Love, Lust And Lost - Season 1 Episode 72

6 years ago

They separated quickly, Melvin going towards Felicia who stood hands akimbo shaking on one leg. She sq££zed her face shrewdly, anger welling up in her.

“So it is true ehn? You have been seeing another girl,” Felicia started, looking at him from up to down as though who was he standing in front of her.

“Please Felicia I can explain,” he pleaded.

“Explain what?” She asked, feeling like `sanding (sounding)’ him a slap.

Before he could open his mouth to make another speech, Oge and Onome burst in, Oge in rage.

“Ehn ehn, so it is true ehn? So it is true what they said?”

They were all taken aback by the intrusion. Felicia searched who she was? Mariam was startled what was happening, why was Felicia threatening and what was Oge doing here also saying almost same thing Felicia had said.

“And who are you if I may ask?” Felicia faced Oge.

“Will you `meishonu’? Do you need to know who I am before you know who Melvin is to me?” She retorted.

“And who is he to you o, madam parrot,” Felicia was bold enough to speak. She was a notorious girl.

Everyone in the complex knew who she was. She was a lady of 21 who had repeated SS2 twice before she finally used her body to get promoted into SS3. She was 5ft 8 tall and fair skin. She wore her school uniform, white shirt with a blue skirt, socks on her legs and she had a slippers rather than a sandal on her foot.

“I’m his girlfriend if that’s what you want to know, then get that into your thin skull” she seemed to have ignored who she came for initially with Felicia present.

Melvin stood a slowpoke on one spot unable to speak or do anything. He knew today was certainly going to be bad day though it had started pleasant.

“So you are the boyfriend snatcher they’ve been talking about?” Felicia must be mistaken.

“Oh, so you are also the boyfriend thief thief they’ve been talking about. You and this little rat,” she pointed to Mariam, addressing her with the finger from head to toe.

Felicia was surprised what was going on herself. Who was the unknown plump girl she was pointing at. And who dare drag a guy with her as big as this complex is!

“And who are you?” Felicia managed to ask.

It felt as if Melvin had been excused from the gathering yet he was still present. His games had not work out today. They were against him. So he had another girl in Felicia?

Mariam didn’t reply, she rather swallowed bile. She wished she could retort but courage failed her. She kept quiet, fascinated what was going on, she walked backwards with her back. She managed to settle down as Oge was trying to come towards her, Felicia pushed her away.

“And where are you going boyfriend snatcher?”

“Please Felicia calm down,” Melvin came to light. “Oge please try to exercise patience” he turned towards Oge.

“Why should she exercise patience ehn? Why should she?” Onome defended her friend, then she looked at Mariam who was more of her concern than Felicia.

“You no worry, if I catch you, you go hear wheeehn!” She managed to add.

“If you ever do what you just did again, I will land you a dirty slap” Oge threatened Felicia.

Onome tried to pinch her friend to caution herself against who she was shouting at, threatening.

“Dem never born your papa well, you wan come try am. Wetin your eyes go see the day wey you go try am, you no go believe am. Dam!!!

Hei you little rat” she looked towards Mariam. “You better stay clear of my guy or what you will get yourself into, you will not live to tell the story.”

Oge was so dumbfounded she couldn’t say anything at the threat. She shut her month cause she remembered Felicia now, very well in the complex after her friend had pinched her. The boy-girl lady feared by all and sundry – even teachers were afraid of her.
“Coming back to you, I never knew you were the one they were talking about and you could be so bold to confront me?” She laughed dryly.

“I am giving you 3days to choose between leaving my boyfriend alone or else,…………….don’t let me say more than that.”

She looked mockingly at Melvin who appeared to be shaking where he stood. She snapped her fingers in the air at his face and left the koisk with a loud hiss.

Everyone knew Felicia to be a very notorious girl in the school. She acted as if she were a male. Does virtually all what guys do, she was a member of the S.O.P for ladies and a regular student of School 2.

Mariam was frightened where she sat. She tried to restrain the hot pee that were heating her stomach, over-spilling her bladder. Fears and shock seemed to have caused it all as sweats drooled down her face.

What if the two girls should grab hold of her, what would she do? She was already tortured with threats, she remembered her friends, Fatimah and then Zainab.

