Love, Lust And Lost

6 years ago

He was seated staring into the ceiling laughing at such experience when they first got into the Junior School. His friend Lamah came inside unnoticed.

“Guy! Why you dey laugh alone like this? Abi you don dey psycho for head?”

“Ha ha ha! Madman, na your papa dey psycho for head o! I been wan come your house but I reason say may be later. How far na?” He replied his friend sitting well on the sofa and shaking hands with him.

“I dey baba! How you self dey?”

“Mehn, I dey like Dele Giwa o. I just dey vex small for this NEPA dem. As I don come dey flog this computer na him dem carry light. I no know may be I go fit score them again like this cause dem don wipe my life like mad wey I quit up to 5 times.”

“Ha ha ha!. you go old to beat computer for final when you dey play Top player-hard.” He said, rising up towards the TV and picked a DVD CD pack up to view the collections of film on it.

“How far? School dey resume on Monday, how we go take do am?” Laz asked.

“Na wetin even carry me come here be that. Make we go collect our uniform from this taylor abeg.”

“Abeg, make we go,” they both agreed and left the room.


Sunday, a day to resumption.


She picked her phone off the floor where she had la!d it, charging. She dialed some code to see may be she had airtime on it and seeing it was still some manageable amount which she could speak for up to 2minutes or more – unplugged the charger’s point, then the charger from the extension box close to the Tv, retiring to the chair she sat.

She dialed Fatimah’s number and at the 3rd ring, she picked her call.

“Hello Fatimah, good morning! How are you doing?” Zainab Y. greeted.

“I’m fine dear, how was your night?”

“It was fine dear, thanks! Hope you slept well too?”

“Yap, I did! How is mum and your junior sister?” Fatimah asked.

“They are both fine, what about yours?”

“Same here dear. Have you `plait’ your hair?” Fatimah questioned.

“No , I haven’t! I called to ask what hairstyle we should `plait’ (plat) since we don’t know what the hairstyle might be for the new students.”

“Zainab J.” Which is her elder sister “said it is better to plait All-back” Fatimah explained and further added “you know she’d be in SS2 now, so she advised we should either plait All-back or just leave the hair bare. But no attachment or weave-ons”

“Okay dear. Are you going to plait yours or you’ve done already?” Zainab Y. asked.

“I’m almost done. I went to my hairdresser very late `yesternight’ so she was unable to complete the plaits”

“Well, I haven’t even finished loosing my hair. I just pray I’m able to plait it otherwise, I might leave it bare and come that way tomorrow to school” she explained “have you asked how Mariam is going about hers?” She asked.

“Call her na, don’t you have her number?” Fatimah blurted, her voice raised a bit, felt as if she was angry Zainab asked about Mariam’s welfare from her.

“But you live close na. You should know about her!”

“Please Zainab Y. You don’t expect me to know everything about her since we live close. Abeg goodbye” Fatimah protested, her voice harsh, and ended the call to Zainab’s surprise.

“Hello!!!” She said but the phone beeped later to show she had ended the call at the other end.

She checked her balance the second time may be she still had enough left to put a call through to Mariam but she was only left with 2naira 15kobo. She decided may be she should go out and get credit out of the 200 left with her but she hesitated remembering her mum had gone very early to a Muslim prayer meeting and wouldn’t return till late in the evening – which would be too late for her to go plait her hair. So she decided she would rather use the money to plait her hair and for food.

She dailed Mariam’s number and immediately it rang the first time, she quickly cut the call – a flash!.

She waited some few minutes may be Mariam would put a call through but when her phone finally rang, it didn’t even ring up to 4seconds before it stopped, – showing Mariam had also flashed back.

`what sort of girl is this,’ she thought but considered she might also, not have enough airtime.

She rose from the chair and went into the cutton demarcation of their room – separating the parlour from the living-room.

That was what they could still afford after her father’s demise. A room but it was large enough to demarcate with cutton to have a parlour distinct from their bedroom. She walked towards the small 4ft tall 23cm wide dressing table – which had a mirror placed resting on the wall on it.

She picked up about 3 combs, and a small Damatol cream container, walking back to the parlour when her phone rang again. Now, it rang continuously and she picked the call.

“Hello Mariam, thought you won’t call after you flashed.” She said enthusiastically, then proceeded “I don’t have much airtime, would have called. Just finished speaking with Fatimah.”

“Ooooho! So you can call Fatimah, then flash me? Cause I’m less important, a friend to you than she is” Mariam blasted her.

“Han han! What do you mean by that” she said and laughed “okay! I’m sorry, would make sure I call you next time before her”

“If you like do, if otherwise, not. I’m neither jealous about that, just wanted to point it out to you” Mariam said and the phone make some sound as though she had changed it over to the other ear, or just some shake of the hand.

“Okay then. ‘Asked Fatimah about your hair, may be you’ve plat it but she didn’t reply. She said I should call you.” Zainab asked walking out of the door and holding the door knob to lock the door. Her phone held to her ear with her shoulder.

“Don’t mind that girl joor! She’s not serious” Mariam teased.

“Ha ha ha! Friend to an unserious friend is also not serious” Zainab joked and both friends laughed so much, you could see the happiness in their friendship.

Their youth would surely be glorious. Such laughter were bound to always come even when you see them talking to each other harshly, as though they were fighting over a boy or were jealous – yet, it was not so. It was what really made them laugh.

Let me make them feel like they love me less and they would want to comfort me with soothing words and I would be the queen of that week – was the way each of them behaved.
But when they all do that, it only made them all, queens of that week. Tell friendship of happiness and complete trust.

They were inseparable but we hope destiny and fate would not separate them one day.

“I’ve plat my hair dear. I did All-back as Fatimahs’ sister advised” Mariam later infused after the bout of laughter.

“Okay friend. I’m just going to the hairdresser to do mine now.” Zainab said leaving her compound.

“Ok then, may be we’ll talk later tonight or we see in school tomorrow”

“Don’t forget to bring chocolate for me tomorrow and milk o” she teased Mariam.

“You, why don’t you know more than food like this in your life” they both laughed and she said “goodbye joor” and ended the call.

Zainab Y’s face was filled with laughter as always. It looked more like, her face was named laughter or smile on her christening.

That made her beautiful regardless her crayfish eyes. They were admirable in her round face. People stared at her as she bound`ed’ down the street to where her hairdresser was.

This (Zainab) sure would be the toast and taste of many in the coming years.


To Be Continued….

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