[Story] Love, Lust And Lost

5 years ago

“Guy, na assembly bell I hear so o” Maxwell said to the others.

“Oga forget that stuff joor, make we baze small before anything” David said, full of confidence.

He had been introduced by Maxwell to the school 2 on Friday, the 2nd week of school. He had found David to be someone who doesn’t fear anything, though, he doesn’t know what and what David is or what charms he possessed but he knew he wouldn’t be any cool guy with his height and walk. However, it is not written in both height and walk.

He remembered how he had brought James, the first week. James too had joined them but he hasn’t been frequent in attendance. Bringing new people meant he would have to shoulder, less – the burden of buying `shayo’ (drinks) for the house.

He was without doubt, the richest amongst the members of school 2. How they had turned it into a club was more surprising but it was good. Such group could protect one, when things go out of hands with some niggas out there.

David had been brought just last week into the school 2 but he appeared to have taken more weeds than all the members of the group had taken since they started school some 3 weeks ago. He was sure, a master before he came here.

“But they fit go make announcement na” Maxwell tried to make him see reason.

“I tell you make you forget. Anything wey dem announce. We go hear am” David boasted.

He had been some half corrupt before he came to Lagos but just 3 weeks and he was planning on staying out of assembly was now getting to be the worst thing he could do. He doesn’t seem to care, the poor condition of his parents. Not even a future, he had for himself.

Maxwell, who to himself – had not reasoned how his own life was starting to move towards utter shambles, felt pity for David. He felt like a devil for having brought him to join this school 2. But now, David was starting to do what he, could not do.

“James, `mook’ (make) we dey go abeg. Leave this guy make him do wetin him want”

James stood up, dusted his butt0ckz off grasses that clung to it.

“Give me the toothpaste and brush wey I put inside your bag, abeg” Maxwell requested and James brought it out.

It was their routine to wash their mouth once they finished all their smoking and drinking. Followed by taking TomTom sweet to suppress the weed odour.

They both bent and brushed, then took a wrap of sweet each out, chewing it immediately. Then later brought out another wrap which was meant to be left rolling inside their mouths till it finish melting.

“Guy, we don go be that” Maxwell said and they left the school 2.


“Morning students!”

“Morning ma” they chorused the principal.

“This is to announce to you, your First Continuous Assessment Test would come up next week. You should be prepared. And secondly, this test would determine may be you are in the right class, for SS1 students” she said facing their direction.

“Once you don’t pass this test exceedingly well. You should rather find your bearing to other classes than waste your time till the very end, when you might repeat. Is that clear?”

“Yes ma.”

She left the podium and the male Vice- principal came on stage.

“Good morning everybody. It is believed that some students are starting to fall way – off the line. We beg them to retrace their steps now or rather, face the consequences.” Mr. Adedigba said as Maxwell and James ran towards their line as if they were coming from home, late.

“I shall now introduce to you, our new teachers. NYSC student-teachers, who have come to stay with us for the time being.” He said as the new faces came out of the classroom.

“I think it is better, they introduce themselves to us. Please we do like to meet you people,” Mr Adedigba said formally.

“I’m Mr. Akeem, I shall be teaching you Introductory Technology.”

“I’m Mr. Godswill”

“And I’m Mr. Raphael. We’ll both be taking you Computer Science.”

“I’m Mrs. Yemisi” she laughed. Her teeth flashing white against her black skin. “I shall be taking you P.H.E”

“Well, I’m Mr Ekpaeyong. I shall’ be teaching you Shorthand di” he stressed in his calabar accent.
His eyes looked shut, as though he had taken a shot before coming this morning. He didn’t look like a student-teacher cause he appeared older than all the others who had introduced themselves.

“Won’t you welcome our beautiful teachers?” Mr. Adedigba bent his neck, laughing at nothing in particular.

“You are welcome to Wahab High School” they chorused as if they were still in the primary school.

“Thank you. You may now retire into your classes” Mr. Adedigba said and the student filed on a single line to their classes while the teachers gathered as often.


It has been 3 weeks after resumption and still no sign of Tosin. She hadn’t even show face or her ghost. But rumour has it that, she had travelled to Calabar to complete her secondary school education. He didn’t believe that because he regarded it as rumour.

