Story: The Last Wolf - Season 1 - Episode 52

5 years ago

I turned away from Angel and punched the wall, that made Angel to flinch. I kept punching the wall and thereafter la!d my head on it and remained that way for some time.
“Richard, please say something, are you OK with it ” Angel said, her voice Laden with uncertainty.
” Am I OK with it, I am fabulously okay with it. I will soon be a father, Angel. Do you how long I have wanted this, but I couldn’t. Angel, I am more than ok with it. ” I replied in between tears. That brought a smile to Angel’s face, I walked back up to her and carried her, turned her around and gently landed her on the bed.
I slowly pulled up her gown and removed it completely. She was on white lacy lingerie, but that wasn’t where my attention lies, I sU-Cked and played with her stomach using my tongue. She giggled and giggled and laughed extensively.
After a while, I stopped and la!d on the bed beside her.
“When did you know this, I mean that you are pregnant “I asked as I played with her hair.
” I knew of it last week, but I didn’t want to tell you. I was scared at first, since it was a first for me. I was still in my twenties when I was turned. I thought it was a bit too early in our relationship. I am sorry for keeping such information from you “she replied.
” It’s fine, I get where you are coming from. I was a bad father for reasons I don’t know, so for you to be pregnant for such a person, might not be great news. But hey, I am ready now, I am.
By the way, I think the reason you had issues transforming the other day is because you are pregnant, although it wasn’t your fault, your wolf wanted the change.
But from now, you won’t able to transform again. “I said.
” That’s sad, I really wanted to run around the lake in my wolf,and it also means that I will not be involved in the forthcoming battle ” Angel said, a little down casted.
” Common, I wouldn’t even let you fight in the first place. Losing you to some leech will kill me, I don’t think I can live without you. I love you Angel and of course, our baby. So you are rooting for which gender, male or female. I go for female. ”
Angel laughed and then kissed me,
” I am rooting for neither, I want twins. “she replied.
” Twins s???.. Now.. That’s ” Angel won’t allow me finish, she came on top of me and started unbuckling my belt. She really wanted s*x but it wasn’t just her day, because a call came in and it was Jason, I had to pick. Angel hissed and then rolled her eyes before collapsing beside me.
“Hey Jason, it’s has better be worth it. ”
” Sorry Coach but the boys are ready, all of their things have been packed, we are waiting for your okay ”
” Alright, send me all of the cell numbers of their parents, need to call them, when I am done, I will text you where to convenge . ” I said before hanging up.
” Sorry love, Alpha duties call, I will make it up to you “I told a sulking Angel.
I ran off to the library and instructed Audrey to start the spell, while I dialled each of their numbers
Sent to me by Jason.
After about twenty-five minutes, I was through.
I speed dialed Jason,
“Hey, tell your boys to meet me the field just beside the Church. Make sure no one see you guys. Avoid where cameras are located, I am sure you know what to do. When you walk a little into the woods, you should see a oddly shaped tree, now that’s your spot. Run straight from there until you get to the clearing. You should meet me outside. I want a perfect job done , Jason, no mistakes..”
“Yes boss” He said before hanging up.
“Get the things ready for the other spell. “I said to Audrey.

I went outside and waited for them. Some twenty minutes later, they came through the woods and I led them in. I sniffed and checked if anyone followed them but all was clear. I moved in too and asked them to follow me.
I lead them to what was supposed to be a barn but surprisingly, it was a sort of training center used to train vampires but now it’s for the wolves.
“No shitt, this is freaking cool”
“Are you kidding, did you say cool, this is awesome ”
The boys were busy talking about what they were seeing but I had to talk to them.
” Listen, this isn’t some game anymore, you are now involved in a real battle, a battle where blood will be spilled and people will die. This is no longer fun but business, I am sorry to drag you into this but I can’t do this without you guys. I need you guys and I must say your life will be in danger. I will debrief you about what you will be fighting later but now let’s see if the football practices were worth it. Jason, put Eminem’s Phenomenal on repeat. It’s time to get physical boys, let’s roll. ”

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