Story: The Last Wolf - Season 1 - Episode 51

5 years ago

The fear in Angel’s eyes was so glaring, she obviously feared George more than anything on this earth, the same man she hopes to kill someday, what an irony.
I tried my best to pacify her but she just kept mentioning George, George, like he was some kinda god.
“Look, Enough of George name calling here, i have had enough. You mated with me because you believe and you know that I can protect you, okay? You are my Luna, Angel, and I will die before anyone harms you. Now be calm, have a shower and get yourself there, if anything is about to go wrong, let me know. “I said
” And how am I suppose to do that, you know, let you know? “she asked.
” By now, you should be able to speak to me telepathically. You do this by imagining you are taking to me face to face or in this situation, just keep your mind open. I should be able to hear everything that’s going on and if trouble is about to start, I will find my way there. Just be yourself and trust me on this. ” I reassured her before carrying her back home.
“I love you” was the whisper I heard as she was on her back and it brought a smile to my face. I moved her roughly up like a stubborn little kid on mummy’s back and she giggled.
I couldn’t believe Richard was this fun. I mean, he chased me around like a kid and even danced salsa with me, I hate to say it but he is far better than me. Oh, when he kissed me after turning me around. It was my fantasy come true, although I slapped him, i could smell Lucy’s Cologne all over him. It brought out another side of me, a territorial side of me.
The lake view was exquisite, and it was hard to believe that something this beautiful existed in this place I shed innocent blood years ago.
Everything was sweet and cool until that Celine spoilt everything telling me that George was back in town.
If I refuse to come for Breakfast, it would mean my death, George doesn’t take no for an answer.
Richard became irritated by my behavior and his speech about me being his mate was so beautiful. I just had to be calm and communicate with him telepathically..
I showered and got dressed. I and Richard shared a very special kiss before I left.
I got into my car and drove off to the mansion.
The route was filled with mist, as it was a means to checkmate enemies, especially witches.
I arrived in no time and unsurprisingly, security and protocol was super tight now.
I heard whistles as I came down from the car. I wore a silky tight gown and it brought all of my curves out so the looks and whistles wasn’t surprising.
I stepped into the house and found my way nto the dining and there seated were what we call the elites: the first set of vampires, extremely powerful and intelligent,with all forms of diverse gifts.
“Oh finally, here is the lost Beauty. Where have you been my gorgeous cousin? Sit and let’s eat. ” the creepy voice of George said.
I kissed the Mrs Keller and shot

Lucy a glare.
I took my seat and then took a sip of drink, blood of course.
“Well, I am more than happy to be back folks, New York was fun but it was messy. The Alexanders had to be taught a lesson. No one messes WI…… ” George suddenly stopped his speech, he looked around and then said
,” you know it’s quite amusing to know that I am hearing two beating hearts when the last time we were gathered, it was just one – Lucy’s, so who owns the new beating heart? I won’t ask a second time ” George threatened.
I called for Richard within and hoped that it worked. George slowly stood up and slowly walked towards my direction, touching each chair and then stopped when he got to me.
” I suppose we have our culprit, mind telling us how you got a beating heart now, Angel? ” George said as he grabbed me roughly off my chair,
” answer me traitor!!!” he screamed.
Then suddenly someone or something crashed into the dining from the eastern window. Whatever it was landed a wolf, a huge black wolf.
I smiled as Richard came to my rescue.
The extreme shock on the faces of the guests was legendary. Richard howled with so much venom, the impact was immediate, everyone was forced to go on their knees including me. Only George and Mrs Keller remained standing and seated respectively.
It was beyond cool and the shock George experienced allowed me to run off to Richard but George recovered and came after me but got a real smack on his chest from one of Richard’s forelimbs that threw him off the ground and into the wall.
“I will come for all of you, each and every one of you block sU-Cking demons. ” Richard said with his creepy voice. He asked me to get on his back telepathically and off we rode into the misty route in super lightening speed.
Oh my God! , Richard came but not for me. It was for another, one I least expected, Angel.
My shock was nothing compared to everyone present in the dining. Seeing a wolf for the first time in their lives wasn’t what they hoped to see today. Not just any wolf but an angry Alpha .
Richard was bigger and very mad, a rage that can only be possible if his mate is attacked, Angel is his new mate.
His howl forced me to my knees as everyone too except my parents . Just how powerful is Richard?
Well, Angel ran off to her lover and Dad followed but I later saw Dad in another section of the room, I have never seen Dad hit before but now he wasn’t just hit, he flew more than 50 metres through the wall,what an embarrassment.
Richard threatened us all before taking his leave and then we were free from our undeserved punishment.
Dad found his feet again, and then he returned to the messy dining.
“Mind telling us who the hell was that, I thought they were just a legend ” Sir Gabriel asked
” Mind your words with me Gabriel. Well apparently They aren’t, and that huge dog you just saw is the last Alpha ”

