Love, Lust And Lost - Season 1 Episode 71

6 years ago

Miss yemisi’s plans seemed to have changed that afternoon, she had not expected Kunle would even call her after she had warned him sternly to stay away from her. She had rained `curses’ on him, shouted that she almost lost her voice.

“Get lost you bastard. I don’t ever want to see you again,” she wept in agony, all her body struck numb; snorts lingered and drool down her nostrils, taking a long walk to her jaws to mix with sweats and tears.

Although he had begged her so much yet she couldn’t endure the pain any longer; the battering and all he did with her as he wishes. She had sworn never to take him back no matter whoever he brought to plead with her.

His brutality was like that of a soldier, beating her with belt, slaps that tossed her heads about, hitting the wall. When she tried to escape, he would grab her hair or leg assuden and drag her on the floor while she pleaded continually.

“You are a Dam and I will make sure you stop being one,” he would descend on her and the battering would continue; no one to come to her rescue, against the door that had been bolted from within.

Bang! Bang!! Bang!!! They would continue to knock the door aggrieved and kick at the door but he wouldn’t open it, the door wouldn’t yield to the kicks. Until he was satisfied with the injuries he inflicted on her, he never stopped.

Her cheek swollen, eyes bulging out red like a ripe mango, her beauty ditched.

Though they had not gone to the altar to be consecrated but he continued to treat her bad like he had paid her dowry and had all the right to do whatever he so pleases.

However, she loved Kunle nonetheless she couldn’t just resist thinking about him in a day. He was handsome no doubt but he lacked what it takes to treat a lady right.

Anyone who saw how handsome he was would think the way his beauty is, was the way his love `was’. Those were the type of guys girls love falling for without a clue what trap they might be falling into until it started.

Only heaven knew what had suddely changed her mind about Kunle as she hurried to pack her things into her handbag.

She tried to cheer up, rubbed a little pancake on her face to rob her off the tears she had shed. May be it was the text she had received from him or cause she longed for him made her mind change as she paced out of the staffroom after she had signed out, heading for the bus-stop.

She was contemplating on what she should do when she sees him. To forgive him once and for all and carry on again, carry on for the 4th time.

She appreciated his doggedness because he had never stopped to try and get in touch with her after the last incident. Yes, Kunle might have changed according to what many of his relatives had said while calling to plead on his behave, she thought.

She seemed to have forgotten about Adefemi – the young man she was starting to love; not waiting for him so they could stroll to the bus-stop together.

“Hello ma,” by Adefemi startled her as she recollected herself back from her thoughts.

“Yes, what is it?” She asked angrily.

Adefemi looked at his back maybe there was someone else behind him she was talking to but he couldn’t find anyone, he turned back to face her. He blushed.

“Ma, it’s me George,” he pointed to himself, smiling as if he doesn’t understand what prank she was trying to play. Today was no April fool so why was she trying tricks?
“Who do you think you are?” She snared “hope you are alright?” She used her finger to ask the question pointing to her head.

“Ma,…….” He uttered “we talked on the field this morning and you gave me a gift during break. Don’t you remember?” Adefemi was now becoming conscious.

“You should remind me then if I don’t you id1ot!”

Adefemi’s eyes bulged out when he heard her say that, he was really surprised she had said that.

“But ma, what have I done wrong?” He managed to ask still astound.

“Let me warn you very well. I’m not your mate so get that into your skull!!! I don’t want to ever see you near me again.”

“It’s me Adefemi ma, your student, your friend.”

“You are mad.” She insulted, students and passersby were starting to wonder what was happening. Some stood at a distance to hear what the heat was about.

Adefemi was now sober, what has he done to Miss Yemisi to deserve her insult? Wasn’t she praising him this morning? Talking about how life was unfair to her? How her boyfriend and family treated her? Wasn’t she longing for his warmth, charm and love this morning?

Tears appeared from his eyes as she drew his ears, twisted it so he could hear her well.

“I don’t ever want to see you close to me again, you fool. You are a devil and a beast. Get away from me you useless id1ot.” She pushed him and he fell inside the pool of dirty water that had lingered in a pothole on the untarred road.

She walked off leaving Adefemi to his pains. He wept bitterly, his cloths dirty, his bag and the books in them wet and soaked. He cried like a baby.

“Me a beast?” He soliloquized as students looked at him with pity. Some, thoughts may be he was trying to harass the teacher on their minds.

He remembered the person that had first called him that name. Florence it is, yes it was her that called him a beast of the jungle and now Miss Yemisi.

He managed to pick himself up and walked to a nearby well to clean up a bit. He recollected how Zainob and her friend had come pleading with him cause of the slap she gave him at Mrs smalls place in the morning. He had shouted at them that they should leave him alone because he thought he had found a friend in Miss Yemisi not knowing these was going to be the outcome.

If he had known, he would have accepted Zainob’s plea and make things up, he thought.

He couldn’t take a bus home again that day, he had to trek. He trekked home thinking how he would call Zainob once he gets home to tell her he wasn’t angry anymore, moreover Zainob was his size he thought. May be he was overstepping his boundary, yet he couldn’t find any clue of that in his heart. At least he hadn’t ask to date her or anything.

As he recalled again the experience, he sobbed and walked slowly home, lonely.

To Be Continued…

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