Things were getting out of hands, out of the control of his yawns and he doesn’t know, how long he might have to wait for someone he hadn’t re-declare his feelings for.

If truly, she had moved to continue her studies in Calabar. He couldn’t figure it out. No one had ever made notice he/she has her call line. At least, it would have served a purpose, he thought.

However, Zainobu , his fantasy was now back. She had resumed the 2nd day of the first week of resumption. She changed so much that, she was different from the small girl, with just dotted chest on her front – while they were still in the Junior school.

The new Zainobu he saw on that day was one who was shaping into a s*xy** lady. Her b0s0m were now out but not ripe. The Tip were not that strut-out the way a fully matured lady’s would have been. Her cheek bone which looked same way as Asa, the artiste who sang Fire On The Mountain – were now poked. It felt as though she was suffering but it really made her beautiful.

He had started approaching her the second week. Informing her how he had long to see her. The way he had counted houses, expecting she might appear from one balcony out of the numerous but it couldn’t happen the way it did in Indian film.

Those types of love, he had imagined – not to be real life love. They were just movie made. So long, he had tried all the tricks but still nothing in connivance with the way it had happened in several Indian films.

No matter how much he told her he likes her now and wanted them to be friends, she had often said – they can’t be, since they were brothers’ and sisters.’

“To hell with that” he rebuked “don’t want to hear you say that again. We are not even related in any way.”

“But, we are friends now”. She had often countered in her Yoruba accented nasal voice.

Still, he hasn’t been able to hit a bull’s eye in his conquest. Such conquest was more than colonialism. His was a conquest of love. One that would never be avoided or revolted against even with the slightest nationalism she might device once they were graduating. He planned on holding her close, but couldn’t think of what fate lurk ahead.

It was a free period at the moment for his class. The last two periods of the school day – on the timetable. The noise was much in his class as many were discussing different things; football, adventure games, biology, E.t.c but he was uncomfortable with such noise.

He looked towards a seat at the right which was occupied by Daniel and Vincent, reading and revising their notes.
He felt, may be he should also take his note and read – as the test was getting closer but he dismissed it once he remembered they haven’t given them a timetable for the test.

`may be I should go to Commercial class and see Zainobu,’ he thought and rose up from his seat – about to act on his thought.

“Guy, where you dey go?” Lazarus, his seat partner asked.

“I wan go check something for library” he lied.

“Shuuuu! Which library be that one o, Mr. Liar!”

“abeg, forget! I dey come first”

“Abi, you don dey go meet that Yoruba girl?”

“You be mumu, ode!” He cursed.

“Guy, show first. I want tell you something. Bring your ear,” Laz tried to persuade him and he answered.

He brought his ear and Laz spoke into it.

“Leave that girl guy. No be your type. You fit toast this black Zainab, Fatimah friend. She fit you wella”

“Guy, commot abeg. I dey show now now now” he said and strolled towards the exit.

“You no go come make we read?” Laz shouted but he didn’t reply.

He had also nursed his friend’s thought about Fatimah’s friend but he felt he shouldn’t do that, though, she interested him.

If he were to follow the quote or saying “black is beautiful,” he wouldn’t have thought about Zainobu at all – cause truly, Fatimah’s friend was such an ebony beauty.

But he didn’t care for now, Zainobu was the girl he needs to get.

He entered the class which was more rowdy than his class. Such lazy and playful people in such a class. Only God knows how they would be faring in their Account.

“Zainobu, what’s up na?” He greeted sitting on the desk, opposite hers.

“Nothing much. How is your friend, Lazarus?” She asked looking sideways towards where he sat.

“Forget about him for now joor. How about what I told you?”

“I’ve told you, we can’t date. We are brothers’ and sisters’,” she said and laughed.

Her friends came inside at that moment and “mmmm! Mmmm!” mocked.

“This brothers’ and sisters’, na so he dey lead to another thing o”

“Small time now, you go see them they,…………”

The Commerce teacher, who was also Adefemi’s class teacher came into the Commercial class at that time and he scampered off the desk he sat and before you know it, he dashed out of the class.

“Adefemi, come back here!”

To Be Continued….

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