I made my point after crashing George’s welcome breakfast or whatever. Just the sight of him makes me mad and then he starts hurting Lucy just like he did to my parents and sister, what a jerk!, I should have killed the c.unt right there but the feeling I got after smacking him through the wall in front of his subjects was enough.
But I know that doing so, I have ignited a war, I am not really prepared for, but it was worth it, no one was gonna hurt my Angel while I still breathe.
As soon as we were out of their estate, I turned to an alley in the woods, dropped Angel gently and then transformed back to human. I picked up the change of raiment I dropped there before I ran like a possessed soul into the vampire mansion.
After changing as quickly as I could, I picked up Angel and ran off again with her giggling all the way. I stopped some few metres from the gas station, walked for a while and then brought out some keys from my pocket. I pressed the key control and the driver’s door opened. We got into the SUV and drove off into the interstate road.
“Where did you get the SUV, Richard? ” Angel asked.
” I knew you would be in trouble, so immediately you left I followed. I took Audrey’s SUV, yup, she didn’t fly from wherever she came from, she actually came with a car. I parked the SUV close to the gas station, and kept a change of raiment close to the mansion. Running through from the clearing to the mansion would have been obviously Faster but I had to use my initiative. I could get caught by Cctv you know or some other accident could happen and a split second late would have kept you in real danger in the hands of that lunatic. I couldn’t risk that, I can’t lose another family ” I replied her. Immediately after my speech, Angel busted into tears, I wanted to pet her but she said I should continue driving. I drove on and entered the narrow path that led to the clearing. Instead of stopping at the passage way, I continued driving and then turn right into nowhere reciting some spell. Angel was nervous and started screaming telling me I was heading straight into a wall but instead the car entered into a tarred narrow path that led into the garage in the huge house that have come to become ours.
After parking the car, Angel went straight for my lips, we kissed for a while but as much as I was enjoying the kiss, we had other pressing issues at hand. I disengaged but she didn’t like that, she came at me again but I stopped her by making my eyes glow.
“Angel I know you want to thank me for being your prince charming but we have more pressing issues now. In saving you I have started a war I am not ready for now. But I wouldn’t say the smack wasn’t worth it” she smiled after hearing that,
“we have to prepare as quickly as possible, strategize and all. I can’t do that with a Hot goddess on my lips. ”
She stopped sulking and still came for my lips again, I let her in and when she was satisfied, she smirked before saying”

Let’s kick some arse ”
Talking about arse, she sure has some nasty one behind her, I didn’t know when I whistled, she looked back and said” pervert ” and she did some arse clapping before entering the house.
I laughed and then pick my phone, I speed dialed Jason’s number,
” Text all the guys to get ready, they are to pack their clothes and other items, they will be staying for an extensive Period of time. I will call you later in the day, shittt just got real, beta ”
I came down from the SUV and got into the house, I screamed Audrey’s name,
” I am in the Library “she screamed back.
I found my way there and saw her reading some witch book.
” I am sure you know that George is back in town and pretty soon he is gonna find out where we stay, so I want you to increase the protection of this house, make it impossible for anyone to find or trace. And please you will perform a spell that will help convince the parents of my boys to willingly release them tonight. Can you do that? ” I asked of her.
” Sure hubby bro, that’s a piece of cake. ” She replied.
I nodded my thanks and was about leaving when she said,
” Richard, I think your wife is hiding something from you. ”
” And what could that be ” I asked.
” That’s not for me to tell. “She replied and then she continued with her reading.

Audrey could be so annoying, why say something you won’t complete.
I went off in search of Angel and met her in the bathroom.
She was puking, so I decided to wait, after she was done, I asked
“What’s up with you, Angel? ”
” Nothing, I am cool, just removing the blood I had some minutes ago outta my system ” she replied.
” Don’t lie to me love , please “I said.
” Richard….. Rich….i think I am pregnant ” she whispered.
” Oooookay”

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