[Story] Love, Lust And Lost

5 years ago

He passed through the staff-room – face frowned. He didn’t even care whatever was going to happen. He `defy’ this Bala for slapping him and would defy him still. If he should try his worst, he was going to show him.

Bala didn’t say anything, didn’t even shout his name or run at him, he just followed him determined that he couldn’t run anywhere, no matter where he was going, he would surely follow him there and show him – no one ever defy or disrespect senior Bala.

“Bala, please come over” The vice principal – female called him once she saw him through the fancy blocks of the staff room.

He groaned and walked on. He was not going to answer her. He will first see what this Izu would do. Even his worst, he wanted to see.

How could he disobey his instruction to go on his knees? He thought but the Vice principal’s voice ran after his ears.


“Bala,” and even louder. Drawing closer to nip his ear-drums.

“Bala,” now she had stepped out of the staff-room.

He turned back to face her direction. What was the vice principal calling him for at this point, he asked his thought – and started walking back to her, ignoring Izu for now. He couldn’t run away anyway, except he doesn’t come to school again.

“Ma, you called me!” He said as he stood at her front, his hands crossed at his back.

“Were you deaf before?” She raged.

“I’m sorry ma, I didn’t really hear the first time you called”

“But you heard when I called the second time, didn’t you?”

He couldn’t say a word again, such question had turned him in. No answer could he give to explain he didn’t hear because he had said himself, – he didn’t hear her first call. Certainly, he heard the second and moreover the first, to testify he didn’t hear it.

“So you can’t reply? Hope you know you’ve not written your WAEC yet? If you should start behaving like you’ve started this couple of days, you sure know what fate might be in store for you” the vice principal said.

It happened Bala had misbehaved in the Chemistry class yesterday – towards Mr Etuk. He had been discussing with his pals when the class was going on. The chemistry teacher had sent him out but he refused, claiming he wasn’t disturbing his class.

“I say get out of my class,” Mr. Etuk had shouted and `wiped’ (whip) him cane on the shoulder, of which he had looked at the chemistry teacher as though he would swallow him or strike his back.

He didn’t know the news about his behaviour towards the chemistry teacher had spread. He was lucky the principal hadn’t talked about it on the assembly ground.

But this wasn’t intentional anyway, he thought. He had not really done it out of disrespect but the anger he felt towards how Izu had despised him had made his head nut.

“I’m sorry ma. Please pardon me. I’ll change!” He apologized and promised.

“Sorry for yourself,” the Vice principal said and walked back into the staff room “follow me,” she added.

“Take this files to the principal’s office. That’s the key over there” she pointed towards where the key was lain on a table the principal had sat during the meeting.

The meeting had dispersed now and the teachers were just waiting for the principal to leave for her office before they went about their day’s work.

Bala took the key and hurried down to the principal’s office in time, so that he would come and deal with Izu before any teacher entered his class.

Meanwhile, Izu had entered his classroom and started narrating his ordeals to his friends.

“You know see that stupid Bala slap me.”

“Ehn! For where? Wetin you do?”

“Guy, you mean am?” Another asked, surprised.

“I swear to God. The fool slap me sha!”

“Where him dey? Make we go meet am now now. Abi God wan punish him papa!” Abiola, also nicknamed Baba 70 sprang up from where he had sat listening to Izu’s narration.

It happened Baba 70 had Bala in mind since they were in their JSS. Bala had one time in the Junior school sent Abiola on an errand giving him 50naira and asked him to buy something worth than the money he had given.

Bala and his colleagues had asked Izu to buy almost 200naira doughnuts and 3 Pepsi drinks with just 50naira. He had inquired how 50naira could buy such things but he was told to use his money to complete it.

He knew very well, he wasn’t the only student such trick had been used on. Many Junior student had gone through that same fate. He refused the errand and gave the money back to them but they refused to take it back.

“Senior please, I can’t go on such errand. Take your money back,” yet they didn’t collect the money and he had thrown it at them.

They grabbed him and really dealt with him that day that he would, could never forget. Of course, he had been really powerless then, as he was young but now, as a result of the street boys he moved with on the Lagos Island, – he had become a tout himself, but a tout with reason. He had been fortified very well with charms and he feared no one.
Though he often went about his own business, gently in the school and at home. He doesn’t find trouble but when someone steps on his toes or someone close to him. He would show his real colours.

He had sometimes said he had `chuk’ and bounce’ with dagger and `one blow, one die’ but he had never displayed his art/charms in the school premises.

He had been looking for the opportunity to present itself so he could treat Bala’s f^ck-up because he was the mastermind of the plot that happened then.

“All of you lie down flat,” was what disrupted their noises, as Bala and the head boy came into their noisy classroom.

The girls had been adding more fire with their usual bickering. While some guys edged Baba 70, Izu and Maxwell on – which made the class really noisy. Hails and salute had took the air to spur them on.

“Please Senior” some of them shouted.

“Arh God! Please senior!!” The girls pleaded as they didn’t like the punishment. It often gets their clothes dirty.

“I say flat everybody, on the floor,” Bala raged. His voice was so loud and fierce, it could collapsed the structure.

Izu and Baba 70 didn’t obey the command as they sat on the desk, this time, total defiance.

To Be Continued…

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