“I can explain please, just calm down,” Melvin spoke up soon as Felicia had left. He seemed to have conceived courage.

“You can explain what, you fool?” Oge raised her hand to slap him but he held it in mid-air. He was well alert.

“Onome please calm your friend, I can explain” he acted cowardice.

“Explain what ehn, Melvin? Explain what? What is there to explain than you are dating Felicia and this thing along with my friend.” She snarled. “Guys are so wicked and all of them are cheats.”

Mariam boiled on her seat, she wasn’t the cool type when it comes to trolling but she didn’t want to display her colour yet, she ingested spittle of calmness.

“I have always thought it all lies but I have seen more than my eyes could fathom today.” She was on the brink of tears.

“You are such a useless fool, a Judas of the highest rank, you bastard.” She cursed.

“How dare you call me a bastard?” Melvin boiled, lifting up his hands but he couldn’t bring them to do what he had in mind.

“Do you want to slap me? Beat me cause of this filthy rat and the Dam Felicia?” She riled.

“I will if I have to,” he `wisecracked’ and continued “don’t you know I know about all the things you’ve been doing with those Ilado and Akande guys? Oh!! You think I don’t know.” He gave her surprised face a mocking laughter.

“You know nothing about me Melvin.”

Melvin increased the bout of laughter, his voice shaking the ceiling-board. The three girls thought he was gradually going mad.

“You think I don’t know you’ve been messing around sleeping with all those S.O.P guyz?”

“Me? Sleep around with S.O.P guys?” She pointed to her chest as if she were not the one being addressed.

“Yes you Ogechi. You think I don’t know you are a Dam?”

A thunderous slap landed on his face as he finished pronouncing the word Dam, the end part `tch.’ He saw stars flying about his head, he wished he could touch one of them lot, could have been on the alert for it but he missed it before it landed on his cheek.

Mariam was affected with the slap where she sat, her bladder within a glimpse sunk in all the urine it couldn’t contain before. She had often watch it in movie when ladies slapped guyz in public for one relationship reasons or the other but it was now playing out realistically in her presence. She need not pay for Cinema ticket or go to a film house to rent a CD, it was being displayed freely on a stage set before her.

Melvin tried to be a man and not retaliate. He was a gentleman anyway and he exhibited it to Mariam’s delight because she never wanted it in her heart for him to retaliate.

To Onome’s face, it all wrote `that serves you right’ on it, she anticipated another one very soon, more resounding.

“I won’t slap you back but I would love you to forget about me totally. I do not want you again. Bleep off you female dog” Melvin raged as he had finished massaging his cheek.

“To hell with you,” she retorted and made to leave, then she turned back again. “And for you, what you saw yesterday was just a taste of what you should expect. I will get you.” She snapped her fingers and hurried off, her category followed closely behind.

When it had all returned to normalcy, Mariam spoke before he could open his mouth as he turned to face her, his palms joined together in a plea.

“What does she mean by that and who is the first lady that left?”

“Don’t mind the Dam dear, that’s just a bluff and for her, she is just a friend.” He lied.

“But she said yesterday was just a taste of what is to come,” Mariam tried to search her mind may be she could remember what happened yesterday but she couldn’t recall any.

“Please love, don’t unsettle yourself with that fool’s talk. She did and can never do nothing.”

“Okay,” she adjusted on her seat.

Though she said okay but was restless. She was brought back to a moments’ calm when he held her hands, bending down on his toes before her.

“I’m sorry Mariam,” he pleaded “accept all that had happened now that the insult had come from me”

May be because Mariam was young, she couldn’t read the line, couldn’t sight the danger imminent or might be because it was going to be her first time in love. Her first time to be in a relationship. She acted dummy, unreasonable.

“I’m not angry Melvin. I’m not, but I’m just afr,………..”

“Ssshhhhhh! Please don’t be! I assure you they both can’t do you anything,” he cut her short.

“I love you so much Mariam, please accept my love” he went on his knees.

Mariam had not been so astounded in her life before. Was she watching all those movies she watches at home here before her? She quickly tried to lift him up and uttered the long unexpected simple sentence.

“I love you too Melvin,”

Mariam and Melvin? We hope it isn’t going to be a mad rush’s mess with Notorious Felicia and dangerous Oge all fighting for just Melvin.

To Be Continued…

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