. Here is the detailed information on the spell. ” Lucy explained.
I took the papers and tore them to shreds. I was mad with rage, Lucy slept with a dog and became his mate or whatever and not only that, just for some lousy spell, she rejected her family and instead chose to be a dog, a fvcking dog.
Dammit, this girl has humiliated me to the very core. What insolence, if the vampire were to get wind of this, I will be ousted with immediate effect. Werewolves are our sworn enemies and if anyone hears about this, it will mean that I am unable to control my own family, how much more a community of vampires, thousands of them.
I have to take action. I have to be the ruthless leader that was once feared among humans. I was the name that brought men to their knees, how did I get to this, that a little wolf will just destroy what I have worked for.
With a broken heart, I looked at a terrified Lucy after tearing the papers she gave me.
” Lucy, you rejected your family to become a dog. You rejected Damien to mate with a dog. I am sorry but such bonds are never broken no matter what is used to break them. You are now a part and parcel of that beast, whoever he is. Therefore you don’t belong here, take your things and leave. I, George Tom Keller disown you and deny ever fathering you. I do not want to see you around here or in this town. If I do, I will kill you myself. Now be gone ”
I couldn’t believe what i just heard but dad was serious, he had my things removed, mum begged and begged, but it was of no use. I didn’t cry, somehow I knew I had it coming. I put my things in my SUV and drove off. When I was outside, I took my cell and dialled Richard’s number, he didn’t pick, so l left a voice mail for him.
“Hey, we need to talk, George has just chased me out of town because of you. Meet me at the Forgotten Orchard.”
I sat in the car and waited, but this time, I cried eventually.
Immediately she zoomed off, I called Damien, ” Follow her and find who she will meet and report back to me

After almost four months away from home, I couldn’t be happier returning home, I missed my team, the raids and of course, my eternal love.
As usual, distinguished guests were already waiting for our arrival, they were here to hear first hand news on the revolt that was extinguished in New York. The Alexanders felt George was stalling in his movement for world domination and decided to revolt, they had a large following but it wasn’t enough to succeed George, in the end they paid for their ambition.
This was what George was busy explaining when Angel arrived. Everyone stopped to stare at her, she was beyond gorgeous. I smiled at her, but she didn’t even look my way, who cares, I have fvcked her hole times without number, if she is hot, I believe Lucy is hotter, I think.
I was brought to reality when George mentioned someone with a beating heart, now that didn’t make sense. I have always thought George was a bit delusional, sometimes he just rant about things that doesn’t make any sense, this was one of those times. We are know that only Lucy has a beating heart, something some of us envy about her, even George himself. So talking about another beating heart was beyond senseless to me.
But he stood up and walked slowly until he got to Angel’s seat and just dragged her up roughly, what the hell is wrong with this man, I wanted to get Angel away from him and was already on my feet when hell broke loose.
Something crashed into those beautiful windows beside the love garden. Whatever it was landed a wolf, the whole process was so fast, I was astonished myself.
This wasn’t a normal wolf, even the ones killed by George, the ones that fought for our village I was opportune to see were a lot smaller. This one was so massive that I was sure if we had beating hearts, it would have flown out of our chest by now. It was black, so black, I can’t find anything worth comparing it with. When it howled, jeez, I was damn sure Mrs Emily just lost consciousness. Those fangs were huge, they could rip through metal.
The fascinating thing was that when it howled, we are went on their knees, was it sort a sort of God?, how the fvck do you kill something like this? Can George be a match for this and I was given my answer when George went after Angel after she ran to the wolf but just a little move of one of the Wolf forelimbs, George went flying like an excited missile through the kitchen. I swear I almost laughed, I had to control my mouth.
The wolf threatened us before leaving, it could even talk, I have never heard of such before that werewolves could talk. This was surely beyond George’s abilities.
The wolf and Angel left together and we were finally free of his hold.
Immediately, George walked back to the dining, his eyes mad with rage.
He tasked me with getting everything about this thing, he called it the last Alpha. I smirked within me, like I will be found 50 metres close to that freaking monster, hell no, I aint doing that shittt.
Anyway, I set off to work, while George and his daughter had a daddy – daughter discussion.
I brought out my beats speaker and from my phone , I kept 69k the brotherload on repeat. I love that song, it keeps me on edge (I aint saying who sang it, find out yourselves)
After some minutes, I was on my way to the kitchen to get something to drink when I saw Lucy’s things been moved to her car, what the hell is happening? I asked around, all denied knowing nada. I watched Lucy drive out of the compound, I haven’t had an opportunity to even kiss her since I got back.
I decided to see George and ask what happened between his daughter and him when I heard what broke my heart to a thousand pieces,
” Lucy mated herself to that dog, she rejected us and therefore I have rejected her too”
What the fvck!!!! Lucy didn’t mate with me but a wolf. If this gets out, I don’t know the amount of ridicule I will be exposed to.
When George asked me to follow her, I was more than ready as I wanted to beat the shiit outta her. I found her at the forgotten Orchard, she smiled at me like she was expecting me, I walked up to her, and gripped by her neck and lifted her up.
“you shameless, how could you,? ”
” I did it to please Dad, but apparently, he wasn’t. But I loved him and I still do , he is a better man than you will ever be. I stopped loving you after killing Dean, dammit, I hate you. ”
” Well fvck you, you didn’t do it to please your dad, I am sure you did it because of some lame competition you have with Angel, well, she has the wolf to herself and you are now just a bastard Keller. You have always competed with Angel, a pity she doesn’t see you as a rival. So you can kill yourself, bastard ”
” Call me all the bad names in the world, it doesn’t move me, I will still be better than you all later, you won’t win the coming war and I will be more than happy to dance on your smelling dead body. ”
Her last statement made me mad , I threw her at a tree and it broke in half, she tried to get back on her feet but struggled to. I walked slowly as I love to when torturing someone. I was some metres from her when someone tapped me from mbehind but before I could turn, my neck was snapped.
“Took you long enough “I said to Richard.
” Get up, we have to move quickly “he said.
He carried me back to the range Rover and drove off.
” I heard all you told him, as sweet as it is, but you betrayed me, it’s over between us, I have a wife now ” Richard said.
” Well I don’t care, my dad said my bond can never be actually broken and that’s one of the reasons he kicked me out because I am no longer his. I am someone else’s…… Yours. So sorry to burst your bubble, Rich, but now technically, you have two wives, so get use to it. ”

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