Story: The Last Wolf - Season 1 - Episode 49

5 years ago

I stood up quickly and started putting on my clothes, “Where are you off to in a hurry? Your new mate Is calling, huh? ” I didn’t answer her, I had Better things to do than argue back and forth with a crazy woman. I kissed her on the lips and was heading out, when she said,
“Richard, you can only run from the truth so much but your destination will always be me. There is a reason you met me. “She said.
Now that didn’t sound right, my destination will always be her,well,whatever it meant, I will figure out later. I have to plan my moves for the coming war.
Lucien’s survival was still a big mystery to me. I mean I actually saw the damage done to his back, um, he actually fell off a tree when we were hopping around but I was shocked when he screamed from the fall.. I thought it was one of his many pranks but when I discovered he had difficulty standing up, I knew he was serious.
I have never been so scared in my life as I was when I turned his wolf over to see his spinal cord almost shooting out of his fur in weird angles. But Mr Richard spared my blushes and since then I haven’t been myself and I have been asking myself the question if I was truly capable of being a leader in this pack, I almost got one of my members killed today.
Well, as much as I hated myself right now, I have to honor my parents as I usually do on this day every year.
Caroline and Timothy Sands
died today 25th Of July. I usually party all by lonesome and do so by playing their favorite songs. I started today with Alter-bridge’s Metalingus, mom and Dad loved this song more than their barbecue if you know what I mean.
I was dancing all alone, crazy, right? I moved on to Jason Derulo’s Love before I die, when I heard a knock on the door. I danced to the door expecting one of my neighbors who must be here to complain about the noise but to my greatest surprise I found the most beautiful red haired woman in the universe right now – Audrey.
I had this uneasy feeling after Richard left, I just didn’t know why. But the manner in which Audrey massaged and reset my shoulder was class. I was at peace after she was done and decided to take a nap. I faintly heard her say she was going to town and I wondered what she was doing there at this time of the night.
I was sleeping when a sharp pain started from my chest, it was bearable at first but it gained momentum over time. It became more and more painful that I had to scream and scream and unfortunately for me, no one was around to help me. The pain became so unbearable that I finally pass out.

This woman’s Beauty was out of this world, i just stood like an effigy staring at her.
“Are you gonna let me in or you are gonna keep staring at me? “she asked .
That brought me back to life, “Forgive my naivety, do come in” I said. “So what do I own this visit and

you have this strange knack for visiting me at night “I said.
” Do you have a problem with that? “she asked.
“Nope, I am just wondering why you like coming here. It’s just weird you know, there are lots of cute rich guys out there that you could match up with. I am not one of them” I replied.
She looked at me and then shook her head, before saying ” You think I am looking for a boyfriend in you. Please don’t me laugh, kid, I am over two centuries old and I do know my way around town, so thanks for the suggestion.”
” So why do you keep coming here, I am sure it’s not to give a message to Coach since you live with him now, Centurion. ” I teased her.
She moved closer to me, like really close and then replied me,” Maybe it’s because I want to help you find that love before you actually die ” and then she moved for my lips, damn you Derulo.
I was troubled all through the drive back home. George is coming, damn it. So if I didn’t actually ask Lucy, I wouldn’t have known anything, that’s really careless of me, very careless. Well there was sufficient time to make up for my stupidity which seems to be on the increase now.
I got to the clearing and did the normal spell stuff. I quickly climbed the stairs and found my way to Audrey’s room to tell them about what I had just discovered.
I opened the door only to find an unconscious Angel on the floor.

I ran and carried her off the ground and placed her on the bed. She looked pale, I checked for a pulse and thankfully, she was still alive. I removed her clothes and carefully covered her with some sheets. What the hell happened here? and where the fvck is Audrey?
Her lips are so soft and yummy. I literally ate the hell outta them, she left my lips and stood, looking at me. I stood there too and wondered why she suddenly stopped. She raised her left brow, and then it occurred to me that she was actually waiting for me to complete what she started. My pleasure, I said within me as I went pulled off the tight gown on her. She had some really nice juggs on her. I moved quickly for the left one after unclasping her bra. She m0aned and I felt proud, I was doing it right. I moved to the right and lingered there for a while.
I became tired of sU-Cking, I wanted to enter this woman, she was just too gorgeous.
I removed her p@anties and her triangle was hairy but well trimmed just as I liked it.
I brought out my rod and placed her on the top of the couch as I entered her from behind.
Her hole was hot, damn Hot. A deep m0an left her mouth as I went in full length. I then pumped and pumped. Counting from 1 to 100. When I got to 55, I released my Pour. I was happy, I finally b@nged a goddess, fvck Chelsea.
I was on smiles but that wasn’t the case for Audrey. She was clearly not happy. “You know for a dope guy like you, I expected a lot more from you but I must say that I am very disappointed. You need to learn how to please a woman, making love is not about slamming your rod into a hole all day, it’s far more than that . ” with that , she wore her clothes and b@nged my door so hard, I was sure I would be having a visit soon from Miss Jackson, my annoying neighbor, who is married to her cats.
I have never been so embarrassed all my life, Audrey actually just called me a lousy fvck… And here I was thinking I could actually fvck… Well, shame on me.
After about thirty minutes or thereabouts, Angel finally came out of her coma, I took up her right arm and kissed it but she pulled it away from me after the kiss. I looked at her but she turned her face to the other side.
“Angel, I had to do it and I must say being sorry just doesn’t cut it. I am sick of cheating on you be it Lucy or Audrey. I am beginning to hate myself and be rest assured that whatever pain you felt, I felt worse. But it was worth it, I have news Angel” I tried to explain myself but she didn’t reply me.
After waiting for her reply and got none, I got into the bed with her but she just shifted away from me. Angel has barely been shown love since the death of her parents, and for once she has actually fallen in love and found complete trust in me but I was barely repaying that faith she has in me. I mean when was the last time I actually had real fun with her apart from s*x. With Lucy, we had so much fun together, we threw pillows at each other and chased ourselves around the house.
Angel is a different kind of person, she is uptight but quite naughty, I needed o create that atmosphere with Lucy here.
I started playing with her ribs, at first she acted like she could handle it but then a giggle left her lips, then more giggles and then a laugh as she struggled to stop me from going on.
“Oh stop it Richard… Stop it! ” she said in between laughs.
“Why don’t you try and stop me “I replied..
Oh yes, she did try. She got a pillow and smacked my head really hard with it. Now, that’s what I am talking about.
I got a pillow and we got into a sort of pillow fight. The absolute joy on Angel’s was priceless. She was so happy and it felt like a huge burden has been lifted off her.
She hit me and left the room in her lightening speed, I followed her and we ran around the huge house before finding ourselves in the open field.
I finally caught and she placed my hands on my shoulders while I placed mine on her waist.
“This is the happiest moment of my life in a long, long time. We should be doing more of this. By the way I don’t care what news you have, I just wanna revel in this moment and make it memorable. I saw you dancing salsa once in school. Let’s see if you can actually dance it ” she said before bringing out her HTC M8 and put Marc Anthony’s – Vivir Mi Vida on repeat (by the way, that song is awesome, all salsa fans should listen to it).
The dance Started and I must say she was really good but I was better. I turned her around for the hundred time before catching again but this time we didn’t do the step thing, I instead went for her lips but she gave a real smack on my face after the kiss.
“You didn’t wash your mouth after using it on Lucy before kissing me. ” She said, laughing afterwards after seeing the reaction on my face. She took to the woods, taunting me to catch her and as usual, I chased after her.

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